PUSH: The first fitness tracking device that measures strength

A ground-breaking device designed to optimize your training by analyzing and tracking your movement at the gym.
Toronto, Ontario
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Force, power, velocity. Decades of research in sport science have established that these three metrics lay at the core of strength training. PUSH is the first fitness device that allows you to track and analyze these metrics, ensuring that your training is optimized. 

How does it work? PUSH tracks how your body is performing at a certain weight and provides insights to help you optimize the load. Not moving the bar fast enough? Lower the weight. Not showing signs of fatigue two sets in? Change the weight.  PUSH allows you to push your body to its true potential, using meaningful metrics, and get stronger over time while minimizing the chance of injury that can set you back.

PUSH does more: use your iPhone or Android device to create or download routines, or just walk into the gym and train. You set your training goals and PUSH provides feedback on your movement. PUSH will take your training to the next level. You can also plan your training program, track your progress over time, and share it with friends. Using PUSH, you'll get more out of your training. 

"PUSH is hoping to add some professionalism to what is essentially an amateur space." – Techcrunch

"New fitness tracker helps athletes push their limits at the gym." – Mashable

"PUSH has gained interest from dozens of top-tier athletes, trainers, and teams in the NFL, NHL, MLB, European soccer leagues, and MMA leagues. But if you lift weights and want to ensure that you’re lifting them the way you should, PUSH will help keep you on track." – Greatist

"Knowing your strengths, weaknesses and limits at the gym can be tricky [...] That's where PUSH, a brand new wearable fitness monitor, comes to the rescue." – Askmen

Whether you train alone or with a coach, PUSH has you covered. Press GO to start training or use a scheduled routine, PUSH will start tracking what matters.

PUSH detects reps, sets and extract, from each rep, scientifically-validated metrics that can tell you if you're lifting too much or too little. You can gauge your performance based on the velocity of each rep or your peak power output. These metrics have been utilized for decades by elite athletes to gauge their performance improvements over time. Now, it's your turn.

Training isn't as much fun alone: share your routines with friends (and enemies). Wear your badges and new personal records. Display your achievements with pride - you earned them.

Planning an athlete's regimen in spreadsheets can be a real pain. The PUSH Portal is the perfect solution to help you better manage, track, and optimize your client's training whether they're training at the gym or on the road, in-season or off-season.

Want to learn more? Check out our awesome infographics in the gallery!

We've tested the output of our device against some of the leading tools available for sport science researchers and our initial results look great (see for yourself below). Our device produces comparable results to force plates, an advanced research tool used by sport scientists to conduct studies, on athlete performance. Force plates cost thousands of dollars and require significant know-how to operate; our device only costs $149 and is easy to use.

We're currently in contact with several world-renowned sport scientists who have expressed interest in collaborating on research studies using PUSH. We're thrilled by the results so far and look forward to working with researchers in the field of strength training. If you're a sport scientist who is interested in working with us on testing PUSH, please get in touch with us at info@pushstrength.com

With PUSH, the app is completely free and accessible via Android and iPhone apps. You can even download the app and use it as a manual entry fitness tracking app.

After PUSH ships, we'll be adding optional portal access to trainers and athletes at a small premium. Some of the perks on the campaign include free and limited subscription to this portal service. Updates to the app and portal are always free. 

We currently have a working prototype and we're now focused on: 

  • Miniaturizing the electronics and design of the enclosure
  • Testing usability of our mobile app
  • Adding more exercises to our database

We will soon begin the process of: 

  • Finalize production run designs
  • Getting consumer electronics certifications
  • Tooling, packaging, and production

We've been working on PUSH for a year and we've come a long way. We need your support in helping bring PUSH to the millions of athletes that rely on subjective methods of tracking training. With your help, we can build a community around PUSH that is passionate about data, sport science, and improving their strength in an efficient and safe manner. 

So why should you support us? 

  • Be the first to get one.
  • Take your training to the next level.
  • You are passionate about strength training and want to improve your performance.


1a: When I receive my device, how do I get started?

Pair the device via Bluetooth with your smartphone, create your athlete profile and GO.

1b: I am a coach/trainer, how many devices do I need?

Depends on the size of your team/group. Our device has been optimized for individual use and we do recommend that you issue one per athlete so that you can keep track of their training regardless of when they choose to train.

1c: Can I wear multiple devices at once and retrieve more in-depth data?

Currently, only 1 unit can be worn during training but we do plan to test how multiple units can potentially provide a more comprehensive feedback on the quality of movement. Stay tuned!

1d: I train many athletes at the same time (each with a unit), how can I keep track of them all at once?

You can see the data instantly on your iPad through our web portal for all of your athletes.

1e: Does the armband come in different sizes?

The PUSH Band comes in S, M, L and it is equipped with a Velcro strap that is easily adjustable to fit your arm. We also offer a waist-band for professional athletes interested in tracking body movement in specific exercises.

1f: How do I clean my armband?

The PUSH Band is easily cleaned with mild soap and warm water, it's machine washable and antibacterial. Just remember to remove the unit before cleaning the band.

2a: When will my product arrive?

We aim to ship by April-May 2014.

2b: What are the shipping costs?

Add $15 for shipping to USA and Canada, $25 for international shipping.

2c: What if I live outside the US or Canada?

We're working diligently on certifying our device for international use but we do anticipate some delays in shipping internationally. Please contact us for more information at info@pushstrength.com

3a: How long does the battery last for?

We designed the battery to last for 6-8 hours of active time, covering an average weeks’ worth of exercises before needing a recharge.

3b: If connection is lost, will it keep the data until connection is reset?

Yes, we've designed The PUSH Band so that no data is lost in case the connection to your phone is dropped. Plus, the PUSH Band will let you know if the connection is ever lost by flashing the indicator light.

3c: Can I upload my current excel data to PUSH's database?

Yes we can do custom integration with existing platforms, please contact us for further details.

3d: How exactly are you measuring Force?

We measure force by processing accelerometer/gyroscope data through a collection of custom algorithms. These algorithms are specifically-designed for each exercise so that we can give detailed and accurate feedback on your training performance.

4a: Is my data secure?

All of your data is stored on our secure servers, we use a cloud platform that hosts data for some of the top Fortune 500 companies. Ultimately, your data is yours to own and you can remove it from our servers at any point.

5a: Can I cancel my pre-order?

We'd be sad to see you go but all you need to do is forward your pre-order confirmation email to info@pushstrength.com with a simple request to cancel.

5b: What is the difference between PUSH Prime and Strength?

There is no difference other than the discounted price. PUSH Prime is our way of thanking our first loyal supporters who back our campaign.

5c: Does PUSH come with a warranty?

Yes, the PUSH Band comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Get in touch with us for more information.

5d: How can I get in touch?

You can email us at info@pushstrength.com, our team will be more than happy to help.

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    Meet the team!

    You and a friend will join the PUSH Team on a Toronto strength training journey! We'll tour several of the advanced research labs and institutes where we conduct our tests and you will spend time with our lead scientist Matt Kuzdub, working with PUSH to be one of the first to measure their strength using our device. We'll fly you in to Toronto from anywhere in the world! Of course, you'll also get a free PUSH Band.

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