Pwned! - The Gamer Comedy that Gives

100% of proceeds go to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund in this original feature-length comedy

Kevin has always been dependable, meticulous, and always on time. But that all changed after he met his online girlfriend. After driving out to meet her for the first time, he's now been missing for six months. With their childhood friend awol, it's up a rag tag group of misfits and gamers to find out what really happened to him.

Along the way from California to New Jersey, they visit and encounter strange and interesting fellow gamers they’ve never met in real life, which results in one insane situation after another. You will find yourself asking the same question over and over throughout the film. Where the hell is Kevin?

The movie contains everything you would expect: conflict, redemption, love, highly unusual situations, action, edgy comedy, and most importantly hitchhikers on bath salts. Some of our influences include The Hangover, Animal House, Superbad, Scott Pilgrim, Kevin Smith, and anything Guy Ritchie has even remotely sneezed on.

Pwned! will be shot in HD Digital, the same media and the very same cameras as have been used in productions such as The HobbitHitchcockThe Man with the Iron FistsDreddPrometheus, and countless others. You can see a list of films shot on RED here.

What's different about Pwned!?

We are going to do something that most of Hollywood would scoff at and never think of doing: Produce a quality film that not only entertains, but gives back more than it takes.

We also know that there are a lot of crowd funded project that never see the light of day. Pwned! is an effort by redditors, game industry developers, and film professionals who are putting their names and reputations on the line. We wouldn't be doing this if Pwned! couldn't be completed.

Who receives the profit from the film?

100% of the proceeds from sale of the film will be going to the The Sandy Hook School Support Fund. This fund was set up by the United Way to assist the family members, loved ones, and school children affected by the shooting.

Why do we need funding, why don't we just donate the money raised?

With the amount of work we have already put into the film, we could easily pitch Pwned! to a studio and get it made. But that means all of the profit would go to the studio footing the bill. Whether it be via online sales, theatrical release, or being sold to a distributor, a film of this magnitude will make far more for the Sandy Hook Fund than the amount we are raising for production.

For the time, performance, equipment, and expertise the professionals involved are donating to this project, it would easily cost $500,000 or more from beginning to end.  The producers and director are taking NO up-front payment, and many people are working for free or very reduced salaries. If completed on our own, the film will be considered a steal for a distributor, but it will mean an enormous amount of money for the families and loved ones who will need support for a very long time to come. We're creating a Hollywood-caliber comedy for a budget that would barely cover Michael Bay's dry cleaning bill.

All of the money raised will go to:

  • Camera and Equipment Rental
  • Salaries for crew and lead actors
  • Feeding the incredible cast and crew
  • Locations
  • Set Design
  • Props
  • Wardrobe
  • Insurance
  • Permits
  • Legal Fees
  • Post Production Expenses
  • Music Licensing
  • Special Effects
  • Film Festival/Original programming network Submission Fees

Why flexible funding?

We've been asked why Pwned! is a flexible project. While at $50,000 we are really cutting it close, various aspects of the production can be tailored to the amount raised. We also have stretch goals including the type of camera, various talent, extras, scenes, props,  etc. that can be modified based on the amount raised. The same could be said if we were to raise more than $50,000. Every drop will go into production to make Pwned! even greater.

We've been in pre-production for nine months! What we've already got:

  • An experienced, professional production staff, with more coming on board every day.
  • Cameras, lights and gear.
  • IMDB listing
  • One crazy script on par with Hollywood productions
  • All post-production facilities including editing, sound and musical score.

What you get in return:

  • Knowing that you helped the families and students of Sandy Hook enormously
  • Join a creative team committed to bringing a hilarious, original comedy to the screen! We can't stress enough how funny this script really is.
  • Be a part of making history in producing a film that actually gives more than it takes for a change
  • The coolest perks
  • Want something else for your contribution? Let us know at info@chaosngn.com

After the Fact:

  • Various major studios and content providers have already expressed interest in Pwned! once completed. This would mean a lot of money for the charities involved.
  • PWNED! is the kind of story that carries wide, mainstream audience appeal. Think The HangoverPotential markets include theatrical, television, DVD and streaming distribution.
  • We already have Blu-ray and DVD manufacturing and artwork lined up.
  • The film will be entered into most US festivals before being released, so IndieGoGo backers will get a very early head start on acquiring the film.
  • This may be a low-budget independent film, but it's far from an amateur production. Our team has a combined total of 126 years in the entertainment business!

We're ready to roll, with a cast that includes veteran actors Lejon Steweart (Pirates of the Caribbean - 2 : Dead Man's Chest), Peter Podgursky (Meter Maids), Luke Kearney (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises)Nicole Wyland (Video Game High School, Flower Warfare), and Nina Harada (Nothing But Besties).



Pwned! has won the support of many established bands, and we're not done yet. We are still working on securing music for the soundtrack. 

Special thanks to Roadrunner Records, Nuclear Blast, Warner Bros., Sony, and ASOT.

In This Moment is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California. Their debut album, Beautiful Tragedy, was released in 2007. Their second album, titled The Dream was released the following year debuting at No.73 on the Billboard 200. The band's third album, A Star-Crossed Wasteland was released in 2010, and their fourth album titled Blood was released in August 2012 and debuted at No.15.

They have performed on several notable tours and festivals including Ozzfest in 2007 and 2008, Warped Tour in 2009, Download Festival in 2009, Mayhem Festival in 2010, Music as a Weapon V tour in 2011, And the Uproar Festival in 2012. You can visit their official website here.

In This Moment - Forever - Official Video

A Sound of Thunder is a female fronted American heavy metal band from the Washington DC metro area. Fronted by the self-proclaimed Duchess of Dork, Nina Osegueda, this four piece band is known for its varying styles of musical composition, powerful female vocals, and energetic live shows. What happens when Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford have a love child? Find out for yourself at their official website.

Nightwish is a very popular Finnish symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland. The band was formed in 1996 by lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and vocalist Tarja Turunen.

The band has a film coming out this November titled, 'Imaginaerum,' and you can find the trailer here. You can find out more about Nightwish at their official website

Nightwish - Storytime - Official Video

Known as 'Walsingham' in the gaming industry for the last six years, James is the keeper of the flame, and is confident in the vision, his artists and the team he has put together. He has worked with the likes of Trion Worlds and Funcom, as well as numerous fansites and is currently a moderator on one of the largest sub-reddits at reddit.com.

With over a decade of industry experience, Joseph Mullen is a Cinematographer & Gaffer that captures unique and striking views of the world onto the cellulose frame. Classically trained, he has the ability to become metamorphic in a variety of situations generating original imagery and shooting styles. The industry has come to see him as a team leader and a media “McGyver”.

He has contributed his professional talents to broadcast television shows, commercials, and independent films, and his productions have received over several national awards and accreditations.

Joe Mullen - Director of Photography Reel

The name might not be familiar at first, but if you've seen the recent Batman filmsSurrogatesTerminator SalvationInception, or Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, you've seen his work as a driver, stuntman, and stunt coordinator.

Luke is an amazing addition to the team and gives us that much more punch. The problem is now we just have to find something to blow up!

With over two decades in the business, Ken was composer for two dozen or so Sierra On-line games, including the Space Quest and King's Quest series. With games like Descent, Star Trek games, Lord of the Rings, and RIFT under his belt, odds are Ken Allen has touched something in your life if you play video games. 

Ken will be handling scoring and composition duties for Pwned!


Nancy Hayes Casting is a full-service casting agency that works with directors and producers to find talent for their projects in the San Francisco / Bay Area.

Nancy's office was very excited to be helping out with the casting needs of Pwned! They cast for films, commercials, industrials, voiceovers and print. They've worked on such films as ScreamToy StoryInterview with the VampireHigh CrimesMrs. Doubtfire, and more.



A good producer should have enough confidence to make important decisions and defend them, but should not be afraid of drudge work. That's our Hannah. The first and most important skill you need as a producer is organization. They keep director's who are bustling with creativity, but can't find their cars keys, in line.

Producers make sure that films run smoothly in all details, and take responsibility for everything. From organizing creation and handout of flyers for the IndieGoGo to contacting locations for shooting, Hannah is already an integral part of the Pwned! team.

Reviewed and evaluated by accredited film professors, Hannah has shot, edited, and produced submissions for "Master Chef" and "The Amazing Race," as well as four documentaries of her own.

Born 1966. Freelance illustrator, cartoonist. Lecturer for storyboard at the Bildkunst Akademie Hamburg for many years. He regularly draws cartoons for Financial Times Germany and various professional journals. For more than 20 years now, he works as a freelance illustrator for advertising agencies, film productions and publishing houses. Since 1996, he develops the so-called Cartonism, his plastic works made of cardboard.

Brian has been in the entertainment industry for seven years, having worked at Sony, Lucas Arts, Electronic Arts, and Trion Worlds. He has worked on such epic titles as Rock Band, The Force Unleashed II, RIFT, The Godfather, Deadspace, as well as the Playstation 3 system.


What can you do if you are unable to back the project?

Spread the word! Even projects of this magnitude will never get off the ground without word of mouth. You can be just as much benefit to the project as a backer. Post the link to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. You'd be surprised how much that can do!

* Please note that while we will turn in names for the Pwned! IMDB page as soon as the IndieGoGo has completed, it may take IMDB up to two to three weeks to process the information and for it to be visible.

** All images and videos used with permission. A very Special Thanks to Century Media, Roadrunner Records, Arri, Grumpy Panda, A Sound of Thunder, and Freddie Wong for allowing the use of their videos.


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