Raising funds for my grandma's long term care

The sole purpose of this campaign is to provide for my grandma's care and to save their property.
Jacob Rommann
Oak Harbor, Washington
United States
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My name is Jacob Rommann and the sole purpose of this campaign is to provide for my grandma's care and to save their propetry in memory of grandpa. I am raising funds to purchase my grandma’s property, so she will not have to sale it to someone outside the family to provide for her assisted living and long term Alzheimer care.

Upon reaching the funding goal I will purchase the property from my grandma and give her all the extra funds raised. In the event I fail to reach the funding goal all raised funds will be given to my grandma to help with her care.

Why I am doing this. My grandpa was put into a fulltime care facility in February 2012 after a fall and stayed there till he passed away in September. In May my grandma was put into assisted living as she is unable to live alone anymore do to the beginings of Alzheimer. The expense of thier care has used up most of their savings, and now their twelve acre land with their home and barn needs to be sold to provide my grandma with the funds to stay in assisted living and receive the care she needs. None of my grandma’s children have the resources/interest to purchase it, so I have come up with this plan to ask the internet for help in saving my grandparent’s property for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

I and my brother and sister spent a ton of our childhood time running around on their property, exploring, building bush forts, eating raspberries and blackberries and rasing a small herd of sheep. My younger brother and sister, as well as all of our cousins, have great memories of the place and we talked about and shared them as we remember our grandpa during his memorial service. I have shared a few of my favorite memories below.

Grandpa and I were out in the field picking up t-posts when he got down, from the tractor, and told me to get in the driver’s seat. He put the Kubota into turtle, first gear and I crawled along steering while he put the t-posts in the bucket, it was the scariest and coolest thing I had ever done. Twenty years later the tractor is still there and used to help maintain the place.

I don’t know how many summers we spent haying his field for our sheep, but I have fond memories of riding on the hay trailer, sitting on my dad’s lap as he drove the tractor, riding on the very back of the bailer, or just running in the field of six foot tall grass with our dog.

Grandpa was a serious pro at fixing and improving things. Between him and my dad I learned the skill of improvisation, the art of fixing things with what you have on hand. My grandpa’s favorite resource to use was bright orange bailing twine. He used it for all sorts of things and being a retired navy guy he knew all these fancy and nifty knots. He would tie his old newspaper into bundles, tie the raspberries up, hang things from the barn rafters, and anything else which needed to be tied all got orange twine. We had some buried with him.

Please spread the word by sharing this with your family, friends and strangers.

Thank you for your time and donation. Every dollar helps.

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