PulseOn - we make heart rate monitoring easier than ever!

PulseOn measures your heart rate reliably and accurately from your wrist, without the need for a chest belt, allowing you to get the most out of your training.
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PulseOn – We make heart rate monitoring easier than ever!

PulseOn is a wrist based optical heart rate monitor which brings you a combination of comfort and ease-of-use like you’ve never seen before, to make heart rate monitoring easier than ever. Our small and stylish wrist device measures your heart rate accurately and reliably from your wrist, without the need for a chest belt, allowing you to get the most out of your training. Combined with meaningful insights during and after training, it truly is the world’s easiest heart rate monitoring device, allowing you to optimize your training and maximize the effect. 

PulseOn’s proprietary optical heart rate sensor technology is based on our innovation for multiwavelenght measurement. Combined with our highly sophisticated algorithms to extract and analyze heart rate in a wide range of conditions, PulseOn monitors your heart rate continuously during your training events but also beyond. With wireless connectivity to mobile applications, we transform the heart rate data into meaningful feedback on your training, making it truly personalized. PulseOn tells you what your heart rate really means.

PulseOn story

PulseOn was created after the realization of the mismatch between the enormous value of heart rate monitoring in various use cases from fitness to wellness and health, and on the other hand the lousy user experience that traditional heart rate monitors offer. The traditional chest belts are uncomfortable and actually offer only limited insight into your training – for an average user the plain heart rate graphs and averages don't make much sense! The innovation for an accurate and reliable optical heart rate sensor to be worn on the wrist took place years ago within Nokia and resulted in a spin-off in November 2012 when PulseOn was founded by our five key team members with world-class expertise in all functional areas to be able to make their vision of the world’s easiest heart rate monitoring reality. 

Since then, our growing team of experts in sensor technology, physiology, algorithms and mobile technology have been working hard to bring our innovation to market which is now only inches away! PulseOn has been designed and developed in Finland where our team of 13 people are now beyond excited to finally see the vision become reality.

What makes us unique?

PulseOn has created a proprietary sensor solution using multiple wavelenghts of light combined with a unique sensor design to measure your blood flow from different depths of skin tissue. This makes PulseOn able to measure heart rate accurately and reliably in a wide variety of conditions and use cases. Together with intelligent algorithms and patented mechanical design allowing for the device to fit your wrist flawlessly and comfortably, PulseOn can monitor your heart rate accurately even at highest running speeds and across multiple cardio-intensive sports. Its accuracy is comparable to chest strap based monitors while its comfort is equal to a wrist band! For the first time, you can truly replace your chest belt.

No need for a chest strap

PulseOn brings you the ultimate comfort and style in heart rate monitoring, with accurate and reliable continuous heart rate monitoring during your training events but also beyond!

Meaningful insights

We transform the accurate heart rate data into meaningful feedback on your training to allow you to understand the effect of training on your body and optimize your training. We tell you what your heart rate means and transform the information into easily actionable feedback, whether you are an athlete or a beginner. We'll also be there to coach you towards your next fitness level.

Small and stylish design

No more bulky devices! PulseOn is stylish and comfortable with perfected dimensions weighing less than 30 grams (~1 ounce). Its ultra-comfortable strap allows PulseOn to find an optimal fit no matter what size or shape your wrist is, and allows your skin to breathe without getting irritated even in continuous use. It truly is the most stylish device out there!

Wireless connectivity

Automatic syncing with apps on iOS and Android via Bluetooth offering you easily accessible feedback. If you wish, you can also sync the accurate heart rate data from your PulseOn wrist device with your favorite apps with our open API profile. 

PulseOn features

PulseOn heart rate wrist band is not only small and unbelievably stylish but also incredibly simple to use, providing you with important information during your training. In Sports mode, you can track during your training event and understand what is the effect of the session on your fitness in real-time, as it accumulates. In addition, your PulseOn shows you other informative details of your on-going workout.  After your training event, you can check your heart rate at any time on your wrist device and also wear it as a watch in the standard mode.

The design of PulseOn has been a core focus in our development also to overcome the bulky and technical feel of heart rate monitoring devices. Instead we've gone for the sleek, sexy and stylish design that has also been awarded with the Design From Finland trademark! Due to its lightweight design and elegant materials, it is also highly comfortable to wear both on and off training events.

After your training event, your PulseOn will automatically sync the details of the session with your iOS or Android mobile application, offering you full details about the event. Our application is designed specifically to provide you with meaningful information on the training session and your fitness, rather than merely showing heart rate graphs and curves. We transform the accurate continuous heart rate data gathered by your PulseOn device into easily understandable and actionable information on the effect of specific training sessions all the way to coaching you towards your next fitness level. You can go deeper into the details on specific training sessions or check your training history and summaries of your training sessions on monthly, weekly and even yearly basis. 

What's more, all the information is truly individual and specific to your own fitness level which we automatically determine based on our in-built fitness test automatically estimating your VO2max (i.e. maximal oxygen consumption, the golden standard for fitness level). With PulseOn you can truly see the effect of training on your fitness and how it develops over time. You can get a deeper view into the key analytics provided by PulseOn on our website.

PulseOn is offered in two stylish variants, beautiful Cloud and dramatic Coal. With easily changeable straps, available in our webstore upon first PulseOn deliveries, you can also personalize your device with additional colors. First additional colors available are the energetic Acid and modern Midnight with the introduction of new seasonal colors based on your feedback. The straps also come in two different sizes, for smaller and larger wrists with both sizes included in your PulseOn device package to find the perfect fit for you.


Your blood flows everywhere in your body. When you are feeling hot the blood flows on very surface of your skin while in colder conditions your blood flows in deeper layers.  PulseOn is based on our patented optical sensor includes different wavelenghts of light which illuminate your skin in different depths and a photodetector to detect the tiny modulations of light intensity caused by pulsatile flow of blood in the tissue. With our unique sensor design and algorithms, we can dynamically always select the optimal signal in different depths of skin to get your heart rate reliably in a wide range of conditions. This is at the heart of PulseOn's innovation!

Our intelligent algorithms reject disturbances caused by movements and detect the tiny modulations caused by blood flow to optimize the measurement depth dynamically to best detect your heart rate in different conditions. The technology is validated to perform as accurately as traditional chest strap based heart rate monitors in various sports, from walking to running and cycling, in different conditions and speeds up to highest performance levels. In addition, you can also continuously monitor your heart rate outside your training events. You can find more detailed technical information on our website.

PulseOn will not only bring you the most comfort and style for continuous heart rate monitoring during your training sessions but also beyond!

Accuracy and performance

We apply the strictest scientific standards to our measurement technology's accuracy and reliability. From the start, we set a goal to ourselves to be able to offer leading edge accuracy and reliability with our sensor technology, meeting chest belt level performance during various sports but also offering the most reliable results outside training events, even up to beat-to-beat accuracy during rest. 

PulseOn's performance has been tested in various cardio-intensive sports, from biking to walking to running etc, from lower intensities to the highest performance speeds. The performance has been validated against ECG which is the golden standard for heart rate monitoring in medical use. This all is done so that you can truly replace your chest belt with full confidence!

Below, you can see some reference measurements from our tests against medical level ECG with PulseOn's performance correlating with incredible accuracy across different activities. 

PulseOn in media

We encourage you to take a look at our social channels (Facebook,Twitter) where we are continually posting news pieces on PulseOn but you can also take a look here at the rave reviews we've been garnering already!

PulseOn was awarded with Best in Show Award at CE week in New York the last week of June! See our CEO Tero receiving the award here!

  PulseOn #BestinShow at CE Week!

Here's also an interview we did with Andrea Smith at the event, check it out!

"We've spent some time with the PulseOn too, and can report that not only does it do a good job of constantly measuring your heart rate (thanks to the snugness of its elasticated fabric strap), but it's accurate too."

See Stuff coverage here!

"While smartwatches and fitness trackers are taking the tech world by storm, PulseOn aims to put a dent in the competition’s numbers."

See the Android Guys review of our beta device and app here!

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PulseOn team

We are so lucky to have a fantastically talented and driven team who all share the common vision to making heart rate monitoring easier than ever. Whether from world-class app development for superior user experiences to building the most sophisticated optical heart rate sensor, our team has what it takes. Right now the team is getting unbelievably fit for the summer, with all the on-going testing taking us from forest paths to hills and tracks. Follow our team's ventures on our social channels for a sneak peak to the HQ!

Executive team

Tero Mennander – CEO / Co-Founder

Having worked as a venture financing partner and is several international roles, joined Nokia to lead their Business Development in 2007. During his tenure in the company, Tero created the product concept and initiated the program innovation for an accurate and reliable optical heart rate monitoring wrist device, which would later be spun out to become the core of PulseOn.

Professor Ilkka Korhonen – Head of Science / Co-Founder

With 20+ years of experience in research and development, biomedical engineering and health IT, Ilkka has a strong influence and understanding of health sensors, wearable health devices, and the mHealth/eHealth community. Earlier Ilkka has been involved in the development of several other wrist based health monitoring devices and patient monitoring technologies from daily life to intensive care.

Ilkka co-founded PulseOn whilst working as a Professor in Information Technology for Healthcare at Tampere University of Technology, in Finland. He is an internationally recognized expert in personal health technology with over 150 publications and several patents in the field.

Kate Alhola – Head of Software / Co-Founder

Kate is an exceptional talent in software development across multiple platforms and has led extremely successful software projects in her past. She has strong embedded electronics, back-end and client software understanding from over 30 years of coding experience.

Jari Nousiainen – Head of Hardware / Co-Founder

With an impressive track-record in creating and innovating mobile consumer devices, Jari has gained world-class expertise in electronics and sensor technology. In addition, he has exceptional talent in miniaturization and power management, and has innovated 6 concepts leading to patents.

Karla Asikainen – Head of Sales and Marketing

Having built a health care sector start-up to impressive revenues in a course of a few years, Karla joined PulseOn in 2013 to start driving sales and marketing. She has had excellent achievements leading new business development and sales in a start-up, and has successful marketing management experience in international context. 


We are proud to be working with fantastic partners, allowing us to provide the best technology and analytics with PulseOn. 

Our analytics are powered by Firstbeat, allowing PulseOn to provide the world's leading edge insights into from the accurate heart rate data we can gather. Take a look at the key analytics on our website!


CSEM is a Swiss research and development organization with unparalleled expertise in the development of vital sign monitoring technologies. PulseOn has developed the most sophisticated measurement algorithms with CSEM to be able to extract the best signal quality and precision with our leading optical heart rate sensing technology. 

Become a part of the PulseOn tribe!

We need your help to get our final push to the market. Our device and application are both in the final stages of product development, and are currently going through beta testing. It has taken us multiple device builds, endless software releases and rigorous tuning to get to where we are now. PulseOn is getting rave reviews from our testers and is ready to be presented to you this September! To make our dream reality, we need your support to take us to mass production. 

In this campaign, we are seeking for USD 150.000 to help us start the serial production of our product and ask you to show your support to get our device from the R&D desk to reality! By contributing to our campaign, you will be receiving your own PulseOn device from the first mass production batch this September before its full availability, and be able to be proudly listed as a part of our PulseOn Tribe on our website. We will be delivering the devices in September even if the full funding amount is not reached.

We will keep you continually updated on the progress on our social channels and encourage you to give us feedback as we make our PulseOn even better. We are committed to making heart rate monitoring easier than ever and you are at the core of this promise. We would love to heart from you either on our social channels or in our mailbox info@pulseon.com. Please help us spread the news on the world's easiest heart rate monitoring and share the excitement! 


Here we are answering the questions we have received from you and please keep them coming to us at info@pulseon.com if you should have anything you want to run by us!

How is PulseOn's heart rate performance compared to traditional heart rate chest straps and to some earlier optical technologies in the market currently?

PulseOn's core is the incredibly accurate and reliable sensor technology which is different to what is currently out in the market. Our technology is able to determine your heart rate very accurately by dynamically measuring with different lights, position, powers and depths of your skin to always find an optimal signal. The issue with earlier optical technologies has been firstly their vulnerability to movement and limited operative ranges, thus limiting the use cases either to only resting heart rate or to monitoring only in very stable movement when your skin is warm. PulseOn has been able to overcome both these issues with our sensor technology and intelligent algorithms, for the first time bringing continuous heart rate monitoring with chest belt accuracy to sporting events in a wide range of sports and conditions. But what's more, for the first time we can accurately offer continuous heart rate monitoring also outside sporting events, even up to beat-to-beat accuracy. 

What does it mean to have continuous heart rate monitoring like PulseOn?

It is key to PulseOn to be able to monitor heart rate continuously as this is the only way to be able to lock into meaningful analytics on a person's heart rate behavior. With continuous heart rate data we are able to determine the full effect of training and truly tell you what your heart rate means. Up until now, it has only been possible to get accurate continuous heart rate data during your training with uncomfortable chest belts which have been only limited to this use case. With PulseOn, for the first time you can get very accurate and reliable heart rate data in a wide range of sports in various conditions and can also continue monitoring your heart rate after your training event. And all with an incredible stylish device!

There are a few devices in the market offering instantaneous heart rate, meaning features allowing you to check your heart rate at certain moments during your day. As the heart rate information is only limited to these certain specific moments, they are not able to give you insight into what does your heart rate mean, thus only being able to give you a crude number.

With continuous heart rate we can unlock incredible valuable information on how your body responds to different events and can offer a view into longer term development of your fitness. In addition, being able to accurate and reliably determine your heart rate already during training both in numeric terms but also seeing the accumulating effect of specific training sessions as you train, we can also help you optimize how you are training towards your fitness goals. 

Will I get my PulseOn if the funding goal for the campaign is not reached?

Yes! We will deliver all the devices ordered during the preorder campaign period by September 2014. We have the production capacity, slots and components already ordered and ready to go but need your help is showing the potential for the fantastic device we have built with our heart and soul. 

Is PulseOn waterproof?

Yes! PulseOn is waterproof until 1 meter and thus it is safe to shower with it and use it even in sports with splashing water. 

Will I be able to use PulseOn with my favorite sports app?

Yes! We will be offering an open API that can transmit the accurate heart rate data we gather through a Bluetooth profile to third party apps and devices. 

Is there a geographical limitation to where I can use the device?

No! We ship the devices globally and our devices can be taken into use anywhere as the charging clip is not specific to a certain socket but can be attached into any USB port. 

What is the strap of PulseOn made of?

The strap has been designed for the best comfort and fit available. It is made of elastic technical material that is resistant to dirt, water and sweat and is also washable. The straps are changeable too, offered both in two different lengths for a nice fit for the smallest to largest wrists (from 16 cm to 25 cm wrist circumference) and also in different colors for you to personalize your PulseOn to your favorite style!

What is the battery life of PulseOn?

The minimum battery life with one charging (one hour from empty to full with a USB charging clip) will be three full days. This includes one hour of use in sports mode everyday and 24/7 usage in standard mode cumulatively. The battery life is still being optimized and we are working hard to optimize each aspect of usage for you!

Do I need to have a phone with me I'm training?

No! One of the many benefits of PulseOn is that it works independently, storing all your training data onto the device memory and automatically syncs the details into the application when's you are close to your mobile device the next time. Thus there's no obligatory carrying your phone with you - now that's freedom!

Why should I preorder?

First of all, you will be receiving your product first before it is being delivered to anywhere else. Secondly, you will be ensuring that our dream becomes reality showing your support for PulseOn. Thirdly, this will be your chance to get your PulseOn with a great discount up to over 50 % (recommended retail price will be $199/199€/£179). Last but not least, you will be a part of making the world's easiest heart rate monitoring reality!

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