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Personal and health logging solutions
Frederic Mauch
5 Team Members

Your sensitive data management, sorted out.

Pryv B2B service (safe and custom software tools for sensitive data management) is on the market to empower Medtech and connected health businesses to reduce time to accelerate their business with limited upfront expenses.
Find out more about our mhealth engagement  and business offer here

Pryv B2C is now beta testing. Join here to be an early user of Pryv and to help us build a great product.


for your contribution, support and belief in Pryv! More than 90 funders, a business angel, 1050 fans, 300 sharing supported us! We now have sufficient funds and energy to launch Pryv together ! Stay tuned!


Version française (French)

Your digital life. A big mess?

You are overwhelmed by the data you generate and collect

You have very limited control on your data and so lack privacy

You can't sort out the essential and get the big picture


Let's face it, you are generating and collecting lots of personal data as you go—photos, notes, maps of where you go, tracked runs, your weight, even your mood.

But do you ever get a chance to make sense of all those streams that make your life?

Probably not. Why?

You data is scattered on many apps and devices. Difficult to sort out the essential. A lot of it ends up on your iPhone or Android device's limited memory and is gone at some point.

Guess what, your data is owned and being used by third parties. You actually have very limited control over your data and no true ownership.

While you are not benefiting from your own data, third parties get to identify ever more precisely your digital profile through data mining. Remember, when services are free, you are the product.

Although there is is no lack of personal information, there are no services or tools on the market that enable you to get the big picture of your life.

What about privacy? Sure you get to collect and to share information. But there is not enough context and selectivity. You'd like to share a certain stream with specific ones and either end up sharing with half the world or with no one.

We are building Pryv to put you back in the driver's seat so you can take control of what is yours and make something out of it.

Pryv, your life at a glance

Reunite your chosen data streams under your control

Collect your data privately and share selectively

Experience outstanding data visualization and management


Pryv is a user-centric service and platform where your personal data streams are reunited under your control.

Reuniting what matters in your chosen location

You decide and filter what should be kept from any source. Your selected data is reunited and stored. You (and you only) own and control your data. You even get to choose the location (starting with 4 countries)! And Pryv is aiming at solid long term management of your personal data.

Making sure your privacy is respected even when sharing

Your data is entirely yours to change, delete and download. Everything is private—only you can access it. But then, you get to share selected streams with whom you want using contexts. You may even share on social networks without sacrificing ownership.

A growing user-centric ecosystem of apps

We are welcoming third-party apps and support any type of content. We only require from apps that they commit to having the user as sole owner of his data. With your consent only, apps can access one anothers' streams to create even more meaning and insight for you—in other words, apps on Pryv are interoperable.

Enabling outstanding data visualization and management

Reuniting data under your control is good. But of limited use if you do not get to browse it with ease. So we're creating a unique visualization to let you view, explore and manage your data streams from the Pryv browser. All your personal data—yes, all of it—gets to fit into one screen!

  • @glance view, a simple and clear representation of what happened in any timeframe and context utilizing smart aggregation to keep everything on a single screen

  • Navigate time and contexts intuitively

  • Share selectively and effortlessly; those you share with don't even need to be on Pryv

A mobile app for easy capture

The Pryv app is your trusty tool to capture and share privately.

  • Easily collect and contextualize common events like photos, notes, measurements or locations

  • Share collected events as streams

  • Browse your streams in a simple intuitive chronological view

Why we need your support

This crowdfunding campaign is essential for us.

  • Do you share and validate our vision ? Are you also concerned by the problems we commit to solve ? A user-centric platform, does that sound good to you? Pryv @glance visualization: are we filling a gap?

  • Developers, how about our API?

  • As we will be backing third party apps to build the Pryv ecosystem, we want to know from you which apps and services you want first.

  • This campaign will give us the financial support to complete current developments and release Pryv beta. Each of you backers is invited to provide input and feedback throughout the next iterations.

We need USD 200K overall to achieve our beta launch. We have already secured 100K with our own contributions and are looking forward to raise another 100K through this crowdfunding campaign. Those 100K will support:

  • 80K to complete and open-source our browser app

  • 20K to complete the iOS app

If this campaign exceeds the 100K target, here's what the extra funding will support, with the guidance and agreement of you backers:

  • An Android app

  • Windows integration

  • More subsidized third-party apps

  • More integrations with existing services

  • If your support exceeds our wildest expectations and we go over the 200K mark, all of you backers will be invited for a giant Swiss fondue in the Alps.

Supporting our project provides you benefits and allows you to take on an active role with early access to our beta, support and feedback sessions with our team and votes for what apps will be granted extra subsidies to join the platform initially.


Support Pryv today!

Reading further, you'll find some technical details, our current status, as well as challenges we're taking on and how we'll be able to make it.

But if you know enough already... support us now!

  • Check out our perks from the list above right and contribute
  • Share this campaign and keep up-to-date from the sharing box above
  • Even if you cannot invest, we greatly value your feedback and suggestions
  • Help us spread the word to your friends and families! The campaign ends on November 19.

Ethics and real respect for privacy have been put aside for way too long, and it's about time we give everyone the means to control what's his. A big "Thank You" for supporting us in any way you can.



Tech stuff—developers, this is for you

Storage and infrastructure

Data storage and access is decentralized (per-user), with potentially one server for each user. Ultimately it will be possible for users to host servers themselves, but we first focus on the hosted service.

API and data concepts

A unified data store finally lets apps and services realize the full potential of the data users collect, but they must speak a carefully crafted common language to truly interoperate. Apps on Pryv speak over HTTP or web sockets using simple but powerful concepts:

  • events: stuff that happens, i.e. anything with a time, like photos, messages, etc. We heavily encourage the use of standard types, but you are free to use any content structure you like.

  • contexts: the circumstances in which stuff happens, such as people, places, data source, categories, etc.

Our goal is for this protocol to ultimately be in the hands of the community (that may mean it becoming a standard or evolving towards supporting one).

Source code

Most of our code is open source, and we plan to ultimately open our entire code base as a guarantee we ought to provide our users.

Where we're at

We have been working on Pryv for over a year now, dedicating all our energy and lots of personal funds—but no private external investors: we wanted to stay independent as long as possible to remain faithful to our vision. At this stage:

Back end and infrastructure: 90% complete
Test and pre-production servers are currently deployed in 4 locations on 3 continents. As of October 29th, interested developers can discover, try and provide feedback (apply here).

Web interface (Pryv browser): 25% complete
Core architecture and visualization proof-of-concept are done but most data management features are missing. Preview of current version shortly available.

Mobile app (Pryv for iOS): 15% complete
Take photos, notes or numerical values and display.

Additional features

Pryv'it, a bookmarklet for quick capture of links, notes and selected text (98% complete, doc missing)

Mac OSX app with system integration for quick capture of pictures, notes and files (60% complete)

Server components for collecting selected content from an initial set of other services: Twitter, Facebook and Withings (50% complete)

For developers

Guides and documentation (80% complete)

Javascript (browser & Node.js) library (20% complete)

Cocoa (iOS & OSX) library (40% complete)

A command-line interface used for both discovering the API and scripting apps (40% complete)

A web app for exploring raw data (60% complete)

Note: estimated completion percentages are for our beta release.

We managed to go a long way independently so we can truly build a user-centric platform. We now need your support to make it all the way. With your contributions and inputs, we could be releasing Pryv in just a couple of months!

Challenges we are taking on

Building a platform

We must reach both users and the third-party developers that will make the platform a reality. And there's a specific paradigm shift for developers, who must acknowledge that putting users in the driver's seat is the right way forward.

A truly functional at-a-glance visualization

Displaying multiple streams of diverse data in a way that makes sense on a single page is challenging by itself. But what when you start interacting with it? You move across time, you zoom in on particular contexts, data changes in real time; all of that had better make sense too, and remain simple enough for your mom to get it. We're definitely still working on some bits, but we're very happy with the choices we've made so far and putting in the necessary resources (including a collaboration with EPFL in Switzerland, with support from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation).

Others are trying to solve similar problems too

We are not the only ones to see problems with control, privacy and meaning in existing tools today. Those topics even got very hot this year. But:

  • Most commercial solutions we've seen remain in the old, company-serving "user = product" paradigm we want to get rid of, sometimes with hidden or unclear agendas

  • Other open solutions we've seen have made architectural and/or conceptual choices did not serve our needs the way we wanted.

You can count on us

  • All three founders have invested substantially in the project. Our personal interests and our savings are engaged.

  • We combine entrepreneurial and engineering experiences of the founding team.

  • The project is well advanced. We have a mostly complete back end infrastructure and API, and have already developed a substantial part of both our browser and iOS app.

  • Pryv is incorporated in both Switzerland and in the United States.

Frederic, co-founder

"I am Swiss and I lived in Europe and in the US. I am an entrepreneur interested in sustainable, disruptive projects. Before Pryv, I launched two cleantech companies one of them now Swiss market leader.

I got into launching Pryv following a discussion with my 9 year old son, Maceo. He asked me what Facebook was all about and said: "so on Facebook, you are always with everyone". I realized the lack of privacy on social media and overal online. Privacy is all about context and selective sharing. I realized we spend an increasing part of our lives online, creating and collecting lots of data. But all of this data is chaotically fragmented on many apps and devices, obsolete and meaningful are not sorted. How can we make sense of it all ?

Thus came the idea of a personal logbook of life where personal data could be collected, brought into context so one could have an @glance view of his digital life.

I drafted the concept of Pryv and met entrepreneurs and professors in the Bay Area. I identified developers to join the project. I came across Perki and Simon who were working on something with potential synergies."

Perki, co-founder

"I'm a Swiss-French computer engineer who grew on open-source software, and began freelancing and getting involved in a startup before I graduated. I launched my own consulting company soon after, designing custom software solutions, but my adventures in entrepreneurship took a pause as I was diagnosed with severe leukemia and had a bone marrow graft. The next 6 years had me mostly fighting for recovery, but I did some consulting, continued coding by passion, and was hired by a non-profit foundation for disabled children.

It was then that I realized I was tracking many things very important for me, starting with work time for my consulting activities, with no really satisfactory solution I could find. Scratching my own itch, I decided to make my own decentralized time tracking online service with an open API. The service would support working offline, multiple input devices and the capability to share per-project data with selected customers. I was joined by Simon to start working on it, soon adding support for any type of time-based data (motivated by my own need to track medication intake and notes). So when Frederic came along with his logbook of life idea, I was very excited to power his concept with our engine and really felt our common experience could give birth to something unique."

Simon, co-founder

"Born in Switzerland, I've been doing engineering most of my career as a consultant. Long years helping companies big and small provided plenty of rich and diverse experiences, but also got me a bit desperate for more control and choice over whom I help and how. With none of the options allowing me to stay in the safe, warm (but slightly numbing) world of employment proving adequate, I had no choice but try my luck as a freelance... which obviously turned out to be very enlightening. Armed with the highest ethics and principles, I tried my best to start slow and quiet but quickly stumbled upon Perki and his idea of a decentralized service for time tracking, which I duly proceeded to help him implement. Then we joined with Frederic to create Pryv, and I was thrilled to find the perfect field of application for my very annoying skills at idealistic theorizing and other stubborn principles of responsible engineering. I've been nitpicking on mostly everything in the project ever since."

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