World’s First, Smartphone-integrated Radar Module for Cars!

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World’s First, Smartphone-integrated Radar Module for Cars!

Radarboys is developing a revolutionary, Bluetooth®-enabled radar module, named iC2, that shows drivers the distances and speeds of other cars sharing the road with them. Information is displayed on the user’s Android or iOS-enabled smartphone via a free downloadable app, which triggers both audible and visual alerts when the driver approaches a potentially hazardous situation. This allows the driver time to react and return to safety.

The iC2 device increases the driver’s awareness of his or her surroundings and improves safety, especially at night and in hazardous driving conditions.

Radarboys’ iC2 device records all radar data, distances, speeds and directions, which can help with insurance claims and assist police during accident investigations.

Whether you are commuting to work running errands around town, or on a family road trip, Radarboys iC2 gives you peace of mind and the promise of safer travels on the road.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy, suction-cup mount installation
  • Free, easy-to-use smartphone app (Android/iOS)
  • Stylish colors
  • Great design
  • Use globally

Our motivation and beliefs

Radarboys iC2 is more than a great tech gadget. We believe it will help improve driver safety and save lives. Each year, there are more than five million traffic accidents in the U.S. alone, and more than 30,000 of these incidents involve a fatality.

At Radarboys, we are passionate about creating life-saving technologies that are affordable, easy to use, reliable, and built with the world's best materials and components.

Why we need funds

Today we have developed several a few working prototypes of our iC2 module, but we still need funds to improve some of the firmware before putting the product into mass production.

Proposed Schedule:

  • 1st month – Finalize electronics optimization and prototype testing of the iOS & Andriod phone app,
  • 2nd month – Development/testing of beta versions.
  • 3rd month – Final product testing and certification.
  • 4th month – Begin mass production.
  • 5th month – Delivery of Radarboys iC2 to you, our backers.

The proposed schedule outlined above is set with a reserve, because we do not want to let our backers down or cause unnecessary delays.

We expect to launch Radarboys iC2 into mass production and our backers will be able to get new device much earlier and cheaper than those who will want to buy it in future.

Your rewards

You'll enjoy some amazing rewards and perks for backing Radarboys!

  • Everyone who contributes $159 will receive Radarboys iC2 before the normal retail sales on Radarboys.com and in retail stores.

  • A special perk for the first 100 iC2 modules preordered:

    Free Wiper Shark Fin (a $10 value). This unique fin-shape automotive gadget attaches to the windshield wiper and flaps when drivers get too close to the car in front of them.

  • All perks of $159 reflect a 47 percent discount off the normal retail price of $299.

  • Deeper discounts for multiple-unit orders.

Choose Your Favorite Color!

  • White with blue cover - $159
  • White with pink cover - $159
  • Black - $159

$10 shipping cost not included. Please add this to your perk.

Help spread the word

Even if you can't contribute, we ask for your help in raising awareness in our campaign. We would be grateful to you for sharing our story on social media with the IndieGoGo sharing tools below, or emailing this page to someone you feel could benefit from the convenience, control and cutting-edge technology that Radarboys provides.

Radarboys iC2: A smart radar module

Radarboys iC2 is pioneering radar technology for the smart, connected car. While the inaugural product will be able to record event data, we plan to offer "over-the-air" updates to give you even more features in the future.

Free mobile app

The Radarboys iC2 app is “appsolutely” free and does not use the monthly cellular data budget allocated by your wireless service provider. It is available for both iOS and Android devices, and is designed with features we know you'll like. 


Key Features: 


Highway/City: The Highway selection shows a single front view traffic including distance and speed. It shows traffic information from multiple lanes. The City view shows traffic information for cars traveling in the opposite direction on the left portion of your screen.

Short range: This mode shows traffic information up to 160 feet, and is preferable when driving at lower speeds or when traffic is more dense.

Long range: This mode shows traffic information up to 500 feet, and is preferable when cruising at higher speeds.

Auto range: Depending on speed and traffic the display switches automatically from Long- to Short-range modes.

Easy setup

Your Radarboys iC2 module can be adjusted to respond to your driving preferences:

  • Units selection: USA: mph, feet; EU: km/h, meters

  • Alert levels: Set to high, medium, or low, or just switch them off individually. 

  • Collision alert: Warns when firm brake levels must be applied to avoid a collision. Level is adjustable, and can be switched off.

  • Traffic jam: Warns when traffic is stopped ahead, or is moving at a significantly lower speed than your own car. Level is adjustable, and can be switched off.

  • Own speed: Displays your rate of travel. Can be switched off is desired.

  • Opposing traffic speed: Displays the speed of oncoming traffic (City mode only). Can be switched off.

  • Same direction traffic speed: Displays the speed of traffic traveling in the same direction as you. Available in both Highway and City modes. Can be switched off.

  • Use Day/Night colors: Automatically switches the display based on the time of day.

  • Driver side: Left- or Right-hand drive, display is adjusted accordingly.

Note : Radar data recording mode is always on to support your insurance case if needed.

Easy installation

Radarboys iC2 is installed in a few seconds. The suction cup mount allows fast and easy installation.

Stylish colors, great design!

Radarboys’ iC2 module is available in black, blue or pink. The device features an aesthetically pleasing design and small form factor to have a minimal visual impact.

Radarboys is global

The Radarboys iC2 module is a great solution for everyone around the world, since it operates in the 24GHz worldwide free ISM band. Additionally, it does not interfere with speed-trap devices.


About us & our experience

The Radarboys team is passionate about creating groundbreaking technologies that fit into your digital lifestyle.

We are fortunate for the past experience which have now reduced the learning curve for this project. Our team of engineers and production designers are experienced in developing and manufacturing consumer technology. This includes the design and development of hardware, software, mobile apps and retail packaging, manufacturing and distribution.

We know that every project has its challenges. We're confident that our experience helps us know what to expect and how to handle the unexpected!

RADARBOYS: A Vision for Safety™

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