Raw Milk Dairy Farm: Humane Animal Welfare, Non-GMO, Open Space

Enjoy the healthy life style of raw milk dairy foods delicious beyond imagination, natural grasslands and well-treated, loved and respected farm animals.
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Our Real Goal is MUCH Bigger!
Eastleigh Farm Cows are Grateful.

We need your help.  Why should it be important to you?  Because saving Eastleigh Farm means:

  • More than saving the cows from uncertain lives,

  • More than keeping raw milk available for the community,

  • More than preserving open space so people can enjoy the beauty of nature,

  • More than teaching our youth the values that farming teaches. 

Saving Easleigh Farm is about preserving an entire value system that includes all of the above and more.

What are some of the bigger issues that saving Eastleigh Farm addresses?

  1. What is the truth about the health benefits of "real foods" that are grown without genetic modification (non-GMO), without chemicals and WITH all the nutrients that nature provides? Think about obesity and many of the other diseases that prevail.  

  2. Is cruelty to animals necesary in farming?  Can a balance be found where animals are treated with respect, caring and grattude for the food they produce?

  3. What happens to our health if we no longer have the ability to leave the stresses behind and enjoy a place of open space and freedom from the pressures and pollution that development brings?

  4. Who really benefits if we no longer can show our children the differences and teach them through experience?

  5. How can we teach a value system that is core to our keeping our country great and yet could disappear with the lifestyle if we do nothing?  We need the examples.  We need Eastleigh Farm!

Here are just a few things we need to keep these values and Eastleigh alive:

  • Constructing a maintenance building
  • Putting new roofs on the barns 
  • Renovating the fence lines
  • Repairing tractors and equipment (some of these date to the early 1900s and are truly vintage equipment)
  • Re-seeding the many fields and pastures
  • Keeping the cows and calves healthy and happy
  • Paying the mortgage. (Perhaps this should be at the top of the list! :-)

Please keep your contributions coming. They are immediately being put to great use.  The goal themometer is not the true goal.  We need more.

Eastleigh Farm Exemplifies what made America Great!

If there ever was an impact on America, it's America's farmers through their value systems, the growth from small farms to huge agricultural corporations, from initially "organic" methods to now GMO and chemical proliferation,  and from the amount of available acreage now being encroached by growing development. 

Eastleigh Farm is trying to remain viable in one of the most developed areas of the country, Framingham, MA.  It exemplifies the small farmer and their fight for the standard of farming and healthy living that supported the growth of our country. 

Eastleigh Farm is dedicated to humane and respectful treatment of its cows, preserving open space, and advocating for the health benefits and availability of raw milk and non-GMO, chemical free farming.  It represents a lifestyle: healthy living and educating our children about the fact that real food is better, and it's possible to eat AND treat our animals humanely.

Open space is core to giving our lives beauty. When we allow our animals the respect to share that space in exchange for their energy to provide us with healthy, nutrient dense food, things stay in balance. They are never slaughtered, and instead retired to pasture when they can no longer produce milk. 

All of this is why we've become a nonprofit - to educate youth and share these facts.  So contribute and enjoy the perks for doing so!  Enjoy leaving your legacy to make the world a better place.

Have Fun as a Raw Milk Dairy Farmer
(Without All the Work)

Plowing Eastleigh FarmWith all the virtual games about farming and animals, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share some real fun with people.  

We've created several ways you can participate as a farmer:

  • From the comfort of your home, and/or

  • For a visit in person to Eastleigh Farm, and/or

  • For a weekend in person to learn the ancient art of dairy farming.  You will milk cows, bottle the milk, make chees and ice cream.  Yum!

Check out the perks to the right to choose the one best for you.

Having a dairy farm is constant work and expense.  Yet it's well worth it for the mental and physical health of all concerned.  In fact, there's an entire food movement based on the teaching and science of whole, natural foods, much to the disdain of many huge, processed food manufacturers. This is an important subject, and one we cover below, so please keep reading to learn more about Eastleigh Farm.

Most importantly, join the fun by contributing and sponsoring a share of Eastleigh Farm.  Without your support, Eastleigh Farm could be lost to development, and we would lose an important example of how a working, raw milk dairy can actually provide not just healthy and delicious dairy products, but a place to teach and learn, decompress and de-stress and balance the gifts the cows give with the respect we return to them in gratitude. 

Due to this goal of educating people about healthy living and humanely treating the animals that work daily to provide us food rich in nutrients, we have recently created Eastleigh Farm Educational Foundation. Your contributions are tax-deductable.

Naturally, you'll be well acknowledged and appreciated for doing so. See our "Perks" to the right, and pick the one most appealing to you.  You'll be saving an important farm, supporting a great cause and helping future generations stay healthy.  Without your support, Eastleigh Farm could be lost to commercial development.

Last Expanse of Open Land in Framingham, MA.

Sunrise on Eastleigh FarmEastleigh Farm was established in the early 1900’s.  It stayed in the same family, operating as a Guernsey dairy until 1981.  This farm, as an important part of the community, was responsible for a lot of the improvements being brought to the area like the sewer, clean water and more.  Originally 468 acres, some refer to this farm as the jewel of Framingham.

 In 1981, the farm was transferred to a local businessman who owned it until 1996, operating as a beef farm.  A developer bought and owned it for six years, continuing to utilize the pastures to raise beef.  Eight years ago, I began the process of reconverting the facility to a dairy operation.  For me, it was a dream-come-true due to the fact that I worked on this farm as a kid.

Natural Dairy Products:  Sold Out Every Week

Healthy dairy productsThrough its most recent history, only natural land enhancements have been used including organic fish oil and seaweed, to supplement the growing of grass and hay used at the farm.  Having been involved in the dairy business all of my life, I have never used pesticides or artificial enhancements in any of the farm operations.

The operation is very close to being organic without being certified.  Our raw milk is only available from our farm store.  It is produced according to the strict regulation of the Department of Agriculture.  A release form is required for all raw product sales according to state law.

Yummy raw milk ice creamIn truth, raw milk is more healthy than any processed or pasteurized milk purchased in the store.  You can find out more about the health and taste advantages of raw milk by visiting the Weston Price Foundation website, but first, make a contribution now for Eastleigh Farm, or be certain to return and do so.  Eastleigh must raise money now to keep providing this nutrient rich, raw milk and keep educating people about its benefits.

Previously, the milk produced was sold into the Federal milk pool.  I decided that the best way to serve the farm and potential customers was to sell the products on the farm.  In addition to raw milk produced on the farm, locally produced cheeses, eggs, fresh breads, honey and many other products are available by coming to the farm.

The State of Massachusetts is currently looking at legislation that would allow raw milk to be sold in stores and delivered.  When this happens, our "market" will explode with demand growing rapidly. This event will help sustain Eastleigh Farm if we can survive until then.  Your contribution will help assure we experience this delight.

Our “Girls” are Appreciated Family Members. 

Girls out to pasture at Eastleigh Farm.The "girls" are pastured and grass fed throughout most of the year. Problems which would automatically result in cows or calves being put down are instead treated. Very often, they recover and thrive.

Our girls never feel the need to flinch and often respond to hearing their names. We hold a commitment to never losing our humanity, our compassion or our respect for all that these cows give to life.

The herd consists of mostly Jerseys (high in butter fat) with a few Guernseys, and Brown Swiss. All of the cattle are born and raised on the two farms that are within close proximity to each other in Framingham, Massachusetts.

We graze our 300 cow herd on our own pastures, using the cows to naturally improve the soil and sustain the land. Allowing the cows fresh air, sunshine and green grass promotes their health and the quality of our products.

The Local Community Loves Us.

Our girls are friendlyVolunteers ranging from little children through elders help with the 140 or so calves and with milking. I have experienced innumerable expressions of gratitude from people filled with happiness to experience a dairy which simultaneously cares for it's cows as family. It is difficult to put into words how this place has become a place of miracles. Young people have left self destructive lives behind, working here and taking care of the herd.

Why We Need Your Help

Small farming businesses have been hit hard with the failing economy.  Although our delicious, raw milk is constantly in demand, overall people have resorted to less healthy, cheaper foods.  The cost of maintaining a farm has increased as the cost of fuel has increased along with the cost of needed products. 

As a nation, we need to stop and really see how processed foods are robbing us of our health.  We need to slow down and appreciate the natural and rural way of life where stress is not a chronic disease.  We need to keep the rural life alive for our children and generations to come.

Due to my dedication and love for Eastleigh Farm as one of the last open expanses of land and for the cows and people who have helped keep the farm alive, I have used my own resources to maintain it.  I can no longer do this, and must rely on the American people as a whole to recognize the need to keep the small farms alive and healthy. 

Our tractors need your helpOur failing economy is bringing people to their senses in many ways.  The important things in life are becoming more apparent.  I’m hoping that you will recognize the need to preserve organic farms and specifically to help Eastleigh Farm  stay alive and resilient so we can show how the small farmer is still the foundation of our country and certainly of our country’s health, both physical and mental.  We have jobs and lives to protect including those of the cows and farm animals.  It is possible to live and thrive humanely.

Every contribution helps.  Please spread the word by sharing the link above underneath the video and by posting comments on your own social media.  Become a friend to our Facebook page, share our comments and post your own there.  Activity on our Facebook page increases our importance in the Facebook newsfeed.  You can help make this happen.  Help spread the word,  Contribute. We can use all the help we can get.

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Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Ice Cream...YUM!

    Visit Eastleigh Farm and get a free ice cream cone. Enjoy the fact that you contributed to saving an important part of our history and raw dairy, non-GMO farming. You'll have to visit us to claim your cone. :-)

    12 claimed
  • $25USD
    Tractor Ride, Tour, Ice Cream

    Enjoy a tractor ride through our beautiful Eastleigh fields and learn its history and natural features. A foot tour through the barns and milking parlor introduces you to our “Ladies” (dairy cows) and gives you a chance to become acquainted. Experience our delicious ice cream at the end with a free kiddy cone. Tours are only available May through the end of August, so plan your trip accordingly.

    24 claimed
  • $50USD
    Beautiful Views of Eastleigh

    Enjoy a 12-month calendar starting in June 2013 of the many animal characters and the beautiful green pastures. Know that your contribution helped keep it all alive and well. It will be emailed to you so you can print out as many copies as you wish.

    7 claimed
  • $100USD
    Make Virtual Gaming Real

    Take virtual gaming, like Farmville, to real. A 100 square foot plot of the Farm will be yours to sponsor for a full year. You’ll get regular photos and reports on your little piece of the action, plus a certificate by email showing that you’re a REAL farmer responsible, through your contribution, for the upkeep of your plot.

    8 out of 400 claimed
  • $200USD
    See Your Farm Plot from Space

    Get a Google Maps video of your special plot of land at Eastleigh Farm. You’ll get the annual sponsorship of a 100 square foot plot of land on Eastleigh Farm, all of the reports described above, the certificate of sponsorship and listing PLUS a satellite view of your “farm.”

    1 out of 400 claimed
  • $300USD
    The Art of Dairy Farming

    Take a weekend, visit our beautiful farm and learn to milk cows, bottle milk, make cheese and ice cream. Yum! Leave the stress behind, and be a dairy farmer. Enjoy the healthy living, beautiful scenery, friendly cows and great people, of course! Lodging and meals are not included. Instead, your contribution helps assure this lifestyle that promotes healthy, strong values is preserved as an example and taught to others by saving Eastleigh Farm.

    0 out of 16 claimed
  • $500USD
    See Your Name from Space

    Have your name visible to the world on the roof of our barns. You’ll be a sponsor for the new roofs and your name will be painted on it so airplanes and satellites will see your name from space for as long as the waterproof paint lasts. We’ll email you proof.

    1 out of 10 claimed
  • $750USD
    Sponsor a Spring Calf

    Enjoy putting your name as a sponsor for a spring calf. We’ll send you a photo of your calf four times through the year, so you can see it grow. Your name will become part of its name as sponsor. Know you’re helping keep our cows happy by supporting their baby's maintenance for an entire year.

    1 out of 30 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Sponsor a Happy Dairy Cow

    One of our "ladies", yearlings, or heifers will be sponsored by you for the year. Your name will be featured on her milking area for all to see. We’ll email you a photo and a description of her characteristics and personality to enjoy. Plus we’ll keep you updated on her health and any news through the year.

    1 out of 240 claimed
  • $2,500USD
    Get a Piece of Our Buildings

    By helping us maintain our buildings, you’ll get your name prominently featured on a sign on the side of the building for a full year so everyone can see that you helped save Eastleigh Farm. We’ll send you a photo of your name, the sign and the building. You can include your logo for a business wanting to show its social responsibility. Thousands of people visit the Farm each week.

    0 out of 20 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    Fix a Tractor

    Our tractors and equipment are core to Eastleigh’s functioning, yet many date back several decades. You can help restore one and have your name forever on it. We’ll send you the photo when it’s fixed and ready for action. Thousands of people visit the Farm and will see your name.

    0 out of 14 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Deposit for 9 Acres

    For $1 million you can enjoy owning a prime 9-acre parcel of Eastleigh Farm with the agreement to preserve its natural state as an integral part of the Farm. Make this contribution and we will email you for more personal discussions. The $10,000 is an in-earnest, non-refundable deposit that will go toward supporting the Farm as a whole and should the purchase result, will be deducted from the final agreed upon purchase. Contact EastleighFarmCow@gmail.com for more detail.

    0 out of 9 claimed
  • $20,000USD
    A Business with Social Impact

    Enjoy showing everyone that your company is socially responsible and has an impact. Put a banner on one of our silos or the side of a large barn. You produce the banner, and we put it up to stay for a full year. You will get a photo emailed to you so you can use it for other ads, and your name prominently displayed on our sponsor plaque. Tens of thousands of people use the roads going by the farm each work day and see our silos and barns. Contact EastleighFarmCow@gmail.com for information.

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