Rainforests of the Ocean

Exploring the conservation efforts for tropical coral reefs and marine life in the Maldives, which is keeping a nation from sinking.

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Rainforests of the Ocean - a 30 minute poetic & narrator lead documentary film

A Roman poet by the name of Horace once wrote about travel, “They change their climate, not their soul, who rush across the sea.” He was probably not imaging our carbon hungry age of high-tech industry and budget airline flights. But he could not have been more correct; many areas of the world now lay in imminent threat from global warming and the impact of man.

Deep in the Indian Ocean lays an archipelago of 1200 islands, known as the Maldives.  This tropical paradise looks like a scattering of silver rings from the air, as you fly overhead. The ocean is teeming with extraordinary marine life that ranges from schools of manta ray feeding on microscopic plankton to the dense forests of coral reefs that extend for many kilometres.

However, this picture perfect ecosystem is under threat and has been deemed uninhabitable within the next 50-100 years; in OUR lifetime.

This film will be shot in full HD and show case this diverse ecosystem from the air, on the tropical islands and under the water on the beautiful coral reefs. We are working in relation to the University of Winchester, the National Oceanography Centre Southampton, Greenpeace, Tiny Island Volunteers and many more.

Please visit the official website at www.rainforestsoftheocean.co.uk !

My name is Alexander Brown, 23, and I am currently producing this film (of 4 years) in relation with my final year dissertation at the University of Winchester in the UK. I am running it under the name of my startup production company, BasementVision. I really love the ocean, but within the past few years I have learnt that many marine fish species and coral reefs are in real danger. 

I do not want to see species become extinct and desert islands sink in my life time, do you?

The Impact

“Rainforests of the Ocean” is a documentary film, which celebrates the conservation efforts of a nation under attack from the world. These low laying islands are bearing the brunt of the rising sea levels we all hear about, but what is happening to the humans that call this place home? What is happening to the marine life that has called this place home since before humans? This film tells the stories of the local fishermen that supply the tuna for your sandwich, to the people battling to educate the world of the destruction that is drowning a nation.  The Maldives are home to some of the most beautiful and unique species of fish and coral in the World, but this underwater utopia is set to become a deforested wasteland. Can our human influence save this ecosystem?

When are you doing all of this!?!

We are now in production. Please visit our websites for full copies of our production schedules, treatments and more. The core period of location shooting starts on the 27th of January, when we fly from London the Maldives. After that we spend a few days in Sri Lanka and then over to the Middle East. Budget permitting, we would love to fly over to the Azores to film the big commercial fishing boats. Many of these boats catch sharks, dolphins and rays in their big nets, only to be tossed back into the sea dead... 


We literally can not raise any more money privately, WE NEED YOU!

We know that Christmas is coming up (if you celebrate it in your country) and that money can be a little tight at this time of the year. What we can promise you however is that your contributions are not paying for us to have our Christmas on a tropical island! Flights, accommodation and food have already been accounted for.

The money raised will continue to pay for the camera equipment we need, on going costs such as fuel and all the other little things that add up fast.

IF we make our target... :D with some of the money we will be donating it back to the NGO's that we will be working with. In memory of all of the late nights & strong coffee so far and all of the good times while filming that is sure to come, *BasementVision will be sponsoring a turtle through the "adopt a turtle" at TIV program, and we invite you to do the same!

Please visit our website to read over the budget in full detail. Your contributions will largely help in post production where we will be able to hire in an events manager for example, to organise the premiere (guests at the moment consist of the Maldivian Government, Greenpeace, National press and TV associates and many more). A special invitation is on its way to David Attenborough and some of the cast from the hit TV show "Made In Chelsea", to name a few of our contacts that are following this campaign.

To be honest we could use way more than $6000. If we somehow manage to raise more than the asking amount, we will start by ensuring that all of our travel/work has been carbon offset. At the moment, Greenpeace has kindly donated some of their stock footage of aerial shots that we would like to capture ourselves if budget permits.


Other Ways You Can Help

Please visit our social networking links (above) and follow us throughout the production. If you could share this with all of your buddies we would be so grateful! Stick with us and receive updates straight from the Indian Ocean as we film the turtles, expanse coral reefs and hopefully a few of the larger sea animals...

Alternatively, start to think about the ways in which you could be effecting the ocean and its marine life. It might not be around as we know it for much longer, help preserve the Rainforests of the Ocean.

*TIV are confirming the turtle adoption at this time so please check back for updates. For every $500 contribution we will set up a turtle adoption in your name. BasementVision will accept $500 contributions but can not promise that the turtle adoption will have started before the end of the campaign. If it does, then great! If not, we will use the money accordingly on our project and contribute $50 to a worthy cause.

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