Raped Again

The True Story of David McVicker, the only victim of the notorious "Freeway Killer" who survived to tell the truth about what happened.
Wayne Hicks
Laguna Beach, California
United States
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Short Summary

My name is Wayne Hicks, and I am a writer. I have been asked to help write a book about the only survivor of the infamous "Freeway Killer", William Bonin, who murdered at least 21 young men and boys between 1979 and 1980 in Southern California. David McVicker, whom you can meet in the video above and who was only 14 at the time Bonin picked him up hitch-hiking, raped him anally and actually began to strangle him to death, said he "called out to God to save him," and Bonin--who had never shown any remorse for any of his killings--suddenly released him, drove him close to his home and let him escape alive. 

Months later, David was hitch-hiking again--but this time it was because he was going to testify at Bonin's trial, the only victim who could ever do so, and had no ride to the courthouse.

However, that was not the end of the story, for David has since suffered terribly from nightmares and PTSD, and you can see signs of these effects in his video, above. During the 16 years that Bonin was on California's Death Row, David was often vilified for his testimony, which helped to send this monster to his death. He has been abused by those who believe that his experience has left him somehow unworthy of compassion. He has been beaten, cursed, and threatened for his continuing work to see that Bonin's accomplices, who are also doing time for the murders they participated in, do not get back to the streets, where they can harm anyone else. 

One of those accomplices, James Michael Munro, is going up for parole January 28th, and David will be present to encourage the Parole Board not to release this man who has said that he will kill again if he is granted his freedom, and has even stated that he is hoping to have David killed to prevent his appearance at this hearing.

Despite beatings, threats and many other kinds of trauma, David has always maintained that--as two of the victims' mothers pleaded with him to do at Bonin's trial--it was up to him to speak up for all of the boys who did not escape, and for every victim of horrific abuse, because he knows first hand how hard it is to bear the stigma of being so treated. David says that he never got the help he needed to let him recover from that barely-missed appointment with death, and prays that his story might help parents and loved ones of other victims to understand that surviving doesn't just mean you live through it... it means you live through it over and over again.

Bonin's story was retold in 2010, in a movie entitled "The Freeway Killer", which can be found at http://www.hulu.com/watch/291064. David's book will be entitled "Raped Again, by David McVicker" and we are desperately trying to make it available before Munro's parole hearing in late January. If you believe David's story should be told, please help us to do so, and tell others about this need, as well.

What We Need & What You Get

Our goal is to get the book finished and published by January 25th, 2014. IN order to accomplish this, both David and I must drop everything else and work long hours every day until then. I have arranged for rush printing of enough copies to pass out to press, since David's story may help to keep Munro confined, where his kind belongs

In return for your help, we'll be sending out eBooks versions, autographed print copies and our deepest personal gratitude for your help. David will write each contributor personally, to offer his thanks for your support in his quest to speak out for those who were murdered, and for other victims of horrific abuse, torture and even murder.

The Impact

By contributing to this campaign, you'll be helping David to tell his incredible story of the Miracle that left him alive, and of his dedication to a cause that has brought him nothing but pain and hardship, but there is far more to it than that. 

You'll also be helping to keep a psychopath behind bars where he belongs, for David's story will show clearly what such men are truly like. Munro has written many public pleas for his freedom, claiming that he was also a victim, but in 2009, while on a  telephone radio interview from prison, he snarled that he had killed others that he was never prosecuted for and would kill again when he got out, because he enjoyed the way it made him feel!

You'll be helping the many thousands of victims of abuse who suffer daily with the nightmares and memories that have almost destroyed David, for by sharing his own story, we believe he will help them to understand that it was not their fault, and help their families and loved ones to accept them despite what happened to them. David was unable to tell even his mother what had been done to him for years, and she finally learned the truth only as he sat on the witness stand at Bonin's sentencing hearing. Had he been able to open himself and tell her, psychologists have told him, he might have been able to heal and recover, but he is now permanently, emotionally scarred. 

And finally, you'll be helping many other victims of abuse, for when the press releases about this book go out, we firmly believe it will reach throughout the world. And David has pledged to donate ten percent of all revenues from the book to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

We can only thank God that David was spared that day, and that despite the pain and fear that haunts him to this day, he has devoted his life to trying to make sure no one is ever treated this way again!

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Please, use the sharing tools on this page to tell everyone you can about this campaign and how important it is. Post about it to your Facebook, Tweet about it, tell everyone you possibly can and help David turn his rape and near-murder into a blessing for the rest of the world!

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