Ramen Party

Ramen Party is a collection of characters that introduces preschool children to hip trends in culture, music and food.

Hi, we're Lil, John and Mike and we are the creators of Ramen Party!  Learn more about our project by watching the video below:

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Ramen Party is a collection of characters that introduces preschool children (and their parents) to hip trends in culture, music and food.

We've created six characters based on ingredients found in traditional Japanese ramen.  Each of them have a distinct musical theme that matches their quirky personaliities, and when you mix them together, you create a catchy tune! Let us introduce them to you...

Ramen Party LineupFrom left to right: Mr. Ramen (Noodles), Tomorokoshi (Corn), Ms. Tamago (Egg), Mr. Negi (Green Onion), Ms. Naruto (Fishcake), and Mr. Chashu (BBQ Pork).



We are looking to raise 20K to launch Phase One of Ramen Party, which includes:

Product Portfolio

Ramen Party Interactive Storybook
An interactive storybook app which tells the story of Mr. Ramen as he picks up his friends to go to a party. We’ll add interactive elements, puzzles and games (like shape-matching) as kids collect different characters and their musical themes.

Ramen Party E-book 
We’ll also create an e-book series that focuses on the adventures of the individual characters as they encounter other ingredients and recipes in the Ramen Party world.

Ramen Party Interactive website 
Finally, we’ll create a website where the characters will reside.  We’ll have games and activities for kids to play, and a place where they can learn more about the foods and recipes that the characters were based on.



We all know that kids can be picky eaters.  Ramen Party represents a way to get kids excited about food by allowing them to combine ingredients in the same way that a DJ combines music.

We are also creating a resource for families to learn about foods from a wide-range of ethnicities.  While growing up, simply knowing about things like bok-choy or kimchi helped us connect to our Asian roots—and we’d love to pass that along to our own children. 

So, why ramen? Well, it’s not only a delicious food that we grew up with, but it’s also one of the hottest trends in North America!  That said, we’d love to see characters based on ingredients from other cultures—all introducing kids to an entire universe of foods!



Lillian ChanJohn PoonMichael Mak

Lillian Chan is an illustrator and animation filmmaker from Toronto.  Her children’s film, Jaime Lo, small and shy, was produced by the National Film Board of Canada, and won public prize at at several international festivals.  See more of her work HERE. Her favourite pastime is drawing silly doodles of her two cats, Frankie and Mao.

John Poon scores music for commercial clients (Hewlett-Packard, UPS) and plays and produces music for various artists in Canada and abroad.  John had the good sense to marry Lillian Chan in 2008.

Michael Mak has been successfully solving problems and delivering solutions for years now.  He loves standing in front of a whiteboard drawing boxes and arrows. He shares a love for the creative, the gastronomic, and the nerdy with Lillian and John.



As a thank you, we've created some Ramen Party merch rewards for our supporters -- but sorry, no ramen...it's too hard to ship!

Ramen Party Stickers!  Removable, water-resistant, even dishwasher and microwave safe! The stickers will be added to all combos over $25.

Ramen Party Stickers

Ramen Party T-shirts or Onesies! Pick your Ramen Party character!  Choose from various sizes and styles (we'll contact you to customize your order).


Toddler Tees

Ramen Party Gelaskin Smartphone Covers! Pick the character of your choice.  Each cover will be custom ordered to fit your phone (both brand and model).


Ramen Party Limited Edition 5”x7” print, and/or Trading Card Set!  Collect them all!

Ramen Party Postcards and Trading Cards

Ramen Party Tote Bags! Fun, functional, and indispensible... Carry your ramen with you everywhere you go!


A Ramen Party Hand-made Soft Toy!  Each of these limited edition custom pieces is lovingly sewn by Keiley Stewart, a local textile artist in Toronto (www.leikey.com).

Soft Toys

And, for our top contributors, join us as we build the Ramen Party universe!  We’ll work with you to create a custom character, based on an ingredient chosen by you! Have your one-of-a-kind character framed as a lovely art piece on your wall, or let us create a storybook about one of their adventures (you’ll receive a hard copy, as well as a digital version).



Please share the video with your friends and family! Spread the joy of Ramen Party!

If you love ramen, tell us! If you love some other food, tell us! If you see something cool involving ramen or cats, tell us!

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