Project Domini

One mystery leads to another. Dive into an immersive world in the form of a strategy game.
Jeremy Woffinden
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The skies turned red with sin.  The world writhed in the poison man had created.  Now we must part; we must move forward, and leave everything behind.  We must restart and rebuild; until fate turns her back to us again.

- Salvaged Diary Entry

In 2019, the humanity collapsed under its own influence.  The Red Sky Phenomenon plagued the world, saturating the once blue skies into a blood red color.  300 brilliant scientists from around the world were gathered to combat the phenomenon; they were called Project Domini.  The Vershina, 7 of the smartest scientists, led the project with steadfast determination.  After two years of research, they came up with a solution; a large membrane dome was created as a last stand for mankind.  Survivors from around the world were evacuated into the Haven, and society was recreated.  Humans were given a second chance.

The Vershina took the lead and forged a path for mankind.  Rebuilding society under their overwatch, the 7 Scientists ruled over their own cities; each built with their own, unique vision.  Each scientist took passion in their own cities, and proudly built it to their personalities.  The cities took on distinctive characteristics; one city turned out to become a center of the finest cuisines while another is built on the most advanced technology around.  With the ever-expanding diversity, things were looking bright for the human race.  A new age of innovation and progress was at hand.

Many years later, the world is in chaos once more.  Conflicting visions and petty rivalries split the seven scientists, each confining themselves to their own cities.  The people who once praised the seven scientists as Gods begin to lose faith.  Uproars and revolutions become more common as people became disgruntled with the leaders.  Eventually, the people snapped, and called for change.  The Haven was divided between those that supported the Vershina and those who opposed them.  War broke out and englufed the Haven in blood and fire.  The only survivng member of the original Vershina was a man named James, and he was left with the responsibility of ruling the Haven with 6 new leaders who do not understand the magnitude of things that were lost so many years ago.  While the world had somewhat settled down, the scars of war still remained.

And it only took one man, one girl, and one secret to set the conflict into motion once more.

 Welcome to Project Domini.

"It looks like we are back where we started. I guess we really haven't learnt anything."

- Unknown Voice Log 

Who are we?

We are Project Domini, a group of students from Japan who are attempting to create a story based strategy game.  While being a hobbyist project, we are ambitious and motivated to deliver the best possible game in all respects.  Gameplay, music, art, and story; everything is important in making a coherent and exciting experience. 

While this is the first game we've ever worked on, we have some credentials to back us up.  We have all taken computer classes at school, so we understand fundamental programming.  Our programmer is extremely skilled and has been programming ever since he was born (seriously).  The Director is a gamer who enjoys stories with good stories and lore and even writes his own lore and stories once in a while.  Our two story writers are talented to say the least; one of them is an avid journalist who strives to capture every aspect of our school with captive vocabulary.  Although this does sound like much (it probably isn't), we are still young, and we will have more opportunities to grow and become more proficient in game developping.  Our goal is to grow with this game.

What is this game about?

This game is a strategy game with a deep story.  Your actions and decisions will forge the story: you will be the storyteller.  By conquering your enemies, more secrets will be uncovered, and the story will progress, throwing you deeper into the conspiracy, until there's no way out.  Choose how you will carry out your conquest: will you crush all that stand before you, will you negotiate peacefully, or will you manipulate your enemies to fall into submission?  Take advantage of your enemies and their weaknesses and use their psychological flaws against them.

The gameplay will be based on two fundamental sections: strategy and combat.  The strategy section will play like..well...a strategy game.  Here you will be able to manage your army, decide who you want to conquer and plan our your next moves.  There will also be a complex reputation system in game.  You will either be feared, respected, or neutral with other cities, and depending on the degree of your reputaion, their reaction to you will be different.  For example, cities who repspect you are more likely to trade with you while cities that fear you will act hostile or will surrender to you.

The combat section brings a faster pace to the game.  Though this isn't set in stone, we are planning to go for a lightning fast combat system that requires quick thinking and long term strategizing.  Now that's kind of vague.  So allow me to explain.  The game will be like an encounter system.  If your troops run into enemy units, or if you declare war on other cities, you will be moved into 'combat mode'.  This will be composed of a grid style battlefield of varying size and shape.  In each grid, you will be able to place a unit.  The combat is divided into two stages: formation and combat.  During the formation stage, you will place your units on the battlefield in your desired formation.  Units include lightweight shotgunners, all around riflemen, long range snipers, attack helicopters, and more.  Each unit will have a unique range, cooldown between attacks, and other attributes.  You can also have formations that boost your overall power.  In the combat phase, everything moves into motion.  With lightning quick reflexes, select units and target your enemies.  Eliminate your foes by making full use of your formation and your cooldowns.  Be warned; lightining fast reflexes are required.


Why do we need funding?

To ensure that our game is the best quality it can be, we decided to hire two talented artists to help us out with the project.  While they have so many other opportunities, they decided to work with us.  So we want to pay the artists as much as they can for their hard work.  $1000 and any extra funds will go to the artists, while $500 dollars will go to paying for different programs and maybe some snacks for us:) 

All jokes aside, let us explain the math.  Our rough estimate for the number of art pieces for this game is around 50~60.  Since we plan to pay $15 for each art piece, the total will amount to around $1000.  Of course we would love to pay more because honestly, their art pieces are spectacular.  So, most of the extra funds (anything left over after we subtract what we need) will go to the artists.  This means that all funds above $1500 will go to the artists, no questions asked.  

For people who like the ideas but cannot fund this project, we understand.  So what can you do?  The question is, what can't you do? (besides funding)  You can share this with your friends, post it on your facebook, twitter, reddit, anything.  Spread the word; thats the only way we can get this idea out to everyone.  Give us some input. Tell us what you like, what you don't like, what you think will work and what you think will not.  Hit us an email telling us you like our project; the moral confidence boost that will give us is HUGE.  Give us your ideas, tell us what you want to see in the game.  Anything is appreciated.

"...for silence breeds insolence."

 - Pride

The Game World


The world was thrown into chaos with the arrival of the Red Sky Phenomenon in 2015 A.D. This deadly disease took the lives of 4/5 of humanity’s entire population in a matter of several years, and mankind was on the verge of death as a species.

Agonized and desperate, mankind came to their one hope; their last resort- to gather the top scientists all over the world into the city of Moscow, and develop a safe haven for the dying mankind to survive. The team of three hundred, led by the 8 most prominent, developed a project into building an enormous dome- the size of a country- to shelter what remained of mankind. This project- titled “Domini”- would begin three years after the outbreak of the Red Sky, and end another three years later- in 2021. Mankind was finally safe, and was able to escape the dread of the outer world by taking refuge in the dome. But this safety -built on the corpses of the many rejected from the dome- was not long-lived.

In a matter of 10 years after the construction of the dome, one of the eight leading scientists was revealed to have planted a bug inside of the dome for an unknown reason. Shortly after this, the anger of the civilians would explode, and a civil war would take place between the scientists who planted the bug and the others supported by the enraged civilians. This “war” was ended in a matter of no time- the culprit of sabotage had hardly any supporters, and was executed in the face of thousands of furious eyes. Time would pass by, and the newly appointed seven would establish a system consisting of seven city-states, each led by the seven leading scientists and named after “their sins” to not forget the war- Pride, Envy, Wrath, Lust, Sloth, Greed, and Gluttony.

By 2051, the human civilization was established with the seven cities and Pride, the absolute leader, watching over the surviving people. But each city had become twisted in its own way, and the people adapting to such corruption- ironically enough, people would not change even after being on the verge of extinction. Then one decisive day, the nightmare that people had forgotten to fear would return to haunt mankind. The Red Sky was gradually, but steadily developing in the dome, and the countdown to the true end of humanity would begin.


Tony Dovorzark

Tony Dovorzark is a 26 year old scientist living in the ouskirts of the Haven.  Demonstrating his intelligence from a young age, Tony graduated from Magna Aliqua, the highest level of education in the Haven at the early age of 14 (most finish around the age of 22).  While his past is shrouded in mystery, he shows no interest in it, claiming that he's only interested in what is ahead of him.  He has a knack for strategy, and can look at the big picture.  He is usually composed and very calm, but can become extremely passionate.  He also has a tendency of being cold even though he means no harm.




Ellie is a girl around her 20s who suddenly appears in front of Tony, claiming she has 'important information'.  Not much is known about Ellie; just that she has information  on Tony and the condition of the Haven.  She is seemingly cheerful and lighthearted, and extremely easy-going.



James is a man in his 60s, and the only surviving member of the original Vershina.  After the Great Revolution, he was left with the responsibility of rebuilding society.  James holds a deep love towards nature and Earth, and hoped that the Haven will help us learn a lesson.  When he finds out that this was not the case, he decides that he must go through extreme measures to protect this Earth from the wrath of man.  James is extremely serious and stubborn once he formulates an opinion.  His sense of responsibility and despair towards the human race caused him to go insane, a little by little.



Charlie is a man in his 50s and is an arms dealer.  He provides Tony with weapons for his army.  When asked why he was helping, he simply stated that what Tony was trying to do was "interesting".  Charlie is extremely lazy and does not seem to care about anything.  While he seems like a simple man, many mysteries surround his existence.

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