Quest For Humour

Meet Timothy, A boy who longs to find the source of humour in a world where wit and laughter are absent.


Short Summary

Quest For Humour is a project that I started for two reasons: One , Make a game that people will care about, Two, Find a way that i can leave my own mark on society. Here is how you can make both of those dreams come true!

My name is Luis Samways. I have been making games now for two years. My first project was something I made just to make something, it had no heart & no passion, for that reason it did not do well at all, so my dream of making a living off gaming was one that did not come true, until now that is, because with your help i can finally do something amazing & make a game that people care about, a game that I'm proud of, a game that you are proud of.

Quest For Humour is something of a dark night in the indie scene right now, people are really responding to it. For the first time in my life i saw my game up on a review site where they were talking about the game, 2 days after i announced the project, now that was a special feeling! The game has generated a community of followers already, one community that I'm proud of; it's one of the greatest feelings in the world, making something that people care about.

Here is a  synopsis of the game:


Meet Timothy, A boy who longs to find the source of humour
in a world where wit and laughter are absent. When Timothy finds out that there
is a joyful thing out there called laughter he goes on a search to find the
source of all things humour and looks to bring it to his town, Huckleberry
village, where even the smallest prank is treated like a capital crime because the
residence of huckleberry know no different.

it is Timothy’s quest to find these so called “LOL stones”
that the ancient gods talk of.  Join him
in this Epic tale of heroism, love & the joy of laughter. Join Timothy in
his Quest For Humour.

Quest for Humour is a Japanese
style RPG where the player controls both Timothy & the apple of his eye
Tracy (Who may be a bit of a tease!)

The player will experience an epic  tale of gigantic proportions where he will
search for 20 + “LOL Stones” to bring back to his hometown where his uncle Ron
has built a so called “Laughter machine” which, when filled with all the LOL
STONES,  will sprinkle a little happiness
in Huckleberry, bringing the Joy and miracle of Humour.

His journey to everlasting happiness is one filled with treachery
as he battles the wilderness, hostile people and creatures of the unknown.
Follow him through an epic main quest where he will travel far and wide in
search of his destiny.

Quest for Humour features a lengthy main quest as well as
over 70 side quests & 15 deferent cities to explore and plenty of dungeons
to loot.

Experience an RPG where story & characters collide to
suck you into a world where every quest completed is one step closer to Happily ever after…… or is it? 

The funding and backing of people like you will help this game become more then gossip, it will make this game into a portrait of success that will accumulate more the sales, it will gain a fan base that consists of the generous and the curious. It is your money that will make the game artistically brilliant, because unfortunately i have the art skills of a 4 year old boy who draws on the walls! With you contributions, I will be able to pay the artists i need to put the icing on the cake.

What I Need & What You get

I need $17500 to pay for the art of the game, that includes all the character sprites & the animation, plus all the props, quest Items & scenery. I have already spent close to $7000 of my own money paying artists for the art I already have in the game, I'm still missing over 20 characters and a good dozen scenery items. The game will not be completed without these Items. The game also needs soundtrack scoring in the style of the retro RPG & that its self will cost me $5000 per track, so unless funding exceeds $17500 then I will have to stick to a few musical scores, but the more scoring I can get into the game the better.


For the funders of the game I have some great perks for you guys! I have a pre order copy of the game that you get when you place a $10 backing, I also have a special edition of the game that is only available to the people on this website which includes 3 new cities to explore exclusively available here for $30 plus many more perks including a chance to get yourself in the game!

If Quest For Humour does not reach its goal of $17500 then what ever money is raised will still be going to paying the artists, so whatever happens your money still matters and is important in making Quest For Humour a reality.

The Impact

Quest For Humour is more than a game for me, It's a stand to corporate game developers, because I believe that with a strong supporting community a game can thrive and be more than a product, it can be a pass time for people, & I believe that Quest For Humour is all that and more. The funding is just the beginning because once the game is out and you have your copy you can expect a long support life where I will be giving free patches with multiple new quests and cities to explore. There will be constant free DLC with the game, which is only an option if the game is funded. In doing so, you can get more than a one off game; you will have an experience that will last you longer than most games, all for a one off fee. This is more than my project; it's our project, made for the community, realized by the people.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't afford to fund the project then there are other ways you can help. You can share the project using the indie go go tools. You can also spread the word about the game and link people to the affiliated websites, including this one. I appreciate all interest in the game, be it funding or otherwise, and I value every one's help.


Thank you once again.




Luis Samways

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