Project Maccabiah

45 counsellors. 25 kids. Two teams. One winner. Not your average summer camp.

THE FILM. Camp Massad - the only Hebrew immersion summer camp in North America - is situated on a marshy stretch of land on the side of a busy highway in Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba. The pinnacle of summer at Massad is "Maccabiah", a three-day camp-wide competition of spirit, drama and song, conducted in broken Hebrew by an exceptional group of Jewish Teenagers who break the mold of the stereotypically lazy, up-to-no-good, summer vacationing youth of today. Our documentary chronicles Maccabiah (and the nerve-racking events leading up to it) in spectacular detail, capturing the heated competition and volatile emotions involved in this decathlon of creativity.

HISTORY. In the summer of 2011, Amy Manusow and Shauna Calnitsky, two Camp Massad alumni, set out to create a documentary film about Maccabiah, an extraordinarily creative three-day-long competition that occurs every summer at Camp Massad in Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba. Amy and Shauna, along with a crew of two camera operators and three audio technicians camped out at Massad for an entire session of camp, capturing hundreds of hours of footage of the suspense-filled weeks leading up to Maccabiah and, of course, the competition itself. In the process of documenting Maccabiah, the filmmakers explored the unique characters that reside at Camp Massad: the bewildered first time campers, the loyal and frenzied counselors, and the hardened Maccabiah judges. Most importantly, somewhere in the hours of footage accrued, there is a fascinating story about creativity, Judaism, competition and youth.

WHERE WE ARE NOW. Our crew left camp that summer with 5 terabytes of fun-filled footage and we are now in the post-production phase of the project. With funds received from a small grant, our team has managed to hire a talented and dedicated editor, sync all of the audio and video, transcribe and log the footage, and select all of the best clips. We are just about to begin assembling a rough cut of the film...

...but we're out of money.

We are heartbreakingly close to completing this film and have a team of people in place to finish it. All we need is your support to fund the last phase of the project. If you give, you will be contributing to one of the following elements:

  • Editing: Picture, Sound
  • Editng Suite Rental
  • Transfers and Conversions
  • Subtitling: Design and Render
  • Masters and Protection Copies
  • Computer Graphics and Animation
  • Original Music Composition and Recording
  • Sound Mix

Thank you for your support!

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