A punk rock mix tape tribute to the energy and confusion of adolescence in 1980s, produced by The World's Stage Theatre Company

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by Gregory S. Moss, directed by Fly Steffens

produced by The World's Stage Theatre Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sept 6th-8th in the basement of Cream City Collectives in Riverwest (click HERE for tickets to the CCC show, and check out the promo video HERE)

September 13th-15th at Bucketworks in Walker's Point (click HERE for tickets to the Bucketworks show, and check out this other promo video HERE)

Closing Night afterparty with food, a raffle, and live Milwaukee punk bands after the show on September 15th!

Featuring: Liz Leighton, Emily Rindt, Tim Palecek, and Chen Chen

A history of America in the 1980s, an idiosyncratic genealogy of punk rock music, and a personal narrative of growing up as an outsider, punkplay is a mix tape tribute to the excesses and energy of adolescence. Mickey, a thirteen-year-old suburban mist, is befriended by an angry runaway named Duck. Together, they boys attempt to reinvent themselves using punk rock, but as reality threatens to crash in on them, their fabricated world of amped-up music and shocking band names becomes just as oppressive as the society they're desperate to reject.

Our rehearsals start in August, and we are utilizing our event 

BUDGET to be funded by this fundraising campaign:

  • Space - $350 (Split between The CCC and Bucketworks) Supporting our production also supports these event spaces, as they will use the money we pay them to continue their artistic and activist missions!
  • Printing Costs - $150 (Programs, Advertising, Supplemental and Rehearsal materials) We want to get people as excited about the project as we are by being able to create posters and other advertising materials, having programs where we can thank all of our generous donors. We also want to make the program a great take-away item for the audience by putting in some punk rock art and history!
  • Props/Costumes - $250 - Duck and Mickey might scoff at the idea of Punk Rock being a fashion statement, but we want to make sure our actors look good. A leather jacket, a prom dress, hair dye, and ROLLERSKATES are just a few of the items we need (bought used from thrift stores). There is an extensive prop list that includes massive amounts of records, tape cassettes, and comic books - as well as a model of a space shuttle, several puppets, and a rubber Ronald Reagan mask...

We're really excited to feature these up-and-coming actors in this production, housed in intimate and non-traditional theatre spaces, with a new play and original music!

Learn more about The World's Stage Theatre Company by visiting http://www.facebook.com/worldsstagetheatre

 To find out more about Cream City Collectives, please visit: http://creamcitycollectives.wordpress.com/

To find out more about Bucketworks, please visit: http://bucketworks.org/

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