Queer Rock Camp 2013

Queer Rock Camp is a totally awesome music camp for queer youth and their allies in Olympia, WA, USA.

This campaign is raising funds on behalf of Stonewall Youth, a verified nonprofit. The campaign does not necessarily reflect the views of the nonprofit or have any formal association with it. All contributions are considered unrestricted gifts and can't be specified for any particular purpose.

Queer Rock Camp is RADICAL

Queer Rock Camp empowers youth and builds community through music. We support the fluidity of gender and sexuality, and see music as a way to amplify resilience and self-expression.

The first session of QRC debuted in August of 2011 in Olympia Washington…and it was amazing! Thirty-three youth learned new instruments, formed bands, wrote killer songs, and performed at a public showcase at the historic Capital Theater. (Don’t miss it this year!!) 

In 2012, camp doubled to 60 youth, who came from all over North America! 

Now we're amping up for our third session this July and we're turning to YOU because...

Crowdsourcing is AMAZING

We are asking YOU to help fund this year's session so that we can provide:

- Sliding scale tuition down to zer0$ so that rock camp is available to ANYONE 

- Two delicious meals a day for 100 (!!) people - (including our fleet of volunteers/mentors/workshop instructors/counselors/techs/etc.)

- Safe housing for campers from out of town, including reliable transportation to camp and after camp activities throughout the week 

- Instruments and equipment for 12 bands... that means full drum kits, guitars, basses, keyboards, amps, stands, PAs!!?!?!?! 

We are asking YOU to help fund Queer Rock Camp because queer youth programs are super critical to our world and yet have less access to funding than programs geared towards straight youth. 

Some hard facts about Queer Youth

- 1 in 3 houseless youth are queer, people who identify as LGBTQQIA make up 3%-5% of the US population but 20%-40% all homeless youth. 

- According to one study, 26% of Gay teens are kicked out of their homes when they come out to their parents. 

- Transgender youth are disproportionately represented in homeless populations and most shelters are segregated by the gender assigned at birth. (http://www.thetaskforce.org/downloads/HomelessYouth.pdf)

- In 2011 most LGBT students in Washington regularly heard homophobic remarks, sexist remarks, and negative remarks about gender expression. 

- Most LGBT students had been victimized in school and the majority of these incidents were not reported to adult authorities. 

- Most LGBT students did NOT have access to in-school resources and supports. (http://www.glsen.org/binary-data/GLSEN_ATTACHMENTS/file/000/002/2187-2.pdf)


This sounds GREAT but I don't have CA$H to spare!

No PROBLEM! Thanks for reading and PLEASE hype this fundraiser!

Share it on your social networking sites!

Spread the word with your people in the real world! 

If you have connections to any business that could donate equipment, pass them our way! We're grateful for anything from amplifiers to guitar picks. Send any leads to - qrcequipment@gmail.com

And if you're Lady Gaga or Cher or anyone who uses your celeb status for the good of the gays, the love of equality and the pursuit of FABULOUS self-expression... well we L O V E you and, well, maybe we could fit a headliner on the showcase this year... <3



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