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Collaborative Indie Film made for funny bones, by way of reverse engineering!
Chasing Taste the Movie
New York, New York
United States
9 Team Members

Do you find yourself sampling cupcakes from each and every cupcake bakery claiming to to be the very best in New York City?  Do you compare, contrast, and rate your slice of Neopolitan Pizza at every Mom and Pop pizza joint in town?  Would you secretly call yourself a (gasp) foodie?  If you answered “yes” or even a shy “maybe” to any of these questions, then Project NYC XY is the movie for you.

Project NYC XY is a fun and funny flick that takes place right in the heart of New York City with an incredible ensemble cast.  It’s about food: eating it, tasting it, smelling it, loving it, critiquing it, secretly eating it, being allergic to it, knowing obscure ingredients in it, glancing at it from afar, and forgetting your troubles (all through food).  There’s an exciting boat adventure, lust, revenge, betrayal, gigolos, hospitals, and more thrown in there for good measure as well.  Did we mention it’s a romantic comedy?

Project NYC XY was developed through a new producing model of reverse engineering, meaning the film was developed to highlight the actors involved and the resources available to us.  The combined level of our talent, passion, and experience has enabled us to get so many wonderful people on board with this quirky cinematic gem.  Below are just a few.

We've gotten this far already. Become a part of our vision now and help us go the extra mile to finish!


We only need to raise $20,000 more to see this movie through to completion.  This funding will help us continue to INSURE our production and everyone on it, FEED everyone on set, EQUIP us with necessary lighting, sound & camera rentals to get us through each day and TRANSPORT all those parts to our various locations. 


As we complete shooting, we'll update you with our official title, character descriptions, synopsis, and other exciting news!


As our valued contributors, YOU get a series of perks for donating to our project!  Please check out the neat stuff we're offering for each donation level.  Would you like to be named Executive Producer?  Enjoy a lovely dinner with the producers of the film?  We have those perks available too!


YES, we'd love your help to get the word out!  How thoughtful!  Please share our page with everyone you know by using the handy "share" buttons provided.  

Become our campaign HERO or HEROINE today!



Elisa Blynn

Ashley Wren Collins

Bill Dawes

Jabari Gray

Uma Incrocci

Ty Jones

Ryan McDonough

Kirk McGee

Maitely Weismann

April Wilkner 


With Special Appearances By...

Lynn Cohen

Ron Cohen

Joseph Gannascoli

Rita Gardner

Chuck Cooper

Lloyd Kaufman

Nancy Opel


Sean Gannet - Director & Producer
Ashley Wren Collins - Producer
Maitely Weismann - Producer
Lori Fischer - Head Writer
Erik Slavin - Supervising Producer
Ben Insler - Cinematographer
Ashley LoFaso - Assistant Director & Production Manager
Steven Tyler - Editor
Alex Hagelis - Production Designer
Lena Sands - Costume Designer
Kim Mallet - Script Supervisor
Chelsea Davis - Stills Photographer & Coordinator
Tasha Straley - Key PA
Jody Formica - Key Makeup
Tanko Sumino - Documentary ("Making Of") & EPK Producer 
Eric Bryant - Consultant
(and more being added right now!)
raised by 116 people in 2 months
44% funded
No time left
Verified Nonprofit
$25,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on November 20, 2010
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Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Warm & Fuzzy Feelings

    Not only will you get a public thank you, on our coming website, for your thoughtful gift but you'll also get a wonderful, warm & fuzzy feeling knowing that you helped make this movie! (fully tax-deductible)

    34 claimed
  • $50USD
    Pre-release DVD

    We want to thank you by sending you our DVD, before the movie is released! We'll also be thanking you on our website, so stay tuned for that. (amount over $5 is tax-deductible)

    37 claimed

    Table Reading

    We offer you a special seat at the official table reading where you can meet our cast, crew, writer and hear our script read live before production begins! Additionally, look for your name in the special thanks section of our website. (amount over $1 is tax-deductible)

    5 out of 5 claimed
  • $125USD
    Behind the scenes Pass!

    You're invited to visit the set as our director's guest! Additionally, look for your name in the special thanks section of our website. (amount over $5 is tax-deductible)

    2 claimed
  • $300USD
    VIP Premiere Screening

    We'd like to thank you with two VIP tickets to our Premiere Screening in NYC. Additionally, look for your name in the special thanks section of our website. (amount over $20 is tax-deductible)

    10 out of 20 claimed
  • $500USD
    Add Your Own Element!

    We offer you the rare opportunity to put your stamp on our movie. You will be given either the chance to name a supporting character or add a personal reference (name, artwork, book, CD, etc.)! This will be negotiated according to pre-determined needs of our script, so please feel free to email us with questions before committing. Of course, your name will appear in the special thanks section of both our website and our onscreen credits too! (amount over $1 is tax-deductible)

    1 out of 8 claimed
  • $1,250USD
    Dine with the Filmmakers

    Please be our honored guest at a special dinner with the producers of our project. Also, look for your name in the onscreen credits & in the special thanks section of our website. (amount over $50 is tax-deductible)

    1 out of 6 claimed
  • $3,000USD
    You're a STAR!

    We'd like to make a special offer... Come play with us on set for a day! Not an actor? That's ok! Our savvy director will bring out the best in you for your big FEATURED moment! He won't dare let you fall to the cutting room floor. We'll also name you Associate Producer in our credits, provide you with a copy of our pre-release DVD and give you complimentary access to every one of our events! (amount over $100 is tax-deductible)

    0 out of 1 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Executive Producer

    To thank you for your incredible generosity, we'll make you an Executive Producer in name, wherever producer credits appear. You'll also be invited to a producer power lunch, be a VIP at all of our events, including the private ones, and be given exclusive opportunities to have some input into our process and visit the set on multiple occasions! (amount over $200 is tax-deductible)

    0 out of 2 claimed
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