Project India: Inspiring Creativity

I'm headed to India and need your help! Join the initiative to inspire creativity in impoverished children through art.
Jessica Albert
Grand Rapids, Michigan
United States
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This July, I am headed to India (Delhi & Manali), and I need your help to make it happen! Join the initiative to inspire creativity in children in India by giving those residing in impoverished countries the access they need to art supplies.

The needs in India are overwhelming. India has approximately three times the population of the United States living in one third of the space. Introduce intense poverty, famine, drought, natural disasters, and AIDS, and you have a recipe for tragedy and most significantly, vulnerable children. India has the largest number of estimated orphans and vulnerable children in the world — 31 million. In addition, 60,000 children a year are born with HIV in India and that number continues to significantly increase. Orphan Outreach makes it a priority to come alongside Indian nationals and work with them as they serve their own people. Orphan Outreach provides vital support for several important projects in India.

The Spark

As a designer, art and design is a passion of mine, and a vital part of my life. I know first-hand the importance of creativity in life, and understand the importance it has in child development. It breaks my heart to see art programs in the US being slashed, and know if that's happening here, I can only imagine it must be near non-existent in countries that have far less. 

This trip is the starting point for a larger initiative I am developing to bring art supplies to children in impoverished countries. In many locations around the world, organizations are only able to focus on providing the basic needs for the children living there, leaving other "extras" scarce. 

Considered a "luxury," many children living in poverty don't have access to much needed art supplies, which can play a vital part in their development, creative thinking, problem-solving and overall happiness. My goal is to change this, and to work towards giving all children access to a creative outlet, and help create a better future.

The initial $3700 will help fund phase 1, allowing me to evaluate the potential of this program, make vital connections for establishment, and lay the groundwork for a sustainable program. Anything over will be used for phase 2.

In return, I have created several perks to reward your generosity! I have created a limited-edition series of prints as a homage to the great state (and my home) of Michigan. In India, colors are an important part of their culture and the names of my perks reflect that. I have also included what each color represents in the Hindi culture.

The Plan

Phase 1: Travel to India with Orphan Outreach, delivering donated art supplies to children in an orphanage located in Manali, in Northern India within the Himalayan Mountains. In addition, I will work on laying the groundwork for an AIGA Design For Good initiative I plan to work towards launching fall of this year. This initial trip will also be used as a case-study and evaluate the potential of this program. 

Phase 2: Use the case-study developed to garner support and funding to create a program that partners with schools and orphanages starting in India, then expanding around the world providing children with much needed art supplies (paper, coloring books, crayons, markers, paint, etc) to give a way to express themselves creatively. 

Ideally, this program will be sustainable through a sponsorship model similar to World Vision and Compassion International. 

Ways You Can Help

1. Donate to my fund
(all contributions are tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt for your records)

2. Donate art supplies (pads of drawing paper, coloring books, crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc), school supplies, children's clothing & shoes, and medical supplies (children's medicines, first aid supplies)

3. Help spread the word! Please share my page with your friends!

4. Join the cause. I'm looking for passionate people to join the project. 

5. Can't donate financially? Pray for the team from Orphan Outreach going on this trip. 

Thanks for your support!

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