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Breaking a world record and riding for diabetes across the state of Utah on Razor scooters! Proceeds go to diabetes awareness and research.
Connor Moody
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Kaysville, Utah
United States
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Short Summary

Clayton Jenkins, type 1 diabetic and co-founder of the Razor Crusaders, had a vision to one day cure diabetes. He started the Razor Crusaders group in 2008 with hopes to scooter his way through life's trials, especially as a diabetic. Two years ago he unexpectedly passed away at age 22; in his memory we have launched this campaign "Ride for Diabetes" with hopes of lifting diabetics and individuals around the world who need to know that YOU. ARE. LIMITLESS!

Our goal is to raise funds for our campaign that will allow us to double the world record for Razor scooter relay!  By breaking a world record and traveling nearly 400 miles across the state of Utah, we hope to individually touch lives and donate all proceeds to much needed diabetic research. We know that everyone is affected by this disease and the only way to find a cure (and improve lives), we all must give back in some way. 

    Our Story

    We've partnered with the non-profit organization LIMITLESS - CONQUERING DIABETES, whose vision is to promote diabetes awareness through lifestyle and innovation. Limitless has a very individual and genuine touch but also has the ability to reach the masses. For example, Limitless has:

    • Educated over 500 middle schoolers about type 1 and type 2 diabetes
    • Been invited to continue teaching middle and high school students by presenting at Utah's SBO summit for all Utah students (July 7-9, 2014)
    • Held a benefit concert featuring singers from The Voice, the opening singer for Carrie Underwood at the Stadium of Fire, and others

    The Impact

    • We'll be able to visit more schools around the state of Utah and educate your kids about type 1 and type 2 diabetes  
    • The Razor Crusaders will be able to complete the near-400 mile ride! So thank you! :)
    • Want to see more Ride for Diabetes campaigns? This is how it'll be made possible!

      Other Ways You Can Help

      Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help! Please help us make noise about our campaign by:

      • Using the Indiegogo share tools! Let all your friends and family there really are people in this world that are genuinely concerned about others
      • Visit our website and educate yourself regarding diabetes and how you really are limitless!
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      Verified Nonprofit
      $7,500 USD goal
      Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
      Campaign Closed
      This campaign ended on July 31, 2014
      Select a Perk
      • $5USD

        We appreciate your support to 1) raise diabetes awareness and 2) honor our best friend Clayton Jenkins. This is made possible thanks to you! :)

        0 claimed
      • $10USD
        ¡Muchas gracias!

        You're helping us raise diabetes awareness! We want to thank you with a high five and a KYLE BECKERMAN bobble head from Real Salt Lake! Please come stop by at our tent during the actual ride and grab one :)

        3 claimed
      • $25USD
        Razor Crusaders special

        Giving credit where credit is due - THANK YOU! We want you to have one of our Ride for Diabetes t-shirts (and all of the above)! :)

        8 claimed
      • $50USD
        You are limitless!

        Roses are red Violets are blue Thanks for making this possible We couldn't do it without you! Can we please send you a thank you video on Facebook from the Razor Crusaders? We want to give you 2 of our special Ride for Diabetes t-shirts as well! :)

        3 claimed
      • $100USD

        Wow! Thanks for everything. Can we please send you an autographed t-shirt and gear from all 24 riders? And of course we will send you an autographed picture with all the Razor Crusaders! :)

        5 claimed
      • $250USD
        Because of people like you!

        Hey thanks so much! We want to send you an exclusive HD video of our entire campaign, showing you where your money went. Of course we will have all riders thank you personally and provide you with behind the scenes footage of our campaign! AND we will have someone sing a thank you on the beach! Seriously. :)

        1 claimed
      • $500USD

        Wow!! Thanks so much!! We want you at our finish line, please! Also, our friends on the most beautiful beaches in the world will sing you a thank you song - with your full name included (really!)! And of course we will provide you a signed t-shirt with all 24 Razor Crusaders and leftover gear from the ride (tables, etc.) that have been kindly donated by our sponsors - you choose what you get! And of course, all of the above-mentioned perks! :)

        2 claimed
      • $1,000USD
        The CJ special

        THANK YOU!! We want you to have all of the above-mentioned perks as well as a special surprise that will be customizable to you and your family. :)

        0 claimed
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