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Qboo is a set of farm animals from the magical land far, far away, made of fabric (plush toys) and bundled with an interactive tablet application!
Lahiru Priyadarshana
Kitchener, Ontario
4 Team Members


DigITThe Female Gene   README LK

Children’s access to mobile media devices is increasing day by day. As a result parents now tend to use digital devices as quick-shift babysitters. The time children spend in front of a display screen of some sort is increasing rapidly as well. However, apart from keeping them busy this passive and non-active screen time alone will not aid in their brain development.

It is imperative for kids, particularly in their early ages to play with toys. Active play involving pretend-play and imaginative-play is a major part of healthy brain development as often stressed by child psychology experts.

The increasing usage of digital devices among children has led to a decline in the time they spend playing with actual toys. Restricting access to digital devices, however, would limit the opportunities kids get to experience the valuable and positive impact that cutting edge, innovative technologies offer.

We at Kreyonic, encourage physical play in kids without restricting their access to technology. With the use of actual toys, our products can make screen time more meaningful and fun for children.

Qboo is a set of farm animals from the magical farm land far far away, made of fabric (plush toys), and they come bundled with an interactive educational tablet application

Children can place toys on the tablet screen and the application presents a variety of creative activities based on the type of toy.


By playing with Qboo, kids can reveal the secret magical world of animals, fun facts and their whereabouts.

This is how the perfected toys and characters would look like in the final production design.

Playing with Qboo is easy and fun!

Open the Qboo application on your tablet and place a toy on the screen. Thats it!

Qboo application encourages non-structured, open-ended game play. Children can choose the characters they want in their story. Characters come to life in the digital world. They listen and respond to children.

Qboo's open-ended game play allows kids to control the flow of the game/stories based on their own imagination. So every time kids play they will experience a different flow in the same story!

Our main goal is to encourage kids to play more often with real toys. With Qboo, even when there is no tablet around, children can still keep playing with the toys.

It is magic! Well, not really.

Qboo toys do not have any electronics inside. Current toys are passive and use multi-touch technology on latest capacitive sensing tablet screens.

Each toy has a uniquely identifiable pattern embroidered with a special thread; when kids place toys on the tablet screen, each toy registers a unique multitouch pattern that our patent pending design and technology can use to recognize the type of toy being used.

Educational Value

  • Playing with Qboo will help improve your child's social, intellectual, language, and problem-solving skills.
  • We encourage imaginative play and active play.
  • We provide interactive educational activities for kids which will improve hand/eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.
  • Qboo plush toys are a good travel companion. Have a long boring journey coming up? take Qboo along with you
  • Qboo's smart and cuddly toys provide ideal simulation for kids imaginations
  • Our toys are specially designed and supervised with the help of professional educators and child psychology experts.

To Spend Some Quality Time With Your Kids. You Can Play Along Too!


Qboo T-Shirt Designs!

Kreyonic, is an early stage tech startup founded by a team of three and now based in Kitchener, ON Canada.

We are the first international team in the Communitech Hyperdrive Accelerator program.

We are Software Engineers and we have expertise in Human Computer Interaction, Child Computer Interaction, Music Technology and Image Processing.

We love technology and we love KIDS!

Why We Are Doing This?

At Kreyonic we are fascinated by technology and how that can be used to influence curious little minds.

When we were kids, from the very first moment that we could grab a toy we wanted to take it apart to see what was inside and how they worked. It was this ongoing curiosity that led us to an interest in technology and innovation.

We know there are millions of kids out there with curious, creative and innovative minds. We are on a mission to innovate fun and educational tools for those little minds to experience the best of cutting edge technology without getting addicted to passive screen times.

Parents know the best! During our closed beta we realized how important is the feedback from parents to improve our product and company. That is why we created the Moms & Dads Group for Kreyonic.

The Moms & Dads group will be the first to get access to try out new toys and apps and give their feedback. These parents work closely with our team to help Kreyonic by testing new features and suggesting improvements.

Qboo Characters - Work in Progress

We are ready to go. We have completed the toy designs and we have initial working prototypes. We spent months testing prototypes with small groups of parents and kids to make Qboo the hottest toy of next year.

Our specialist custom plush toy manufacturing partner is ready to complete the final production design and guide Qboo toys through necessary toy certifications to get your smart plush toys shipped as soon as possible.

With your help we can start and complete Qboo production run, create more graphics and interactive content - magical stories - to complete the Qboo app and start shipping Qboo packs by April 2014.

We introduce Qboo with three toys, Tuffy, Tipsy and Paddles. After the initial launch in April 2014, we plan to launch more toys.

We are intrigued with innovation and we encourage to build your own creation. Therefore, we plan to provide a set of APIs for creators and developers who love to invent their own applications using our platform.

We value your creativity and your thoughts. We believe it is important to let parents customize our applications to better suit their kids. In future, you will be able to create your own custom applications using our drag and drop interfaces to design stories and scenarios.

At Kreyonic, we bring physical play to digital devices. Our vision is to help the world to create the next generation of creative thinkers... and this is just the beginning.

With your help, not only can we make this a reality, but also start an exciting journey to innovate the next generation of toys!

Please help us spread the word by sharing this campaign with your family and friends.

You might not want kids' toys right now, but sure you know someone who does. So please share this with your social circles. Let's make this happen!

We would love to hear from you!

You can email us at contact@kreyonic.com or call us on +1 226 338 2604

Many Thanks!

- Kreyonic Team

1. When will Qboo be available?

Qboo is currently in prototype phase. We will use this crowdfunding campaign in order to raise funds towards production. Our goal is to have Qboo ready to ship by April of 2014.

2. Can I get anything for this Christmas?

For sure! If you help us by pledging $40 or higher we will send you a hand written, limited edition Qboo Christmas / New Year / Thank You Card of your choice, signed by founders and magical Qboo characters! The card will be illustrated by our amazing artist Isuri and if you want to send it to someone else on your behalf, we can do that too!

3. I want to buy more than one Qboo pack. Do I need to add shipping cost separately for each pack?

No. You only have to pay for shipping once. We will cover the cost for the additional Qboo packs!

4. Are the toys safe for kids?

Yes. The toys will have safety certificates to make sure they are in compliance with all toy safety standards in all countries.

5. Are the toys washable?

Yes, but recommended is surface wash only.

6. Will the toys damage or scratch my tablet device / screen?

No. This is one of the main things many parents are concerned. We take this extremely seriously and that is why we wanted to create a toy, which is both kid friendly and tablet friendly.

The toys are completely made of fabric (plush toys) and no matter how hard your child use it on your tablet device... Qboo toys will not damage or scratch the tablet screen.

7. In the video, I saw a crack on your iPad! Did that happen by toys?

No. our co-founder, Amani dropped that iPad in an airport during a transit. :)

8. What is the recommended age range for Qboo?

The recommended audience are kids from 3 to 5 years. However, we found both younger and older kids showing interest in Qboo and toys during our private beta testing.

9. Does Qboo App work on any tablet?

Our current prototype works on iPad. However, we plan to launch both iOS and Android versions before we ship your Qboo in April 2014.

So, Qboo App works on all iPad versions and most of the Android tablets out there!

10. Can my kids play with Qboo toys even without a tablet?

Yes! At Kreyonic, our main goal is to encourage physical play for kids without restricting their access to technology. The toys and stories are made carefully so that kids can continue playing with them even there is no tablet around!

Qboo toys are not electronic toys so kids can do pretend-play and imaginative play in the real world just as they play with other plush toys.

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  • $10CAD

    Thank you for your support in helping us to make Qboo a reality. We will list you as a Contributor on our website and we will send you regular updates (specially limited only to backers) on our progress and invitations to live events. You will become a part of this exciting journey!

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $15CAD
    Qboo T- Shirt

    A limited edition T-Shirt of Qboo, only available via Indiegogo. See the project description for a preview! You'll also receive a sincere thank you from the Qboo team. Please add: $8 Canada, $12 Wordwide Shipping

    10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014

    Early Bird Special + 3 Stories

    Be one of the first in the world to experience Qboo! You'll receive one set of Qboo Starter Pack and 3 FREE stories to download on your tablet. Plus, we will list you as a Gold Contributor for Qboo. We will send you regular updates on our progress and invitations to live events. This offer is only for early birds; we can offer only a very limited number of pledges at this price. Please add: $10 Canada, $15 Wordwide Shipping

    25 out of 25 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $25CAD
    Qboo + 3 FREE Stories

    You'll receive one set of Qboo Starter Pack and 3 FREE stories for your tablet. Plus, we will list you as a Silver Contributor for Qboo. We will send you regular updates on our progress and invitations to live events. Please add: $10 Canada, $15 Wordwide Shipping

    5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $40CAD
    Qboo + 10 Stories

    You'll receive one set of Qboo Starter Pack and 10 stories for your tablet. We will release 3 stories in our initial launch in April 2014, and new stories every two months. Please add: $10 Canada, $15 Wordwide Shipping

    8 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $400CAD
    Qboo Pack + Android Tab

    You'll receive one set of Qboo Starter Pack with a Google Nexus 7" 32GB Android 4.3 (2013 Model), Signed by Founders + 10 Stories. You will also receive a FREE Qboo T-Shirt. We will release 3 stories in our initial launch in April 2014, and new stories every two months. Please add: $10 Canada, $15 Wordwide Shipping

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $500CAD
    Qboo Pack + iPad

    You'll receive one set of Qboo Starter Pack with an iPad 2 with Wi-Fi 16GB, Signed by Founders + 10 Stories. You also receive a FREE Qboo T-Shirt. We will release 3 stories in our initial launch in April 2014, and new stories every two months. Please add: $10 Canada, $15 Wordwide Shipping

    2 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
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