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The greatest video game player of all time returns to pwn n00bs... and if he's not too busy, change the world while he's at it.
Jarett Cale
2 Team Members

JAN 7, 2013

We've begun a weekly streaming session to keep everyone up-to-date on the movie's progress and have ourselves some fun while we're at it.  Our next stream goes live at 11:00am on January 9th. If you miss it live, you can always check out the VOD afterwards. The date/time of the next stream can always be seen on our twitch channel page.

We're upgrading our streaming setup and will offer HD to our pledgers in the near future. Don't miss out!


NOV 20, 2012

Did you miss the campaign?  Still want one of the perks? Contributions can still be made via PayPal. Our PayPal email address is noobstore@purepwnage.com 


We've added an optional Blu-ray substitution to all tiers including a DVD ($50 or greater)!  In order to swap out your DVD in exchange for a Blu-ray:

1. Add an additional $5 to your pledge.

2. Write an email to noobstore@purepwnage.com with the subject line "BLU-RAY UPGRADE!" or similar. Include your name (the name of the person who made the pledge) and date of your pledge(s).

If you've already made your pledge, don't worry. Simply make a second pledge for exactly $5 and then write the email. We'll take care of it.


If you want to upgrade your pledge, simply make a second pledge in the amount of the difference (without selecting a new tier) and then write an email to noobstore@purepwnage.com explaining your upgrade and we'll take care of it on the back-end!

Example: you pledged $25 last week and now you want the $50 tier + Blu-ray option. Make a second pledge for $30 ($25 difference + $5 blu-ray upgrade cost), don't select a tier, and write us. Don't forget that if you live outside the USA and Canada an additional $8 is required to cover international shipping expenses on all tiers $50 and above.

EZPZ! Thanks for the support!

In 2004, with the aid of a borrowed palmcorder from the University of Toronto, Jarett Cale and Geoff Lapaire created one of the world's first Internet TV series: "Pure Pwnage", an episodic, television-length, fictional documentary about the greatest video game player on Earth, "Jeremy", seen through the lens of his film-school-student brother, "Kyle". What started as a hobby project intended for a few hundred fellow Command & Conquer addicts went on to collect hundreds of millions of views and help shape Internet gaming culture.  BOOM HEADSHOT!!

If you're not familiar with our previous work or the enthusiasm of our fans, a great place to start would be watching this video.

The web series ran from 2004-2008, prior to being picked up for broadcast on Canadian television. In 2010 its network home underwent a re-branding and despite the show's critical acclaim (nominated for Best Comedy Series, Best Writing in a Comedy Series and Best Directing in a Comedy Series) and healthy viewership, it was not renewed.

We've made web episodes with a budget of ten dollars. We've made TV episodes with a budget of a million. We've had the incredible opportunity to engage in all elements and mediums of video creation... except one.

We want to make a movie. But not just any movie, we want to make THE gamer movie, the one that finally does justice to online gaming and Internet culture on the big screen. We feel that Hollywood has continually (and often epically) failed to deliver on this front. So we want to pwn Hollywood like somebody's mom playing Call of Duty and we need your help to do it.


We're asking for at least $75,000 from our Internet supporters to get the project off the ground. This is less than half the budget we need to accomplish what we have in mind, but it's a great start.  In truth, the movie will scale linearly in awesomeness with its budget. The more we raise, the more places we can bring our characters (I'm looking at you, South Korea), the more characters we can have involved, and the more we can do with them. 

A lot has changed in Internet video content and delivery these past eight years. Now there's YouTube. Now "web series" is a household term, and not something requiring explanation after each use. And a lot has changed in the competitive gaming scene too. While eSports was in its infancy at the show's outset, in the last few years the competitive gaming scenes have seen phenomenal growth thanks to titles like Blizzard's Starcraft 2, Riot Games' League of Legends and Valve's DotA 2, along with live streaming services like Twitch.tv and own3d.tv. In order to maintain the cultural authenticity that helped make Pure Pwnage so popular, and bring it to the production level you'd expect from a world-class film, we feel it's necessary to take our characters out into the world abroad, particularly to a country called South Korea, where currently the world's best gamers reside and train.

Making movies isn't cheap. For comparison, our hopeful minimum budget is less than 2% of Hollywood's "Grandma's Boy".


One of the most common discussions amongst our fans is which format was better for Pure Pwnage. Those who prefer the free-form, loosely structured nature of the web series will be happy to know that we do, too, and that's why we're basing the movie entirely off of the web universe.

The tone, style and characters in the film will be derived from the web property. We're going back to our roots. The timeline in the film starts a few years after we left our characters in episode 18. A lot has happened to them since then, and we look forward to creating not only their future, but revealing some of their missing past. The movie will provide us an opportunity to tie up some of the loose ends from the web series and move our characters forward into the uncharted territory of 2013.


Talk about it. Tell your friends. The more people that know about the project, the greater our chances of reaching and exceeding our goal and making the movie of our dreams.

In fact, tell US too! If you've been inspired by Pure Pwnage, have a great story to tell about watching it with your friends, or if you just feel you're the biggest Pure Pwnage fan in the world, let us know. Record yourself, upload the video to Youtube, and email the link to us. Following a successful campaign we'll be awarding one lucky fan the chance to come to Toronto, hang out with the crew and see a private screening of the film prior to its theatrical premiere. Email entries to: noobschoolbus@purepwnage.com

Interested in contacting us regarding sponsorships or other boring business stuff? Please email us at: business@purepwnage.com

To help share the word about the project, Indiegogo has included some awesome tools, so use them!


NOV 19, 2012

Join us live for the final hours of the campaign.

NOV 18, 2012 - The FINAL day!

This is it! Today is the last chance to help fund what is obviously going to be teh best movie ever made.

Join us tonight on stream and celebrate with us. It all starts with the FOGL event, details here: http://www.bellaliant.net/FOGL

From the bottom of our Canadian hearts - THANK YOU!!

NOV 13, 2012 - The home stretch!

It's been an amazing campaign, exceeding expectations the whole way through, and it all ends at midnight PST this coming Sunday the 18th.  To celebrate, we're going to spend the last hours of the campaign live on stream,  talking with fans and maybe even trying to teach Kyle how to play LoL.

The 18th will kick off with Jarett hosting the highlight show for the upcoming Bell Aliant sponsored Frag for Charity event "The FibreOp Gaming League".  More details can be found here: http://www.bellaliant.net/FOGL .  Immediately following the event, Geoff will join in and we'll begin our official countdown stream.  Good times will be had!

NOV 8, 2012:

Although we totally didn't see it coming, we've crushed the $150,000 mark and officially DOUBLED our goal!  In celebration of this momentous campaign landmark, we dug even deeper through the archives and found one more previously unreleased clip from episode 19. At over six minutes long, this scene was a significant chunk of the episode's middle act.

With only 10 days left, we're in the home stretch!  To amplify the epicness of the campaign's ending, we're going to host a countdown streaming session on Sunday, November 18th.  Stay tuned for more details!


OCT 31, 2012

We've crushed the $140,000 mark and have nearly doubled our initial goal! Because sometimes text just isn't enough, we thought we'd say thanks in video form.

To celebrate the big $150,000 milestone, we've got more archived footage coming your way. In the meantime, spread the word and get excited!

OCT 11, 2012:

In celebration of breaking the $130,000 mark, we've released the 'Tag' scene from the unreleased Episode 19 of the Pure Pwnage web series!  You can check it out here.

We'll be releasing another video around this time next week.  Instead of more archived footage, we thought we'd get back in front of the camera to thank you all for the incredible support we've received so far and maybe tell some Pure Pwnage stories while we're there...


OCT 2, 2012:

$120,000!!  The pwnage continues.  As promised, we did more sifting through our archives and dug up our first (and only) Jeremy and Kyle shoutcast from way back in May 2004, shortly after the very first web episode of Pure Pwnage was released online.  You can check out the video here. Be warned, there was some revelry that night and the language is NSFW, but all in good fun.

We've got a lot more to dig through and look forward to celebrating the $130,000 mark with another video.  Keep spreading the word!

SEPT 25, 2012:

In celebration of breaking the $100,000 barrier, we've uploaded a previously unreleased audio recording from our archives to our YouTube channel. You can check it out here.

I wonder what $120,000 will bring...

SEPT 20, 2012:

In just 24 hours we've managed to exceed our initial goal and are well on our way to fully crowd-funding the definitive, best ever ever gamer movie. From the entire crew: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

This is only the beginning. Every dollar helps make this movie spank Hollywood even harder. Who knows, with enough resources, maybe we'll be able to cast some of the biggest baddasses on planet Earth...  like this guy:

Hey, we can dream, can't we?

<3 <3 <3

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