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Celebrate local. Help us bring a virtuous nightlife to your city.
Raise Your City
District of Columbia, District of Columbia
United States
5 Team Members

Hey There!

Nice to meet you! We're Raise Your City, a social movement bringing grassroots fundraising, arts and music promotions, and city partnerships to new frontiers. Our organization welcomes nonprofits, musicians, artists, and businesses that share a commitment to orchestrating social change in their community.

We're Starting a Virtuous

 Nightlife Movement!

Our events instigate civic participation with a low barrier to entry. We create an amazing experience for our attendees by bringing together our neighbors, socially responsible businesses, talented artists and musicians, and local, high-impact nonprofits.

We do not throw extravagant galas, nor do we solicit large contributions from our followers. Rather, we cater to their lifestyles, providing an attractive way to engage with the city's most pressing social, economic, and environmental issues, while donating within their means.

The premise of this virtuous nightlife movement is simple -- turning social activities into acts of civic engagement.


Our Nonprofits...

Local, small-budget nonprofits in any given city compete for awareness, funding, and volunteers. Most current fundraising models strain resources, including staff time and development budgets -- resources crucial to the advancement of their missions and work. For community nonprofits, these can be challenging pursuits.

Through curated events and continuous dialogue, we partner with our beneficiaries to reach new demographics excited about their work and eager to volunteer their time, skills and knowledge. We continue this supportive relationship long after our events, providing strategic advice on maximizing the effectiveness of their fundraising strategies, streamlining processes, and shaping communications campaigns, all so they can focus more and more on what they do best -- helping others. 

Our Artists & Musicians...

We embrace and support the local arts community, arranging host environments, providing exposure, and promoting collaboration between performing and visual artists of all kinds. Raise Your City links artists' creativity to hyper-local philanthropy, introduces them to a vast network of collaborators, and provides a new market for the display of their talents.

A community's creative individuals drive progress through the good times and the bad, helping us to overcome hardships and celebrate our triumphs. We want to be here for them so they'll always be here for us.

Our Businesses...

We believe every business ought to give back to their local community. The same community where their employees live, breathe, and eat.

Success for a business no longer is assured by the top line. Customers value responsible businesses that are stewards of the environments and people who they impact on a day to day basis. We provide socially responsible companies with an easy way to invest in the issues affecting their communities through the nonprofits working to alleviate those issues. We recognize these companies and the good they're doing, becoming advocates for their brands to our network of followers.

A healthy community means healthy business.

Our Neighbors...

Raise Your City is a crowd-based organizing model intent on transforming society by exposing people to new experiences, neighborhoods, and the most pressing issues facing their communities. We strive for our neighbors to become change agents while having the time of their lives!

There are too many issues affecting our communities for such a powerful generation to ignore. We need the attention of every member of the community because we know that every individual has the power to create positive change in their immediate surroundings. Raise Your City's events provide our neighbors with a low barrier of entry to the philanthropic world, allowing them to give back to their community without the drastic amount of personal time and sacrifice that many think is required.

Our Impact...


  • Fund two teachers growing garden workshops for 30 teachers, effectively impacting 7,000 students across the District of Columbia for DC Greens
  • Planting of hundreds of trees in the Anacostia River Watershed for Earth Conservation Corps
  • 1,800 meals for Thrive DC
  • Furthered after-school workshops, in-school tutoring, and assistance with student publications for 826DC

Why Contribute?

We are so excited to finally launch this campaign!

Over the past fifteen months Raise Your City has evolved from a creative outlet for two ordinary guys to an extraordinary celebration of civic participation. With the support of the passionate millennials in our launch city, the District of Columbia, we have raised thousands of dollars for our nonprofit beneficiaries while introducing some of the city's most talented creatives to our following. 

We've come a long way but have a much longer way to go. That's why we need your help!


All of the successes we've realized thus far have been due to the grassroots support and donated time and talent of our stakeholders. This amazing generosity helped us get on our feet and stand on our own. But we know that to ensure continued growth while having the most beneficial impact on our community, we must pay our talented artists, musicians and creative partners and we must expand our geographic reach, introducing our virtuous nightlife to every corner of every city.

This requires feet on the ground to build community trust but also the development of a digital platform capable of reaching far more people in a much shorter time frame.

So, what do you say? Want to help us?

Okay, Now That We've Convinced You...

Your generous support of our campaign, whether through a donation or just by spreading the word to those who you think are interested (or preferably both!), will ultimately determine whether this dream becomes a reality!

We need $10,000 to ensure our continued growth over the next year, putting us on the path to financial sustainability while maximizing impact for our nonprofit partners.

As a show of gratitude, we're ready to offer you a number of incredible perks in exchange for your support!

We have some of our favorite, DC-based GOOD companies ready to hook you up. Companies like Waveborn, who are offering a pair of their "shades that give sight", Twice as Warm, who, with us, have designed a collaborative t-shirt for your comfort, with each shirt claimed providing a similar shirt to a kid in need, and Scratch DC, who will deliver the most delicious, healthy, easy-to-cook meals right to your door.

Our Perks

The Shirt:                


The Shades:


The Grub:  


The Pint Glasses:

Our Story...

Raise Your City was actually founded under the name RaiseDC as an attempt by two guys to do a little good for their city. Then we realized the organization had far reaching potential, the potential to reach cities outside of DC -- maybe even your city!

The founders, Brendan O'Connor and Ryan Ulbrich, met nearly a decade ago, sharing experiences throughout the years as friends, classmates, teammates, roommates, and now business partners. Unfulfilled with the state of philanthropic engagement among millennials and the state of our city's nightlife, we decided to throw high quality parties while helping out our community. 


Since then, we've brought on one of the most well-rounded, impressive Board of Advisors we could have possibly dreamed up. Together, we're constantly pushing ourselves to reach more and more people, bringing them together for exciting new experiences to collectively improve our communities.

Other Ways You Can Help!

  • Donate to one of our beneficiaries!
  • Come to one of our events!
  • Tell your friends and family about what we're up to using your personalized referral link you'll receive after contributing! There may be secret perks in store for you if you do!
  • Keep in touch and let us know if you'd like to see a virtuous nightlife in your city!

**Big thanks to videographer, Chris Bulbulia, and editor, Rick Burks, for their help in creating our film!**

**Music in the film is by two of our favorite DC bands, Drop Electric and Slow Machete**

Our Partners



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This campaign ended on October 24, 2013
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Select a Perk
  • $10USD

    For $10, you’ll receive a high five or kiss on the cheek AND a few Raise Your City stickers. You can put them on your bag, refrigerator or laptop so we can be with you all the time!

    17 claimed

    Free Ticket *Early Bird*

    For $25, you’ll receive all of the perks listed above AND a free ticket to a Raise Your City event during the next twelve (12) months!

    30 out of 30 claimed
  • $30USD
    Free Ticket!

    For $30, you’ll receive all of the perks listed above AND a free ticket to a Raise Your City event during the next twelve (12) months!

    13 claimed

    RYC Pint Glasses!

    For $50, you’ll receive all of the perks listed above AND a pair of high quality Raise Your City pint glasses with our beautiful new logo. Drink to a virtuous nightlife!

    40 out of 40 claimed
  • $100USD
    Food or Clothes?

    For $100, you’ll receive all of the perks listed above AND your choice of a limited edition custom-made Raise Your City/Twice as Warm shirt (for each Twice as Warm shirt claimed, a similar article of clothing will go to a child in need) OR a bundle of goodness for 2 from Scratch DC (organic, locally-sourced, ready to cook deliciousness).

    18 claimed
  • $250USD
    Shades that Give Sight!

    For $250, you’ll receive all of the perks listed above AND a pair of awesome Waveborn sunglasses. For every pair of Waveborn glasses claimed, Waveborn helps a person in need by providing a new pair of prescription eyeglasses through their nonprofit partner Unite for Sight or they will fund a portion of a vision-restoring cataract surgery for a person in need through their nonprofit partner Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International.

    7 claimed
  • $500USD
    Events for a Whole Year!

    For $500, you’ll receive all of the perks listed above AND two free tickets to every Raise Your City event for the next twelve (12) months. Nearly all profits from every event benefit a local, small-budget, high-impact nonprofit.

    1 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Be an Event Sponsor!

    For $1000, you’ll receive all of the perks listed above AND you’ll be a named as a Raise Your City sponsor for our next four (4) events. As a sponsor, you’ll be highlighted as a socially and locally responsible business/individual for nearly six months by way of our social media outlets. Way to get seen and recognized by thousands of awesome people!

    2 out of 5 claimed
  • $2,500USD
    Be an Event VIP Sponsor!

    For $2500, you’ll receive all of the perks listed above AND you’ll be named as a Raise Your City sponsor for every event during the next twelve (12) months. As a sponsor you’ll be highlighted as a socially and locally responsible business for one year by way of our social media outlets. At this contribution level you’ll also receive brand recognition on all event promotional material and logo placement at the events.

    0 out of 3 claimed
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