Project Nuevo Mundo's Earth Odyssey

Earth Odyssey is a mobile village of natural building, permaculture, and media specialists to spread regenerative living and build a network of impact centers.

We are 22 vibrant, driven and highly skilled people wanting to spread practices of regenerative living and build a network of impact centers throughout the U.S, Mexico and Central America.
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Our mission is To build an on-the-ground network and provide imperative, regenerative technology skills and labor and professional media and publicity to festivals, impact centers and communities in the United States, Mexico and Central America.


Imagine that there is an active Earth Odyssey on each continent, building self-sufficient homesteads and villages from the ground up while training and empowering passionate individuals to make their own dreams come true, traveling with intention and connecting to new projects and expanding the network's reach.
We envision a world of all beings living in harmony with the ecosystem and creating transformational experiences for people to rekindle their tribal wisdom.

Short Summary

Earth Odyssey will leave a positive trace at nine impact centers and transformational festivals by providing skilled labor, professional media and publicity, and an array of workshops taught by our econauts to bring communities into living in balance with the planet. We will strengthen the network between these centers on the ground and online to increase their visibility by releasing 3-minute films throughout the journey. Previous to enlisting in service to the Earth Odyssey, both buses on board have exceptional histories as vehicles for community service. Twenty econauts, two buses, and a mission to build a network of interlinked impact centers = a potent formula, ripe with the potential to catalyze a movement. We can do this, together.

What We Need

To cover all of our expenses and to empower us to fully realize the mission we are embarking upon, we seek to raise $30 000 (We are asking $20 000 from our community as we are attempting to raise funds from other sources as well). The budget breaks down as follows:

What You Get

For rewards, we have an array of special offerings to thank our supporters, such as private classes with Econauts, media packages, life-changing and educational experiences facilitated by Project Nuevo Mundo, lots of beautiful hand-made souvenirs made with love by econauts, and memoirs of the journey!

You'll also get to join us in this growing network of intentional travelers who are making a difference in the world. Travel and develop your skills, find experiences, and arrive at beautiful new sites to join communities that will be so happy to have you and your gifts. You get your own story, written on your own network-- like a LinkedIn and Wwoof crossover for your community that regrows the planet.

The Cobra Bus

The Cobra Bus has been a fully functional mobile community for over five years, visiting and being of service to communities, transporting people cross-country and serving as a kitchen and dormitory in many different environments.

The Blacksmith Bus

The veggie-powered Blacksmith Bus has served as a mobile service for communities and individuals, creating useful tools from recycled steel.


The Impact

By participating in our campaign, you are having a direct impact by:

  • You are helping us develop a model for ecovillage-building, and a methodology for ecovillage-building education that we plan on spreading far and wide on many continents!

  • You are providing regenerative technology installations and permaculture to impact centers. and communities who need it throughout the U.S, Mexico and Central America!

  • You are providing heavy publicity to emerging leaders building centers that are growing the new world through photo’s and 3-minute video clips weekly and posted live and promoted through our website and networks!

  • You are increasing the momentum of our movement to build a new world by connecting to like-minded projects in Latin America, establishing crucial relationships that will solidify our network and enable everyone to find the projects they are looking for and learn the skills they need!

  • You are enabling 22 young, passionate and skillful leaders who are dedicating their lives to creating a regenerative planet to expand their ability to create large transformation on the planet!


Our 22 Econauts have been selected through a rigorous application process, and have been singled out due to their passion, their mission in life, and their skill sets that will enable the Earth Odyssey be more able to fully support the development of impact centers and projects. You are enabling 22 young, passionate and skillful leaders who are dedicating their lives to creating a regenerative planet to expand their ability to create large transformation on the planet!We hope to inspire more earthlings to become econauts!

Brennan Bird, a bottle brick and cob teacher and builder.

Jessica Perlstein, an organic gardener, and visionary muralist supporting sustainability and the new world.


Our Partner: JUSTA - Comida Vida

JUSTA has developed a health and nutrition course for the artisans we work with and other women around Lake Atitlan. Comida Vida offers workshops on nutrition and wellness, and provides sustainable, accessible alternatives to the processed foods that have replaced the traditional diet of indigenous families. http://www.justafairtrade.org/communityprograms/health/

Other Ways You Can Help!


Impact Centers & Festivals We’re Visiting

The Emerald Village



Vision Council at Nierika Community


Tashirat Orphanage


El Pedregal


Cosmic Convergence (PNM’s Festival)



Atitlan Organics



Permaculture Institute of El Salvador


El Lagartillo


Tribal Gathering








Atitlan Organics

Atitlan Organics is a demonstration and education site for organic farming techniques. Beyond their production for local markets, they are actively working to build a cooperative of local growers that all sell under one brand name. They will provide food and seed donations, and will be collaborating additionally  with us in the future.


The Vision Council at Nierika

A workshop hosted by The Vision Council in Mexico at Nierika, one of the first stops on our tour. The Vision Council a networking event between indigenous tribes and ecovillages across Mexico.

Our team has dedicated our lives to making this world one that is thriving and abundant for future generations. We are infinitely grateful for your support in helping us make this goal a reality.

Love and Light

PNM Team & Econauts

Team on This Campaign: