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A 21st Century Progressive Media Universe. The Progressive Voices App collects, curates & shares all the best Progressive content in one place.

Collecting, streaming, presenting & creating the best of liberal news, talk radio, blogs and more.

What’s the Project?

A 21st Century Progressive Media Universe. 

What exactly is a 21st Century Progressive Media Universe? 

We’re looking to build an app for iPad and iPhone that collects, curates and shares all the best Progressive content in one place. There are amazing Progressive voices out there right now trying reach you through radio, print, blogs, video and television but they’re scattered and often hard to find. Progressive radio is locked out of most major markets and Progressive TV is limited to just a few hours a day on MSNBC. 

We believe there’s a bigger audience out there for thoughtful and interesting progressive news, talk and conversation and we want to reach that audience by giving them all the best Progressive content right there on their mobile device. Imagine being able to stream the Ed Shultz show, while reading the latest piece from Daily Kos. Then watching a new video from Thom Hartmann and seeing the response to it happen live on the Progressive Voices Twitter feed. With your help we can make that a reality and make sure all our Progressive Voices are heard. 


Who are the Progressive Voices Team and why are we the Progressives to make this happen? 

Jon Sinton was the founding president of progressive radio network Air America Radio where he assembled and managed the on air staff, including Janeane Garofalo, Rachel Maddow and Senator Al Franken. A life-long progressive with over 30 years of radio and media experience Jon is excited to bring all his media knowledge, experience and connections together for Progressive Voices. 

Reed Haggard was also a cofounder of Air America Radio. Reed is a radio and media expert with extensive experience in business planning and media marketing. 

George Vasilopoulos is the website guru and technical expert behind the websites and podcasts for progressive radio personalities such as Stephanie Miller, Mike Malloy and Bill Press.

Together the Progressive Voices Team has the media, marketing, business and technical experience to deliver on the promise of a true 21st Century Progressive Media Universe. Progressive Media for progressives, by progressives.



What’s the money for? 

Creating a 21st Century Media Universe isn’t as easy as it sounds. The good news is that we’ve already created a basic version of the app so we know that it works. But just “working” isn’t enough. As Progressives we’ve always been on the right side of history but now we want to make some history by creating a new paradigm for political media. The conservatives have dominated the media of the 20th century and it’s too late to catch up with them on radio and television. But we have a unique chance to, for once, get out ahead of them in the communication medium of the 21st century, the Mobile Internet. But to do that, we need to do this right.  

Conservative Media Dominated the 20th Century - Now It's Our Turn!


When we say we’re going to have all the best Progressive content we mean it. That takes time, negotiations and coordination. The Progressive Voices App is going to have streaming for every major Progressive radio personality and managing to seamlessly offer those streams from multiple platforms is a technical challenge, one we know how to solve but will take some time. 

You don’t have time to seek out all the Progressive Content scattered around the web and you shouldn’t have to dig through a mess of content dumped onto an app. That’s why all the content on the app will be curated. Having someone curate the content on the app means you’ll always get the best material and it will be presented in a clear manner so you can always find what you want and still be able to discover exciting new voices and content. 

We’re only going to get one chance to do this right. That’s why we’re asking for the $40,000 we need to launch the ultimate version of the Progressive Voices App. If we raise more than $40,000 we’ll be able to add some additional features and polish to the app, create more original branded content, and begin optimizing the Progressive Voices App for tablet devices... but without reaching our funding goal, we simply won’t be able to launch the app the way we think it needs to be launched. 

We want to make sure the Progressive Voices App looks so great, runs so well and is such a joy to use that you can be as proud of the app as you are of being a Progressive. 

All the best Progressive content all in one place.


What are the Rewards? 

Helping to create a 21st Century Progressive Media Universe and finally giving our Progressive voices a leg up over the current conservative-dominated media machine is certainly it’s own reward. But we think you deserve more than just knowledge that you’re making the world a more honest and fair place. That's why we’ve put together some great rewards for you. 

For just $5 you can purchase the Progressive Voices App but for a little bit more you can get yourself a Progressive Voices Founder Card, record and air your own progressive commentary or even the chance to sponsor your own personal, political or commercial message right on the radio stream. 

You’ll also have the chance to join the OurProgressiveVoices Web Page where you can add your picture or logo along with a link to whatever progressive group, cause, candidate or organization you choose. 

And as our way of saying thank you to anyone generous enough to back Progressive Voices at the higher reward levels we’re offering unique opportunities like the chance to be a guest on the David Bender show, record and air your own radio program or even have Jon personally review your latest radio or progressive media project. 

Thank You and how you can help our Progressive Voices Be Heard

Thank you for taking the time to watch our video, read this page, and look at our great rewards. Please consider backing the Progressive Voices App project and sharing this message with your Progressive friends. 

Together we can use the grassroots power of IndieGoGo and Progressives like you to build a whole new kind of 21st Century Media Outlet.

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Your Support Can Make The Progressive Voices App A Reality


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