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Every year, on December 17th, the YouTube community gives its time, talent, and money to non-profit organizations. We call it the Project for Awesome.

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Increasing Awesome - Decreasing Suck

The Project for Awesome started back in 2007 when a bunch of video creators decided it would be good, for one day of the year, to take over YouTube in the interest of good. Here's how we do it:

  • Video creators all over the world create videos promoting their favorite charities.
  • People donate items for Indiegogo campaign levels.
  • People donate money.
  • The charities featured in the five videos that the community collectively decides are the best of the year receive the proceeds of the Indiegogo campaign.

Our goal, of course, is to raise as much money as possible.

To do that, we've got some pretty cool stuff this year...including


Questions? Answers!

The Project for Awesome has no traditional overhead. All of the time spent on the project is donated, guaranteeing that the maximum amount possible goes to charity. Some of the costs of the items as well as shipping (and of course the Indiegogo fee) are taken out of these items. This is, on average, less than 10% of the donation level.

Items will be shipped out starting January 1st and all items should be received by the end of January (even if you live in Australia.)

Other questions are answered on our official FAQ page.

So I'm done giving money...what now?

There's a 48 hour livestream happening at http://www.youtube.com/vlogbrothers. You can go there to find out what's happening at this very moment. You can also vote on which videos / charities you would like to see take in the proceeds of the Project for Awesome at http://www.projectforawesome.com/ That's right...you decide!

And, of course, promote the P4A! Post this page on facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. Share your favorite videos and encourage your friends and family to participate. 

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