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Feeding the Body, Mind and Soul...

...theyʼre all essential to human happiness...and that intersection is where I live. Iʼve never shied away from digging in deep or sharing with friends and strangers exactly what I intuitively feel about whatʼs happening in their lives, and sometimes my advice is something as simple as where to enjoy their next meal.

For the past 20 years, Iʼve worked in television, radio and film...and now I'm bringing you something personal by combining my career with my love of astrology and culinary culture. This combination has never been explored before and will enable me to occupy a new, unique position in todayʼs media landscape. 

How Pure Pollino was Born:

This is not a pie-in-the-sky show. It's grounded, gregarious, thought-provoking conversation and connection. Sixteen years ago, I went through a very dark time, when I lost a significant relationship. It felt like a Mack truck hit me, and climbing back has been one of the biggest struggles of my life. The second struggle was financial - I recently made a major move across the country because my success on paper didn't translate to my bank account. I have always looked to astrology to find my way, and through the years it has offered me comfort and direction, much like the moments of kinship with friends over a meal. Recently I had a PURE moment out at dinner when I found myself holding court, sharing insights on astrology and my latest culinary adventures. Oysters were on the menu, but each person was hungry for the “pearl”...what I saw in their charts about life, love, family and career. Everything that Iʼve learned along the way for myself flowed into others. It was AMAZING!!! And this is how Pure Pollino was born. 

A Taste of Pure Pollino:

If you've watched the video above, you've had a taste of Pure Pollino. Now I invite you to listen to a full show at this link: https://soundcloud.com/michelle-pollino/pure-pollino-pilot or visit our website at purepollino.com.

  Live Promote Sample

Show Format:

Twice a week, Pure Pollino will bring you special guests from the kitchens of the best restaurants from around the globe, and then bring on listeners to share reviews. The second hour will feature gifted astrologers, intuitives and spiritual thinkers from around the world who will take your calls LIVE. 

I've partnered with Universal Broadcasting Network Radio to air Pure Pollino because of our united vision! UBN Radio has over 600,000 listeners and is heard in over 91 countries each week. Their commitment to cutting-edge multimedia (Radio, Video & On-Demand Podcasts) that entertains, inspires and educates around the globe gives you multiple opportunities to experience the show. Watch and listen livelisten on-demand on UBN.com, or tune in via mobile app on IHeartradio or the UBN Radio app. 

Michelle and Rachel talk Astrology

Me and Rachel Lang on the air talking about astrology.

Michelle dining

Afternoon soiree in Silver Lake, California.

Unique Opportunity for Everyone:

You have an opportunity to get in on the ground level of something spectacular. My outgoing personality combined with UBNʼs GLOBAL platform, plus YOU, are a match made in heaven. Together we will be purposeful leaders, connecting to discuss topics that make a difference. This is just the beginning! I hope to expand the show and connect you with global leaders and entertainers. I’ll incorporate my 20 years of news reporting into thought-provoking conversations that will engage us all. Putting it out into the Universe…I’d love to bring you Marianne Williamson, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Wendy Davis, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Ralph Reed, Bill Maher, Ellen DeGeneres, Martin Scorsese, Alan Ball, Sandra Bullock, Tina Fey, Hillary Clinton, Steven Covey, Robin Sharma, Brene Brown and Louise Hay.

In gratitude for your contribution, I'm offering one-of-a-kind perks such as a private astrological reading from me, Michelle Pollino, or Rachel Lang at a special campaign rate, a t-shirt designed by Valerie Madden Creative, and gourmet delights from Miss Lillyʼs Trading Company and Cuvaison Estate Wine. Keep checking back! As the word gets out, my hope is to add restaurant vouchers and other culinary experiences to the gift bag at the PURE cocktail party. Trust me, this party will be one to remember!

2 ways you can help...

1. Contribute financially and receive perks.

2. Spread the word and make some noise via social media.

Pure Tee design:

Pure Pollino T-Shirt

T-Shirt design by Valerie Madden. (Please note: image shown is a mockup)


Where the Money Goes:

If we meet our initial goal, funds raised will cover the BASIC EXPENSES for a two-hour show twice a week for six months. This includes production of the show (salaries, studio and equipment rental, graphic design and marketing) and efforts to build our audience, which will attract advertisers and secure the long-term viability of the show.

Stretch Goals:

Ideally weʼd like to raise more money, because the numbers weʼve presented are the “start-up” funds and donʼt cover all the time, talent and costs related to the show, so weʼve set some stretch goals, to catapult us forward.

Raise over $50,000 Compensate the Pure Pollino campaign team appropriately (web designer, graphic designer, photographer, copywriters, video personnel and producers).

Raise over $60,000 - Hire a social media guru to help me connect with listeners daily, promote the show and act as liaison for long-term sustainability and growth.

Raise over $70,000 Increase the showʼs production to 9 months, and hire “freelance foodies” in integral cities like Paris, London, Tokyo, Vancouver, NYC, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Philadelphia to share their culinary experiences on-air.

Raise over $80,000 - Salaries will be paid according to industry standards and we can hire a producer.

Raise over $100,000 - Increase production to 12 months or four days a week.

Raise over $200,000 - Research cloning Valerie and Michelle so Pure Pollino can reach a bigger audience, allowing me to fulfill my BIG dreams of doing this full-time. page6image19992page6image20152page6image20312page6image20472page6image20632page6image20792page6image20952page6image21112page6image21272page6image21432page6image21592page6image21752page6image21912  page6image22552

The Impact:

Making this campaign successful will add a unique street-savvy voice to the growing global spiritual community. With the audience reach of internet radio and webcasting, we now have unlimited potential to help each other achieve our dreams and share our gifts. Pure Pollino will enable me to touch people's lives in ways that could never happen on terrestrial radio...unless I were Oprah..and, well...I'm not. Yet. :)


Special Thanks:

This campaign wouldn't be possible without our friends and sponsors. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! Click on each word below which are hyperlinked to find out more about what they can offer YOU!

Miss Lilly's Trading Company

Give the gift that lights up faces of all ages. Who can resist yummy gourmet cookies and brownies? Check out the delectable selection of cookie gift tins ORDERED ONLINE and delivered to the office or home for any occasion.

Cuvaison Estate Wines


Rachel Lang

Natalia Knezevic Photography

Corp Shorts

Valerie Madden Creative


Visit Michelle's website: purepollino.com

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    You believe in Michelle and the Pure Pollino show! Plus you get a cool T-Shirt designed by Valerie Madden Creative.

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    Receive a personalized astrological chart reading from MICHELLE via email giving insights on one question of your choice.

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    Receive a 45-minute personalized intuitive reading from RACHEL LANG via SKYPE.

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    Michelle will personally promote you, your product, film, show or restaurant on the show.

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    Join Michelle as cohost talking about the topic of your choice. Promote yourself, your product, film, show or restaurant, or just chat about your passion. PLUS choice of face-to-face astro reading on the show or in private, and a Pure T-Shirt.

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    You +1 will join Michelle and special guests at an exclusive Pure Pollino party held in Los Angeles. PLUS a Pure Gift Bag with Pure T-Shirt, Miss Lilly Cookie Gift Tin, bottle of Cuvaison Estate Wine and voucher to redeem a Pure Astro reading of your choice. (Travel not included)

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    Receive all of the following: PURE Cohost, PURE Promotion on another day when you're not cohosting, PURE Hollywood cocktail party (gift bag at event), Pure T-Shirt and voucher to redeem a Pure Astro reading of your choice.

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    PURE Angel - You're in tune with the vision of Pure Pollino and are excited to come in at the ground level. Plus you are welcome to ALL or your choice of the perks offered.

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