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Pub Pedals turn your Eggbeaters into regular pedals; they give you the freedom to ride your bike without the need for bike shoes.
Jeff Thom
Canmore, Alberta
6 Team Members

THANK YOU everyone that contributed, shared and pre-ordered!

Pub Pedals now available at: www.PubPedals.com

In addition to the Indiegogo site we also had some contributions and pre-orders come in offline.  All together it came to just over $10,000

The Short Story

Eggbeater pedals are awesome for mountain biking because their four-sided design makes them the easiest pedals to clip into on the trail. But the minimal design that makes them great on the trail is precisely what makes them painful for riding your bike to the pub, or to dinner with friends in your favorite pair of shoes.

We want you to enjoy comfortably biking over to the beach in your Birkenstocks or cruising to a yoga class in your flip-flops.

Pub Pedals are designed so that you can wear any footwear you like with your Eggbeaters and get a comfortable ride.

Say goodbye to the difficulty and discomfort of trying to ride on tiny little Eggbeaters without bike shoes! Just slide Pub Pedals on over your Eggbeaters, and you are ready to ride --- no matter what shoes you are wearing.

What’s the Secret?

When you slide the Pub Pedal onto your Eggbeater, the force activates the spring inside the Eggbeater to create tension, so that you get a nice secure fit.


Just over a year ago I took my hand-made wooden prototypes to a plastics manufacturer to make proper prototypes on their 3D printer. I then spent a little over one year and $15,000 on designing prototypes and patenting them. We have gone through several revisions. Each time we'd print a 3D prototype, we’d test it out and refine it as we tightened up the tolerances.

Where we’re at now:
We’re ready to make your pedals. The pedal you see in the video is a real, working prototype. The tool molds are cut and ready for production.

With your support, we can put Pub Pedals onto bikes worldwide. Your contribution will help cover the cost of:

  • Mold production
  • Completing the first production run


Basic Black

As Henry Ford said of the Model-T, “You can have any color you like; as long as it is black.”

Colors - Henry Ford may have been wrong . . .

That's right. Back in the day Henry Ford got his ass kicked by the competition due to his unwillingness to give his customers options.

The first question our friends would always ask upon seeing the pedals was: "What colors will they come in?"

So we thought we’d try not make the same mistake Henry did and test some colors with you during our Indiegogo launch.  colored Pub Pedals cost a little bit more due to the small production runs.  But if you love color, it’s worth it. If there is enough demand for a color, it’ll go into mass production. Otherwise, Pub Pedals of the future could follow the course the Model-T did: exclusively black.

The images below are a pretty decent representation of what the colors will actually look like; but they're not exact.

Just in case you feel the need to match your Pub Pedals with your Eggbeaters (or your bike) we are going to try offering: Yellow, Red, Blue, Black & Pink . . . Okay, so the pink Pub Pedals don’t actually match the Eggbeater 1. But we have had a lot of requests for pink.

Please Note: When you choose the colour option there isn’t actually a way to have the four options to choose from during the checkout. But close to the end of the campaign you’ll receive an email that will let you choose which of the four colours you would like.


Marbled - Only 4 pair available

When we change colors in production, multi-colored swirls will result in a completely unique set of pedals. If you want the only two-of-a-kind pedals, be the first to choose one of these combinations:

  • Pink & Black
  • Black & Red - SOLD
  • Red & Blue
  • Blue & Yellow - SOLD

Why are Pub Pedals Important?

One of the reasons that I created Pub Pedals was because I sometimes found myself driving my car to places that I would rather have biked to. But because I didn’t want to bother bringing a backpack & change of shoes, or be stuck wearing my bike shoes all night, I drove even though I wanted to bike!  

I’m all for more reasons to ride. It means cleaner air, saving money, avoiding aggravation.

Pub Pedals give you the ease, freedom, and comfort of biking in everyday shoes.

Think of it. When you just want to ride over to the beach...who wants to have to put on bike shoes?

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute financially, then please help spread the word:

  • Send this link to everyone you know who rides a bike.
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools located at the top of this page.
  • Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Call, email, send smoke signals ~ help get the word out!!


We are so sure that you will love your Pub Pedals that we’re offering a one-year satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Pub Pedals, send them within the first year for a replacement or full refund.

Simply put, we want you to be happy with your Pub Pedals.

 Shipping Info

Please remember to add international shipping cost to your contributions if you live outside if North America.  It isn't added on automaticly so you'll need to add the approperate amount.

All orders will ship by Feb. 28th at promised in the perk descriptions.  We might eveny to be able to ship them a little sooner!

 Media Coverage





Frequently Asked Questions

Will pub pedals fit on my Eggbeaters?
Yes, pub pedals will work with both new-style and old-style Eggbeater pedals. (see photo above)

What colors are pub pedals available in?
Yellow, Red, Blue, Black & Pink (see images above)

Can I ride these on trails?
No. It isn't a good idea. Pub Pedals are designed to be used for casual riding only. If you’re going to be on trails or pushing yourself, wear your bike shoes.

Can they slide off while riding?
As long as you're riding casually then they won’t go anywhere. However, they have been designed to be easy to slide on and off. So while very unlikely, if you make an effort to push out to the side just right, it is possible to get them to slide off.

Why do they slide onto some Eggbeaters more easily than others?
This is because the amount of spring tension is different across the different styles of Eggbeater pedals. We have found that the amount of spring tension varies with the different styles of Eggbeater. Therefore, your Pub Pedals will slide onto some more easier than others.

Why are pub pedals kinda thick and funny looking?
The thickness is due to the nature of the Eggbeater pedal.  Although Eggbeaters look really small and minimalist when you factor in the size of the wings they actually aren’t as small as they look.

We made pub pedals with the offset mirror image pattern to simplify the design, and to  prevent the treads from clogging up with snow (because hey, we like to ride all winter long and we live in the Rocky Mountains of Canada).

Why don't Pub Pedals have reflectors?
We did consider adding reflectors. But it was going to add too much to the start up cost. Later when sales are strong enough we might look at adding them on at some piont. The good news is that the sides of the Pub Pedals are smooth so you can easy stick on reflective tape. 3M sells some excellent quality reflective tape I've had on one my backpacks for almost 10 years.

What exactly are Pub Pedals made of?
If you want to get technical about it. Pub Pedals are being made with an engineered composite resin reinforced with a bit of glass fiber (think fiberglass). Which provides high impact tolerance with plenty strength, stiffness, a hard surface, and ability to handle continuous use and long-term stresses. These types of compounds are often used in automotive, and other heavy use utility products.  Basically this means they are made of a really strong high grade plastic.


Injection Molds are done and 2,500 sets of Pub Pedals will be made before the campaign is done.



PS. Eggbeaters are not included. However, if you don't already ride on Eggbeaters, but want to, you’re in luck because right now Crank Brothers are offering the Eggbeater 3 - at HALF PRICE!

Go to: http://www.crankbrothers.com/rt_ticket_add.php to learn more.

PPS. Pub Pedals are a product of Pub Pedals Inc. and are not associated with CrankBrothers in any way. These have been produced on our own and without association with CrankBrothers.  Eggbeater pedals are the copyright of CrankBrothers.

FYI: The song in the first part of the video is by The Eerie Green. You can hear more of their songs at: http://theeeriegreen.bandcamp.com/

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raised by 241 people in 29 days
40% funded
No time left
$20,000 CAD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on February 14, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $1CAD
    Warm Fuzzies

    You get that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart knowing that you helped me get the production going and contributed towards making Pub Pedals, possible.

    10 claimed
  • $15CAD
    Half . . .

    You get all of the above + ONE of the finished products. What on earth will you do with just one pedal you ask? Well, we have no idea. Which is why we recommend going with the $22+ rewards; because then you'll actually get a pair of Pub Pedals. But if you've only got fifteen bucks and want one for your coffee table so you can show your friends and say "look at this; my (friend, son, nephew, cousin) invented this" . . . well this option is here for you. Ship

    2 out of 250 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2013
  • $22CAD
    First 250 black - Save $5

    You're on the ball. For getting here first you are going to get a set of black Pub Pedals for only 22 bucks! There are only 250 available at this price so get‘em while you still can. FREE Shipping within North America -- International add $10

    163 out of 250 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2013
  • $27CAD
    Pub Pedals -- Black

    As Henry Ford said of the model T . . . "you can have any colour you like as long as it is black" . . . FREE Shipping within North America -- International add $10

    10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2013
  • $33CAD
    Yellow, Red, Blue or Pink

    Back in the day, Henry Ford got his ass kicked by the competition due to his unwillingness to give his customers options. So we are also giving you your choice of four colours. This will be a trial offer to gauge demand for different colours. Get them while you can because if there isn't enough demand for your colour of choice it may never be produced again. FREE Shipping within North America -- International add $10

    18 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2013
  • $45CAD
    Two Pairs

    Do you and your better half both ride on Eggbeaters? You don't what to make the other jealous do you? Better surprise them with a set instead. As long as they're going to the same address you can score a deal on two pairs. Available in black only. For colours see above. FREE Shipping within North America -- International add $10

    23 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2013
  • $175CAD
    Marble Mix

    Would you like a completely unique set of Pub Pedals? Then the marble mix is for you. When we change colors in production, multi-colored swirls will result in a unique set of pedals. If you want the only two-of-a-kind pedals, be the first to choose one of these combinations: pink/black, black/red, red/blue, or blue/yellow. FREE Shipping within North America -- International add $10

    2 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2013
  • $250CAD
    Box of Black

    Want to sell Pub Pedals in your bike shop? In the Box of Black you’ll get 20 pairs of black Pub Pedals that are all packaged and retail ready. With this you will also have access to digital marketing assets for online and retail sales. FREE Shipping within North America -- International add $20

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2013
  • $425CAD
    Carton of Colors

    Would you prefer to sell some colored Pub Pedals in your bike shop? In the Carton of Colors you’ll get 10 pairs of black; 5 pairs of yellow, 5 pairs of red, 5 pairs of blue and 5 pairs of pink. With this you will also have access to digital marketing assets for online and retail sales. FREE Shipping within North America -- International add $30

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $750CAD
    Retail Starter Kit

    Have a bike shop where you know these will sell like hot cakes? Be one of the first bike shops to carry Pub Pedals by getting this specially priced retail starter kit with 60 sets of Pub Pedals. You’ll get 20 pairs of black; 10 pairs of yellow, 10 pairs of red, 10 pairs of blue and 10 pairs of pink. With this you will also have access to digital marketing assets for online and retail sales. FREE Shipping within North America -- International add $50

    2 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2013
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