Psycho 78s 2014 Roller Derby Season

Psycho 78s are looking to make our 2014 season of charity games bigger than any season before - but since we donate everything we make, we need your help!

What's All This Horror Business About?

Hi!  We're the Psycho 78s, a coed, no holds barred roller derby team based in New Jersey.  What the Hell does that mean?  It means we play the most brutal and exciting style of the greatest American-made sport in history - roller derby.  Men and women skate side by side on our team, and we play an anything-goes style of game (so if you're looking for derby with some foul language, fistfights, and lots of obscene gestures, you've come to the right folks).

Psycho 78s were the very first no-rules team on the east coast US (there are now 8 teams with no-rules rosters on the east coast and more coming up), and we were the very first to proudly have a fully gender-equal, coed Travel Team.  We've earned a reputation as being one of the most fun and entertaining teams in our sport.

In other words - we're pretty rad.

And the best part?  We donate every cent of what we make from all of our home games directly to charitable causes.

So Why The Campaign?

Okay kiddies... since 2009, we've donated every penny we've ever made.  We pay for these events by seeking sponsors and holding fundraiser events in order to pay for the (very expensive) games we produce.  Not only that, but we train three days per week and sacrifice time, and more importantly our bodies, to make it all happen.

The result?  Thousands of dollars donated to causes like breast cancer research, Rett Syndrome awareness, Tennessee Flood Relief, Hurricane Katrina Relief, Hurricane Sandy Relief, the American Red Cross, local animal shelters, and families caring for special needs children and adults.

We want to do more.  We want to be able to produce bigger events that will draw bigger crowds, growing our team and raising more money and awareness for various causes.  The cold fact is that all this stuff costs money, and while we have some great local businesses sponsoring us, we figured there would be no better way to make our fans a part of our season than by having THEM be the driving force behind it.

Check out this video of one of our great disaster relief charity bouts from 2012!

Where Will It Go?

The first place campaign funds go will be to pay off all the damn bills we racked up making our 2013 season of home and away games happen.  Everything we made in 2013 was donated to Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts happening right in our home state of New Jersey (thank you to all of our fans for helping us make a difference).

From there on, the funds will pay for insurance for next season's games and events, supplies, advertising, and other necessities that will make our next season the best one yet.

If we don't reach our goal, we'll use what we've made to pay off our debt so that next year's sponsorship money can go toward new charity games and events, and not be spent paying for the previous season's expenses.  If we surpass our goal and have extra casholla, we will release a new line of merchandise (sales from which will also help us pay for next season).  Absolutely no money will ever be paid to any skater.  We stay out of the cookie jar.

Money from our home games goes directly to people who need it.  When we donate, we know that it's not going in someone's pocket or being lost in the books somewhere.  Our disaster relief funding helped to rebuild homes and feed families - and we don't ever want to stop making a difference.

Spread The Horror Business!

Every little bit helps.  And hey, if you're as broke as we are, you can still help us have the best season ever:

  • Spread the word about this campaign.  Ask your friends to donate, and let them know it's something you believe in!
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • Come to all of our games and events, like us on Facebook, and bookmark our website.


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