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We can make solar power more affordable, sustainable, and accessible for millions of people with our Pay-As-You-Go Solar technology.
Michele F
Guatemala City
2 Team Members
Quetsol-Turn Lives ON across Guatemala is a registered member of the Energy Access Practitioner Network, supported by the United Nations Foundation. The Network serves as a platform for all energy access organizations that contribute to the United Nations's 2030 goal of sustainable energy for all."


We have a way to bring solar power to thousands of Guatemalans at a cost cheaper than candles. Until we can do it, our CEO is sitting in a dark room. Help us get him out of the dark and turn ON the lights for millions of Guatemalans!

*Livestream of Juan here! 

**Si eres guatemalteco, y has tenido problemas aportando tu contribución, puedes donar a nuestra cuenta y nosotros ponemos tu nombre en el sitio de la campaña como contribuyente. 

Nombre Cuenta: Quetsol S.A.
Númbero de Cuenta: 3364029287
Banco: Banrural
Al donar, favor mandar un mensaje a info@quetsol.com con tu nombre, cantidad donada y # de depósito. También aceptamos tarjeta de crédito/débito.


The Problem

Approximately 520,000 homes in Guatemala are without access to electricity. This means that the productivity of the 2,600,000 people in those homes is limited by the hours of daylight. After dark, children cannot study, adults cannot work, and neighbors cannot communicate. 

The vast majority of the families that we work with are subsistence farmers. They rely on candles and kerosene to light their homes. The use of these products results in excessive costs, accidental burns, and smoke inhalation. The total cost of buying candles and walking to the nearest town to pay for charging their cell phone is ~130 Quetzales per month. Our solution will cut this cost to 90 Quetzales a month empowering families to sustainably develop!

Who Are We?

Quetsol is a renewable energy company providing low-cost solar power kits to Guatemala's rural communities. Co-founders and homegrown Guatemalans Juan Rodriguez and Tono Aguilar launched the company in 2010 after witnessing the severe hardships suffered because of the lack of access to electricity. They first developed a 10-watt solar power kit to light up homes, then developed 30-watt and 75-watt kits that can power larger appliances. Since 2010, Quetsol has distributed over 3,000 kits throughout Guatemala.


Dad & son


The Other Problem...and Our Solution

There is a reason that this number is 3,000, and not 30,000. Nearly all of our clients go through our microfinance partners (banks) to pay for their kits in small increments. HOWEVER, the banks have processed only 50% of the applications submitted by  Guatemalans trying to purchase our kits. The other 50% are just lost in the banks’ systems. This means that there are thousands of families who want solar power in their homes, but cannot get the help that they need through the banks!

To ameliorate this problem, Quetsol is launching a new Pay-As-You-Go solar power kit. Because the banks have not been efficiently processing our clients’ applications, we have decided to develop a program that eliminates the banks’ hurdles. The goal of Pay-As-You-Go is to make solar power more accessible for our clients in rural communities, typically subsistence farmers.

How does Quetsol’s Pay-As-You-Go program work? Our clients who would like to buy our solar power kits will be able to use their cell phone payment account to activate their Quetsol system. After sending money to our account, clients will receive a text message with an activation code which they will dial on their kit unleashing power. No more eight-hour trips to bank branches, no more unjustified rejections and lost applications by the banks. No more waiting for an energy solution for Guatemala's poorest residents when it is right at our fingertips. Pay-As-You-Go solar kits will put the power to achieve their energy goals in the hands of our clients, and not the banks. In turn, Quetsol will offer a lifetime warranty on every solar kit: Each battery change and kit repair will be on us.


What Will Your Support Do?

We are almost there. We already have our prototype for the 10W Pay-as-you-go kit, and are testing it as we write this. To bring this model to the next level though we need your support.

Of the $50,000, $25,000 will help us pay for the research & development of the final kit, and then towards the other half will enable us to order the first container from the manufacturers. We can get this product to launch by June of this year. We can reach 100,000 homes and 505,000 people in Guatemala alone in the next five years.

What's more, you will directly sponsor a family's solar power with every donation of $60 and above. A part of your contribution will go towards subsidizing our clients' energy. For example, instead of only receiving a month after installation, the client will be given an extra week of light. 

We want to be more than just one little solar company trying to raise money. We want to be a part of a new generation of utility companies that support rural development and protect the environment at the same time.


Help Quetsol Grow In Any Way You Can!

Spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, anything you can. We really believe in this technology and its potential to blossom not only throughout Guatemala, but also the world. If you are interested in green energy, rural development, or just want to help get our boss out of the dark, please support us :-)

Contribute now to help us turn lives ON!







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$50,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on March 15, 2013
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Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Thank-You Note

    Gracias amigo! A personal thank-you note from CEO and co-founder Juan Rodriguez.

    36 claimed
  • $30USD
    Who you helped? Thanks

    A picture and bio of a family who's home now has light, thanks to your support. Sent to your door.

    38 claimed
  • $60USD
    Give 7 Days of Light+Bracelet

    You sponsor a family's solar power for 7 days. To represent your gift, we send you a bracelet hand-made by indigenous women who are supported via the non-profit Kiej de Los Bosques. The number 7, representing 7 days of light, will be engraved on the metal charm. Unisex. Not just an awesome bracelet--a real way to support the livelihood of hard-working Guatemalan women, too.

    42 claimed
  • $100USD
    Give 15 Days+Bracelet

    You give 15 days of light to a family. We send you the bracelet with the number 15 engraved to represent your contribution. You also get a photo of the family that you supported.

    35 claimed
  • $250USD
    Give 30 Days+Bracelet

    Give a month of light! You get the bracelet with the number 30 engraved to represent your gift, a photo of the family that you are supporting with and the amount of money the family has saved this year thanks to your support written on the back.

    6 claimed
  • $500USD
    All above+signed photo+listing

    All of the above perks, but with a bonus. You will get an 8x11 signed photo from community members that are benefiting from your donation. We'll feature you on a special thank-you page on our website as a light-giver. An additional educational bonus--Juan will Skype with you, your class, company, etc. and tell you all about his experiences as an entrepreneur.

    5 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Donate solar for school

    We will donate a Quetsol kit to a school in Guatemala in your name and record it. We'll send you the video of the installation, which we know you'll love (Most definitely the part where the lights are turned on the first time). A special feature on our website and Facebook.

    7 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    The Quetsol Experience

    Come give light yourself! You and one guest come to Guatemala, and we will pay for your lodging, food, transportation for up to a week, culminating when you come with us to install a kit in your name to a school. The whole village will come out to see. We promise you'll never forget this one.

    1 out of 7 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Corporate Sponsorship

    We'll feature your company's logo on our website as a major light-giver. Even better, have your team come down and we'll host a school installation in your company's name with; we bet this one beats a lot of other company retreats.

    0 out of 5 claimed
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