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"We couldn't believe this didn't already exist, it seems so obvious and it is so useful."
Christopher Hawker
Email Verified
Columbus, Ohio
United States
8 Team Members

Our Indiegogo campaign has ended but
you can pre-order Quickey at:



Use Quickey for everday tasks


The who, what, when...


I'm Chris Hawker - an inventor and the founder of the design firm and innovation agency, Trident Design, LLC. We have brought dozens of products to market including my own PowerSquid. We offer product development and commercialization services and we also license technologies, designs and inventions. I've recently been asked to be a contributing editor to Entrepreneur.com and I often blog at inventorsmind.com. I have and always will be a champion of invention and inventors.

Trident is an award-winning design firm and has worked in product categories ranging from housewares and medical devices to simple games and complex industrial equipment. We have a true passion for innovation and specialize in working with inventors and startups. We love what we do and are excited to produce another one of our own designs.

We will deliver

We have brought dozens of products to market over a period of 14 years, both through licensing and through acting as the manufacturer. We have deep experience with every aspect of the process. We have a track record of success and are absolutely committed to integrity, excellence and innovation.


Why Indiegogo?

At Trident, we typically license our own ideas or work on other people's amazing inventions to help bring them to retail. We have made and sold our own products in the past, but we had stopped pursuing our own manufacturing activities to focus on development and services. Bursting with new ideas, our team finally decided that we had sat on the sidelines long enough. We craved the excitement and challenge of having our own item to sell.

Crowd-funding will allow us to produce our very own product ourselves, rather than licensing it to another manufacturer - again. This active oversight on our behalf will allow us to make sure that our product lives up to our vision and standard of quality.

Where did the Quickey come from?

The Quickey is a simple, yet highly functional product that was born out of necessity. I was always using my keys to open boxes and mail, but it never worked very well. I saw an opportunity! I brought the idea of a key-shaped box-opener to my team of designers and we came up with a versatile tool that is really something special.

Multi-tools are typically overkill and cumbersome. None of us at Trident carry one around because they are just too bulky, yet we craved some of the conveniences they offer. For a large number of life's little tasks, the Quickey is perfect and WAY better than my car keys.


We developed the Quickey using an iterative design process that started with sketches and included over a dozen 3D printed and CNC milled prototypes. See the steps here:

1.We started with Sketches:

2. We modeled it in Solidworks and then evolved it:

3. We made 3D prints on our Stratasys FDM machine:

4. We evaluated prototypes and then started testing a milled steel sample:

5. We tested, refined, and repeated:

6. We let our designers live with it for a while to provide real world feedback:

Tech specs

The Quickey is made of 304 Stainless steel, die cast and polished. It is rugged and designed to last a lifetime. It weighs a mere 20 grams. It will never rust. You can pass it on to your children and your children's children.


What We Will Use the Funds For

  • We need $4,000.00 to reach our goal! We will use this money to pay for the tooling, cover the cost of the Quickey campaign perks, and pay for several cases of beer used in perfecting the bottle opener. 

Why You Should Back Us

  • The Quickey is a brilliant little tool that seems like it should already exist. A few of us here at Trident have been carrying one around for weeks and we're always finding new awesome uses for it. Once you have one, you're going to wonder how you ever lived without it.
  • As a backer, you will get exclusive emails about the progress of the Quickey. We will also give you a behind-the-scenes look at Trident Design, LLC, which is a fascinating place full of ideas.
  • You will earn yourself a fine perk. Trust us, you will love having a Quickey on your keychain.

Where we are at and next steps

We have a manufacturing contract for tooling and production from a world-class manufacturer we have worked with before. We currently have machined pre-production samples in hand. Once we reach our goal, we will order the tooling and start having our Quickeys produced. 

Once the keys are made, we will receive them at our office in Columbus, Ohio and the crew will band together to create a shipping line and send out your rewards!


  1. What is the warranty?
    We warranty your Quickey to be free of manufacturer's defects. It is one piece of metal, so there isn't much that can go wrong.
  2. When are the perks expected to ship?
    We expect the Quickeys to ship within 8-weeks of the end of the campaign.
  3. What about international shipping?
    If you live somewhere other than the United States, please also choose to back us at that level to accommodate the extra shipping charges.
  4. How do I send my logo for engraving?
    Send it to us in an email to Quickey@trident-design.com in a vector (.ai, .eps) or a jpeg (at least 300 x 300 px)
  5. Will it go through airport security?
    We have carried it through domestic airport security on numerous occasions and gone as far as to ask the TSA Supervisor while traveling and it has been cleared every time. The Quickey is not actually sharp and won't cut you.
  6. Can the Quickey team change or cancel my perk?
    We literally have no ability to make any change to our backers contributions. This is both a feature and a limitation. We will work with any backer within the constraints of the indiegogo system to do whatever we can. We cannot however change your perk selection in ANY way.

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