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Much like Soundcloud and Bandcamp, but we don't take a percentage of music sales.
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What “Free-to-Sell” is and what it means for musicians and music lovers.

All major music distribution services take anywhere between 15-30% of sales from their artists. Musicians and companies have always played but hated the game. Radio Rebel is developing the worlds first distribution platform that will take 0% of all sales while simultaneously connecting fans with music by providing the coolest music experience that has ever existed.

By providing an avenue for consumers to connect with and purchase directly from their favorite bands, we believe that our free to sell service will change everything about how music is sold and enjoyed online.

Additionally, there will be a variety of cool features available to make things more fun at launch:

  • Band Pages (Create a store and sell music at no cost, manage customers and followers, and build up page rank to increase on-site visibility)

  • User Profiles (Follow your favorite artists, create playlists, show off your favorite tracks, achievements, and purchased music)

  • Music Discovery Catalog: Browse music by genre, tags, popularity, staff picks, new, etc.

  • Premium Accounts: Remove advertisements and gain access to extra features such as faster upload/download speeds and analytics on listeners and customers.

  • Points!: Earn points for listening to and buying music, as well as patches for certain achievements.

  • User Reviews: Write your own music reviews as well as read what other people think.

  • Explore Tools: Search the entirety of Radio Rebel and find music based on genre, popularity, category, plays and more.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways:Send and receive funds using whichever payment gateway you love most.

Band page and music store front.

Anyone with a free Radio Rebel account can create a personalized band page, upload their music, select a pricing structure and set a cost. 100% of all sales go directly to the creator. 


Exclusive live radio broadcast, online music magazine and Radio Rebel TV.

Before Radio Rebel was a music marketplace, it was a radio station with a music catalog and music video channel. We have integrated the current media network into the marketplace making it exclusive only to music sold on Radio Rebel. This is a really fun way to learn about all the great music on Radio Rebel and for artists to have a chance to be heard by our audience.

Explore music based off your personal interests and tastes.

Radio Rebel would not be a modern music marketplace without providing tools for people to find new music based on their interests. The Explore Page allows you to make a multi-genre query in combination with multiple filters such as trends, plays, purchases, cost and more.


Perks Alert! 

Why is it so Windy music compilations Vol. 1 and 2.

Two fantastic compilations of the best music to be featured on The Kirby Hour, our flagship show on Radio Rebel. 

5x4 Rob the Robot Sticker

A gargantuan Rob the Robot sticker that is desperate to be slapped on something awesome.

Indiegogo Exclusive T-Shirt

A special Radio Rebel shirt designed exclusively for indeigogo funders.

How Radio Rebel got started.

Radio Rebel was born back in 2011 as a single page radio station and re-imagining of the former “Game Rebel Radio” which played 90’s and 2000’s top 40. Having grown tired of listening to the same music tirelessly, the founder Stan Price decided to dive into the realm of broadcasting strictly independent music. With a little bit of luck Stan was able to garner the attention of thousands of independent artists seeking a radio station to call home.

What Radio Rebel is now.

Radio Rebel is a music platform with integrity.

Radio Rebel has come a long way since it launched as a single page radio station back in 2011. With over 3,000 artists, over 6,000 tracks and almost 1,000 music videos, we think that it is safe to say that Radio Rebel has become popular among independent music lovers, and even more so with independent musicians. We see this as a sign that it’s time to take Radio Rebel to the next level.

From the very beginning, everything we have built has been centered around the musician being able to deliver their music for fans to enjoy. Our motivations are not to make loads of money and own luxurious yachts. Our goal is to selflessly serve musicians and make a difference.

Through Radio Rebel’s free to sell platform, musicians can connect with fans and make exchanges without anyone interfering, without anyone taking a cut of their earnings, and without DRM punishing their customers with limitations.

When does Radio Rebel launch?

At the conclusion of the indiegogo campaign! After nearly two years of planning and development the Free to Sell platform exists and is just about ready for public use. Right now we are putting the final touches on the appearance of the site and making it super easy to use and understand. 

What we need help with.

Help us Donation Wan Kanobi, you’re our only hope.

To ensure that the launch of this service is smooth and sustainable we need your help. We need funding for many things including further development costs, servers, promotion, improved design as well as administrative and business costs. So far the costs have been completely paid for out of pocket, not to mention how much time it requires to maintain the current operation (radio station, online magazine and music video channel) while simultaneously building the worlds coolest music service.

Your donations will ensure that Radio Rebel can have a sustainable launch and have resources to keep the platform on track as we scale.

Other ways you can help.

If you simply cannot afford to give us any of your hard earned cash, there are other ways you can help us in really big ways. The most prominent being that you sign up and start using Radio Rebel once we launch! We promise there will be tons of great music to enjoy and doing so will not cost you anything as our services are completely free to use. If you are an artist, sign up and start selling your music through us and save a ton of cash! You have nothing to lose. Beyond signing up, the other important way you can help is to share this campaign with everyone you know! If enough musicians and music lovers know about what we are doing, there is no possible way we can fail.

And finally a big thanks to everyone who helped!

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    Everything included in the $75 tier, plus be a special guest on The Kirby Hour hosted by Kaleb Richey, Radio Rebel CEO Stan Price, and have a private Skype conversation with Co-Founders Stan Price and Simon Ince to discuss your ideas to make Radio Rebel a great place for music.

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