Prosthesis The Anti-Robot

Prosthesis: the world’s 1st, human controlled racing robot. Formula 1, meet the future. Let the races begin.
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  • $45CAD
    Prosthesis T-Shirt

    Show your support on your back with the exclusive, limited edition Prosthesis t-shirt. Please add +$20 for shipping outside the US & Canada.

    Estimated delivery: February 2014

    41 claimed

  • $2CAD
    Sponsor a bolt

    Do you have any idea how many high-grade bolts it takes to build a 2-story tall racing anti-robot?! Lots. Put your name behind a bolt and it will be memorialized in perpetuity with every triumphant step that Prosthesis takes! We will put your name on your bolt in our on-line engineering drawings, so you can show all your friends that you actually part of the massive effort that has made Prosthesis a reality.

    Estimated delivery: March 2014

    5 out of 1000000 claimed

  • $5CAD
    Prosthesis Team

    We've got you covered. Let's face it, when the singularity arrives, you want to be on the team where the giant walking machines are human controlled. You'll get your name on the website and the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be on the side of the humans.

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    10 claimed

  • $10CAD
    Prosthesis Sticker

    A limited edition, full colour vinyl sticker. Put it on your computer, phone, car, hovercraft, or wherever you deem fit. Plus, you’re on the allies list. Please add $5 for shipping outside the US & Canada.

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    7 claimed

  • $20CAD
    Sponsor a Bearing

    We have 4 legs, each with 10 bearings. That's a lot of bearings, and you don't want to skimp on these babies (they're actually more like $50/ea, but your contribution will soften the blow). This is your chance to say "I made that bearing possible!". Become part of history. Sponsor a bearing and you will be part of our fancy on-line engineering drawings so you can prove you were part of the project forevermore! We'll also send you a 4" vinyl sticker to proudly display.

    Estimated delivery: March 2014

    2 out of 40 claimed

  • $25CAD
    Prosthesis Beer Mug

    Those who race robots, imbibe only from the steeliest of steins.A stainless steel mug Imprinted with a Prosthesis Logo, people will know you’re on the right team. Please add $15 for shipping outside the US & Canada.

    Estimated delivery: February 2014

    42 claimed

  • $25CAD
    Picture in the Mondo Spider

    Get the ultimate tech-porn profile picture and make all your friend jealous. Limited time opportunity at SolidWorks World only!

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    1 out of 200 claimed

  • $40CAD
    Put the spring in our step!

    This machine will need about 20 shock absorbers for the legs and perimeter impact absorption system (big, big bumpers). For $40 you will have your name on our site in the engineering drawings for all to see forever more. We'll also send you a sweet 4" vinyl sticker!

    Estimated delivery: March 2014

    1 out of 20 claimed

  • $50CAD
    Prosthesis Lab Tour

    Vancouver Only - Come visit the eatART Laboratory and experience the Alpha Leg in action first hand. Get a rare chance to see its inner workings and ask the wizards behind its creation questions in person.

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    6 out of 25 claimed

  • $55CAD
    Limited Edition 11"x17" Print

    Talented local Vancouver artist, Dallyn Rule has very generously offered to create an original 30" x 48" piece of artwork depicting Prosthesis in its in a future race setting. You can get one of 20 signed, limited edition 11" x 17" prints. You'll also get a four 4" vinyl stickers and your name on our site. Please add $15 for shipping in Canada/US and $25 outside.

    Estimated delivery: March 2014

    2 out of 20 claimed

  • $100CAD
    Sign The Bot

    Your name plus 50 characters inscribed on the underbelly. Finally, have your pro- or anti- Anti-Robot message heard! We’ll also throw in a sticker and a beer mug.

    Estimated delivery: April 2015

    19 out of 50 claimed

  • $150CAD
    Anti-Robot Engineering Consult

    A one-on-one, hour long Skype conversation founder and lead engineer Jonathan Tippett. If you are inspired by this project and want to build something of your own, Jonathan may be able to use his years of experience to help you along the way and set you in the right direction. Whether its, CAD, hydraulics, structures or management, Jon has made many of the mistakes there are to make already. Plus he's a nice guy to chat with.

    Estimated delivery: December 2013

    6 out of 10 claimed

  • $150CAD
    Crush it!

    Anything in your life you'd like crushed by the steel foot of a 500lb giant robotic leg? Send it our way and we'll pound it to smithereens. We'll shoot it on high speed video and post it to YouTube with a shout out to you! We'll also send you a pack of five 4" vinyl stickers.

    Estimated delivery: March 2014

    0 out of 20 claimed

  • $200CAD
    Ride The Spider At SWW

    Get a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride the Mondo Spider at Solid Works World. Be one of an elite cadre who can say they've ridden in an 8 legged electro-mechinical spider. Solid Works World ONLY.

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    0 out of 50 claimed

  • $300CAD
    Co-Pilot Experience

    Vancouver Only - That’s right! Who else can say that they have experienced a ride in the Anti-Robot? Not many. Go for a run in the co-pilot's seat with an experienced pilot at the controls, and be one of the first in the world to experience this wild ride. You'll also get a beer mug a pack of stickers and a special co-pilots t-shirt. Ride Prosthesis at our Vancouver demo day in 2015.

    Estimated delivery: April 2015

    7 out of 20 claimed

  • $450CAD
    Original 30"x48" Artwork

    Talented local Vancouver artist, Dallyn Rule has very generously offered to create an original 30" x 48" artwork depicting Prosthesis in its future race setting. This is a handmade, one of a kind piece of art. You'll also get a four 4" vinyl stickers and your name on our site. Please add $15 for shipping in Canada/US and $25 outside.

    Estimated delivery: March 2014

    0 out of 1 claimed

  • $750CAD
    Team Prosthesis Jumpsuit

    Have your very own, highly coveted Team Prosthesis jump suit! Modeled after the signature red pilot jumpsuit, these highly fashionable, yet functional items will be available exclusively during this campaign, and only in limited numbers. The only other people who have such apparel are the engineers and pilots. Don't miss out on this fall's hottest raceware!

    Estimated delivery: April 2014

    2 out of 20 claimed


    Adopt a Leg

    Be a pillar of support --literally-- for the world’s first racing robot. Get your name on a laser cut plate, mounted to one of Prosthesis’ four giant legs. Also get a team jumpsuit, a set of 4 beer mugs and a pack of stickers.

    Estimated delivery: August 2015

    4 out of 4 claimed

  • $7,500CAD
    Pilot Prosthesis

    Vancouver Only - Do you have what it takes to not only ride in Prosthesis but actually OPERATE IT? This is not for the faint of heart. You'll get your very own custom pilot suit and t-shirt and then have two days of expert instruction in ground school, training with the Alpha Leg, followed by a co-pilot run, and finally you take the controls. Hold on tight, you are entering the future!

    Estimated delivery: May 2015

    1 out of 3 claimed

  • $10,000CAD
    Prosthesis Pilot Academy

    Burning Man 2015 Only! Pilot training in the place the machine was built to run wild. Short of going to space, this is the ultimate experience a mere humanoid could hope for. Everything included. Ticket, accommodation, and four days of pilot school, including your own custom pilot suit and t-shirt ... followed by the ride of a lifetime!

    Estimated delivery: August 2015

    0 out of 3 claimed

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