Revolutionary, open, collaborative, crowdsourced, version controlled and community integrated project development platform for any type of project.


Quick Summary

ProjXverse is a projects platform. Not just any kind of platform, this is a platform that will provide people with tools to give any kind of project the accelerated pace of progress that open source has been providing to software.
This platform goes further then just tools, the environment will be engineered to increase the ease of communication across multiple forms of interaction and it will be engineered to make it easy to document, track and manage projects.
The importance of open source and the emergence of open hardware shows the need for such a platform, that may, if successful, bring these concept and new ones to new frontiers.

How will this benefit you? Chrome, Android and even Facebook is open source or uses open source software. Open source is a software that has its source code available for anyone to use, meaning anyone can expand upon it or build something new with it. ProjXverse is not only about open source projects, that is only one of the key aspects. Rapid changes through crowdsourcing combined with version control permits the rapid evolution of projects. The true breakthrough with ProjXverse is that this will be applied to more things then just source code, imagine it applied to design, art and physical objects. ProjXverse will have a major impact on all the electronics, toys, art, furniture, kitchenware, cars... the possibilitys what people will do with this platform is endless. There is no scenerio where you do not benefit in some way from such a platform even if you do not use it.

It's too futuristic and naive of peoples good will! This is not true. Open source projects have existed for a long time and there are many. The recent widespread emergence of open hardware shows the need for open access and the will of people to contribute. The time for such a platform is now. By reducing the learning curve, providing tools and a great environment we are going to make collaborative development accesible to more people and create new community's and new frontiers for open access.

What can I learn from this? Because the platform will be engineered for easy collaboration and communication and have easy to use tools, picking up a project and contributing to it will give you the opportunity to learn allot of new things and develop new hobbies. I started out with open source software on a PSP, the learning curve to set up the proper environment and program C++ was quite high, yet i still did it at the age of 14. Teens and adults love the feeling of being able to create things and contribute to projects, with this platform we will see this even more.


More Details

This project mashes together the likes of github, thingiverse, facebook and wikipedia to form a project platform never before seen. Now i know what you are thinking, there are a bunch of project platforms out there already. This is very different, this is about bringing community and open source principles to all types of projects. And not only that, this platform will bring new tools to make it easy for anyone to contribute to anything even if they dont have the expensive software suit to do it. Imagine open collaborative version controlled CAD or circuit design or even art, the possibilities are endless and the potential is exponential.

This platform will support open hardware, open software, open art, open CAD and even real world projects. We want to do nothing less then revolutionize open source and open hardware and bring it to new frontiers. This project has the possibility and, perhaps with your help, the opportunity to disrupt society's proprietary ways and open new doors for innovation. The idea of applying the principles of open source, crowdbased collaborative development and version control to all fields that benefit from computers is going to be extremly powerful. The benefits will not scale linearly, they will be exponential. The field of computer aided design or CAD for short is the one that excites me the most. Everything from 3d printing models to Integrated Circuits to dynamic simulations will be made possible for anyone to contribute on in a collaborative, version controlled, community integrated, project driven environment online with easy to use tools. Actually code and CAD is only the beginning, all types of tools will be made around this adaptive environment to facilitate every possible type of project imaginable. If you think it can benefit from collaborative crowd sourcing, then we shall make the tools for it.


Why the need for funding?

From an IT perspective it will get very complicated to integrate all these concepts into a universal and user friendly environment as a web application. But do not worry for I have been planning this for over 2 years now and I have been intensively developing it for the past 4 months. It's far from ready, but I have proven to my team that it is possible and doable in less then a year. The money will be used to acquire hardware and services required, such as high bandwith server colocation and servers, to get this off the ground. 100 000$ budget is certainly not enough for a project of this scale, magnitude and complexity, but we are not in this for money so most of it will go towards hardware and services needed. Once a beta is out we will introduce the first net 0 profit minimum donation system.

A recap on what this website is about:

  • Support for every type of project imaginable
  • Open, collaborative, crowdsourced, version controlled project development
  • open hardware, open software, open art, open everything
  • Creating a more open, sharing and caring society
  • Project Management
    • Project Page
    • Version Controlled Repository (hybrid of centralization and decentralization)
    • File Space
    • Multipurpose Tracker System (Bugs, Issues, Features, Todos, Items, Budgets...)
    • Wiki
    • Teams
    • Forum
    • Stats
  • Community Integration
    • Forums
    • Profiles
    • Groups
    • Chat
    • Inbox
    • Activity Streams
    • Subscriptions
    • Friends
  • Development Tools (each will include the ability to compare files)
    • Text/Hex/Code Editor with syntax highlighting
    • Wiki/Guide/Manual Editor
    • 3d CAD
    • 2d CAD
    • IC layout editor and simulation
    • Audio Editor
    • Movie Editor
    • Image Editor
    • more...
  • Rank/Position/Level/Award system (Gamification)


What is open source?



What is open hardware?



Whats with the percs?

Donate what you feel more comfortable donating, the percs dont have much significance other then diffrent awards and convenience of a preset donation amount. 8-255$ perc names are 1byte binary representation of the decimal donation amount and 0x200-0x400 are haxadecimal representation of 512 and 1024 decimal donation amounts. I know, i am not very artistically and poetically original.


Thank YOU!



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