Radioactive Chicken Heads - Behind the Mutants

The Radioactive Chicken Heads are invading your TV and computer screens! Pilot episode & DVD starring the genetically modified rock 'n' roll mutants.
Kyle Caraher
Video / Web
Los Angeles, California
United States
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The Radioactive Chicken Heads have clucked their way through the music industry and are ready to invade your homes on a weekly basis...but first we need your help!

In our 15 minute pilot episode, Behind The Mutants, we will reveal the shocking origins of the Radioactive Chicken Heads in a documentary style, from the twisted experiments of mad scientist, Dr. Baron Von Kluckinstein to the group's early struggles and triumphs as a band of misfit musicians.

Prepare to see the mutant poultry punks in glorious live action as they battle robot bunny rabbits, giant globs of liquid fat, killer clownfish, evil alter-ego's and other bizarre creatures.

There will also be an expanded 60 minute version for DVD which will include the Radioactive Chicken Heads music videos and live concert footage (available on DVD for the first time!)

We are offering all kinds of cool stuff for your donations this project, including signed DVDs, CDs, posters, shirts and handmade Radioactive Chicken Heads puppets.

All money raised here will go towards production costs - materials to make new costumes, puppets, and sets and to cover fees for location and equipment rentals. We can work with whatever budget we have but the more we raise, the bigger and better it will be. 

Please spread the word....With your support, the legend of the Radioactive Chicken Heads can finally be told!!!

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Select a Perk
  • $2USD
    Bumper Sticker

    8.5" x 2.75" black and yellow vinyl sticker with the Radioactive Chicken Heads logo.

    6 claimed
  • $5USD
    Signed Post Card

    A signed postcard/thank you note from the band.

    1 claimed
  • $15USD
    Signed DVD

    Signed DVD including this project, music videos, and concert footage (all never before released on DVD.)

    3 claimed
  • $25USD
    Tee Shirt + Signed DVD

    Exclusive, limited edition "Radioactive Army" t-shirt + a signed DVD.

    14 claimed
  • $50USD
    Signed Poster + DVD

    Movie-size poster with art by Hunter Jackson aka Techno Destructo from GWAR signed by Hunter Jackson and all the Radioactive Chicken Heads + signed DVD.

    3 claimed
  • $50USD
    Original Artwork + DVD

    Original drawing by Thom Foolery of 1 of the Radioactive Chicken Heads characters that was used to make the Poultry Uprising CD back cover. Choose your favorite character (first come, first serve) + signed DVD.

    1 out of 8 claimed
  • $100USD
    Puppet + DVD

    Hand made, hand painted Chicken Head puppet just like the ones seen in every in RCH music video to date. Plus signed DVD.

    3 claimed
  • $500USD
    "Executive Producer" Credit

    You will be credited as an "Executive Producer" for this project plus hand made Chicken Head puppet, signed poster, signed DVD, Radioactive Army shirt, postcard, sticker.

    1 claimed
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