QWERTY-The Movie

An off-beat love story about Zoe & Marty trying to carve out their place in a world full of other people - all amongst the backdrop of competitive Scrabble®


We're oh so close to finishing our wonderful film, and we just that extra boost to finish strong and debt free. Can you help?


Our Story:

In 2005, screenwriter Juliet McDaniel's script �QWERTY� won The Waterfront Film Festival Screenplay Competition, beating out of more than 100 other applicants with her story of word-nerd outcast Zoe Rezillo who meets her match in jobless, moody Marty Huckhound. The story tackles life, love & letters, and culminates at the National Scrabble� Championship. After an early option expired on the script, Producer Nat Dykeman & Juliet looked for the means to make the film on their own. Nat connected with director Bill Sebastian during his film Midlothia�s festival run. As fans of the film, Nat & Juliet asked him to come on-board. With the addition of Jeremy Truelove as producer, they set a start date and began casting the film.

QWERTY was shot across Chicagoland in 21 days in the spring of 2010.  The majority of the cast and crew were local, but the director and two leads, Dana Pupkin and Eric Hailey traveled from Los Angeles for the film. 

The Impact:

QWERTY is nearly complete! Director Bill Sebastian has worked tirelessly over the last year to get this movie Sundance ready before their final deadline of Sept 26th. With help from fellow editor Noel Williams, they have completed the cut. But he needs more help. There simply isn't enough time in the day for this one-man machine to make the rest happen in time.  (I know he'd like a robot reference thrown there. Who doesn't like robots?!)

QWERTY is indeed a labor of love! To date, everything related to QWERTY has been donated: time, effort, cameras, editing, locations and wardrobe; everything. But, as the generous benefactors of IndieGoGo know, high-quality final production elements require modest amounts of money� especially under deadline. 

Therefore, as we near the September 26th deadline, the producers are raising funds to help finish the project and offset festival-related fees.  

What We Need:

We know what you�re thinking, the film is edited, what else is left to do? Well, funny you should ask. Here's the breakdown of costs:


Music Composition: $2000 (bottom-barrel hard studio cost)

Sound Mix: $2000 (To make it sound oh so qwerty sweet!)

Musicians: $500 (to add real string instrumentation to our original score compositions) 

Music Licensing: $600 (We seek to negotiate a deferred rate for distribution rights; however, we may incur upfront costs for our festival run)

Visual FX: $2000 (We have a few very talented friends helping us with this, but they are squeezing in QWERTY when they aren't working. To meet our deadline, we may need to take someone off the job market to get it done.)

Color Correction: $2000 (Favors are nice, and free is always preferable, but when it comes deadlines, & a time consuming process like this, it�d be great to offer a crumb or two to speed up the process)

Fest Submissions: * $1000 (Minimum. At $100 a pop, that�s just 10 festivals! For perspective, Bill paid over five grand in fest submission fees & postage for Midlothia. We�ll be requesting waivers where we can and being more selective with this submission, but we need some funds here.)

Publicity & Marketing: * $2000 (printing; recycled paper posters, postcards, festival handbills; Internet and social marketing initiatives, such as Facebook banner ads, etc.)


*If we don't spend all the money in either of these categories, we'll use the leftover for misc festival expenses, because festivals are expensive to attend & promote!


Other Ways You Can Help:

We are so close to our deadline, but we need YOUR help.  Any dollar amount is great, but word of mouth is REALLY helpful, too. Any of the following really help:


1) �Like� us on facebook (facebook.com/qwertythemovie)


2) Share us on facebook.


4) Tweet about us.


3) Steal our poster image and make it yours until Sept 26th.


4) Share the link to the visually delightful www.qwertythemovie.com


5) Of course if you can, donate, even if it�s a small amount. If all our friends donate even $10...we could meet our goal!

Team on This Campaign: