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"Progress" is a ten episode webseries. Victorian England has a steam-powered Internet and Jack the Ripper is posting his crimes on the web.
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Okay, guys, you did it!  Episode 1, 2 and 3 are now online:


1/20/14 - We will be sending out all rewards this coming weekend. All backers will be receiving a Post Card and If you did not submit your address to us when donating, please send it to us at:

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** If you donate $1-$10 you will still receive all $10 perks! Also, EVERY backer will now be sent a signed Lila DeClide postcard ** 

Hey Indiegogo!

We're a bunch of independent filmmakers, amazed and inspired by the Internet culture.  The hacker subculture, the gamer subculture, the alternate-reality subculture...  They moved us to create a story about technology and sharing information in a repressive society.  We call it "Progress."

If Sherlock Holmes had been a hacker...

In a parallel timeline, Victorian England has a steam-powered Internet and Jack the Ripper posts his crimes on Wikileaks.  Oscar Lerwill (the best hacker in London and a sharp deducing mind) cracks the files and shares the killer's identity with the world.  The Crown is enraged because he broke into the Royal Codes and that is a threat to the security of the Empire!  Now Oscar has to save his life while protecting his beloved Lila DeClide (an attractive cam-harlot from Virtual-Whitechapel) and avoiding the dangerous games of Adam Rhett (the uber-troll from Wiki-Punch). 

Why are we making Progress?

We conceived and developed this story because we identify with it.  Oscar is not a Victorian aristocrat or a steampunk adventurer, he's a workmill code-monkey.  Lila is the "Facebook crush" we all have had and Adam... well, we all have met a troll.

Progress is full of twists and puzzles.  We're big fans of Sherlock and we love great mysteries.   Progress is also full of hidden clues -- like the character names (did you notice?)

Now, if you haven't seen it, you have to watch our trailer.  We got a super-director, first-class cinematographer, great actors and the visual effects from Marvel (seriously).  Take a look.

Big Producer says: "I love it!  Show me more!  Whadduya mean I gotta pay for it?"

We shot our trailer, posted it online and right away we were approached by several distributing and producing companies.  They all like it, they all think it's a clever, original idea and we did a great job... but they want to see at least the first three episodes before deciding to support us. 

Which is why we need your help!

We have the smallest budget possible (check out the budget for "House of Cards" and compare it to our $12,000 per episode).  We need every penny of this budget to pay our union actors, specialized crew, composer, visual effects and post-production team, plus camera and equipment rentals, locations, costumes, set construction, meals... 

Then there's marketing and promotional events...  Oh and Indiegogo processing fees and the rewards' shipping...! 

So we really need your help!

To see a breakdown of our 3 episode budget, click here. Trust us, we're not squandering a single halfpenny here!

One last note!

Our whole series is budgeted at $115,000. And in all actuality, It's cheaper to produce all 10 episodes at once --- AND producing all 10 episodes would allow us to keep complete control of our project -- so if it's in your hearts [and wallets] please help us as much as you can!

And do we have stuff for you!

What You'll Be Getting:

This story would not be possible without you and this is why we want to our supporters something very special and unique to show our appreciation.

Original content! 

We are creating original, personalized and backer-exclusive illustrations, graphics and photos just for you.  Choose your fav character and actor.  This is quality work created by professional photographers and graphic artists!

But that's not all! 

Go to our website to download original steampunk trading cards and take a look at our creepy gothic web-comic series.

Help us, Indiegogo.  You're our only hope!

And thank you for your support, guys.  Even if you can't donate money, anytime you visit this campaign page and share it with your friends, you are helping us out tremendously (the more traffic/views we get, the better chance we have at Indiegogo featuring us on their homepage which introduces our project to thousands of new fans)! 

[Quick note about donations: if you prefer to make your contribution through PayPal, contact us and we can accomodate you]

Anyway you can support us, is very much appreciated...You'll be champions of the steam-powered Internet -- as well as the electronic one. 


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