Project Malum Asino

A simple, plug and play device, that gives your Mac all the power of Windows.
Austin Van Vark
Johnston, Iowa
United States
4 Team Members

Hello! My name is Austin Van Vark (middle right in the picture above). I am currently a senior at Singapore American School. Last year, my friends and I desperately wanted to play "Windows Only" games on our Macs. It seemed like everything was coming out for Windows only. Eventually, we saved up and built our own Windows machines. However, I still felt dissatisfied. Thats is when I decided to create Malum Asino. 

Malum Asino is a device that simply connects to your mac via thunderbolt cable. It is designed to operate as simply as possible. All you have to do is plug it in, restart your computer holding the option key, and then Windows7 OS will load up. This gives even the most common uses access to anything Windows based, all on their private Apple computer! 

Unlike other options, such as Parallels (Virtual Machine), or Bootcamp, Malum Asino takes up  absolutely no hard drive space on your computer. It also gives Windows complete hardware access, meaning gaming is possible. Mac OS and Windows OS both have their own pros and cons, why not just have both? 

The reason I need your money for my project is because patenting, manufacturing, and packaging fees are all becoming very expensive. With your help, Malum Asino can become a reality on store shelves. We also need investments because of upgrade opportunities. We plan to shrink the size of our device (hopefully to flash drive size), while at the same time making it faster. Malum Asino has big plans in its future, but your assistance is absolutely crucial. 

Help us get this product to everyone who needs it. If you aren't interested in our project, but find it awesome like we do, please share it with others. We really need you. Thank you very much! 

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  • $1USD
    The Thank You

    So you don't wanna donate that much, but you're willing to give us a tip of the cap. Thank you, every dollar counts! In return, our blessings are with you kind Sir.

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  • $20USD
    certification of awesomeness

    For this simple reward, we will send you a letter, signed by my team and I. It will be a certification that you helped us achieve our dream. You sir, are awesome. I will also give you are private Email address, where we answer 100% of every question asked.

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  • $60USD
    Super Pants

    So you really want to help us achieve our goal, but don't need one of our devices? Well we love you anyways. Donate $60 to our cause and we will send you the best pair of sweatpants you can get. They are custom black sweatpants, with "MALUM ASINO" written down the side in varsity lettering. Your friends will be jealous, I guarantee it.

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  • $340USD

    For $340 you will receive one Malum Asino device. It comes with everything you need to whip it out of the box and plug it in. It connects via thunderbolt cable, and has 1TB of storage space

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  • $480USD
    Malum Asino Gold

    For $480, you will receive a Malum Asino device, but these are special edition. You're a man of action. A big man. A man who says, "NO! 1 Terabyte is unacceptable!" Well, we here you. Malum Asino Gold comes with 2 Terabytes. You will have a rough time filling that up. So go home with the gold, they are limited.

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