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Products to boost the mind and its hidden potential, through the "brain science" of Embodied Cognition.
John DiPrete
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Warwick, Rhode Island
United States
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Can the effects of embodied cognition be used to enhance product design? Of course!  The experts say. The launch is prepared! 

Embodied cognition, the brain child of neuroscience, has increased our understanding of human thought and emotion.  

Another formula for this understanding: Design intuition.

Rocked in the cradle of neuroscience, embodied cognition designs could transform all human life.

Introduced here are general ideas in circulation or about to come true. Each of them appears familiar, but has been enlightened through the insights of embodied cognition.


The shape of a goblet or wine glass has been demonstrated through research to affect taste. An elegant shape increases the flavor. The embodied taste effect can be enhanced in modified shapes designed for drinking pleasure, in a range of models selected for their informed, delicious decor.

Can the shape of your glass enhance the taste of the wine? (www.theguardian.com)

Specially Designed Glass Intended to Enhance the Flavor of Coca-Cola (www.delish.com)

Next we turn to business and social products. The first item listed is a judgement tool, used for calculation, planning, organization, and, yes — notation... 


The choice of a pen's color should be considered for its particular thought intention. Blue pens are better for generating creative ideas, and red pens are better for critical editing. Teachers who were studied when correcting student papers while using blue pens were found to make fewer corrections (and rated papers higher) than teachers using red pens. 


Research has shown that circular  tables stimulate better social affiliation than square or rectangular ones. Circular  tables can be recommended for social settings, while rectangular  tables can be best utilized for serious meetings.


Embodied Embodied Cognition (EC) could also influence the design of future clipboards. Recent studies on the (unconscious) effects of holding a heavier — vs. holding a lighter — clipboard on human judgements reported that:
people who reviewed [a job candidate's] resume on the heavier clipboard
  • rated the candidate as better qualified
  • said the candidate would be more serious about the position
  • rated the accuracy of their own evaluation as more important
From the findings of related research, it has been argued that: "If you carry a heavy clipboard, you will feel more important." Should heavier clipboards be designed for important business decisions?


Let's sit down. People sitting in hard chairs "were less willing to compromise in price negotiations than people who sat in soft, comfortable chairs."

Soft and rigid chairs could be tailored to fit specific embodied characteristics based upon a consumer's needs. (Soft chairs could be suggested for flexible negotiations; rigid chairs for determined negotiations.)

The items depicted so far represent a small sample of products than can be remodeled in purpose to fulfill unconscious embodied desires. The principles suggested from EC research can be breathed into familiar items and marketed to inspire the thoughtful consumer. The implications are appealing: The hidden nature of objects can influence our attitudes, talents, feelings, and performance.

The list of "embodied" effects found in the designs of glassware or clipboards forecast a possible market trend. The future of commerce in embodied cognition enlists the brain in competition for resources, fusing together self-knowledge and transcendence in a fundamental union.

Embodied Cognition fuels the engine of this new enterprise, but its potential for abuse can also be frightening. The challenge for merchants is to resist the temptations of greed and manipulation, choosing instead to optimize human potential.

Jane Fulton Suri: "For audiences who prize objectivity over intuition, the psychology of embodied cognition provides us with a rational basis to explain why particular design concepts and design details are relevant."


Rutchick, A., Slepian, M., & Ferris, B. (2010). The pen is mightier than the word: Object priming of evaluative standards DOI: 10.1002/ejsp.753

Colleen Roller (2011). Embodied Cognition and How It Affects Judgment and Decision Making UXmatters

SANDRA BLAKESLEE (2012). Mind Games: Sometimes a White Coat Isn’t Just a White Coat The New York Times

Ackerman, J., Nocera, C., & Bargh, J. (2010). Incidental Haptic Sensations Influence Social Judgments and Decisions Science, 328 (5986), 1712-1715 DOI: 10.1126/science.1189993

Felicity Cloake (2012). Can the shape of your glass enhance the taste of the wine? The Guardian

Kiri Tannenbaum (2014). Specially Designed Glass Intended to Enhance the Flavor of Coca-Cola Delish

Picture Source:
Turbo Squid


John DiPrete is a Web designer with a passion for neuroscience, art, and business. His work has appeared in MacWorld, Perceptual and Motor Skills, Medical Hypotheses, Speculations in Science and Technology, among other outlets. His Web site (www.MindBluff.com) has been recommended by PC World Online. His most recent project is www.EmbodiCog.com. (Contact: John@embodicog.com)


The ultimate goal of EmbodiCog is to expose the hidden potential of products to assist people in fulfilling their dreams.

Embodied cognition and neuroscience can be used to enhance life in the home and office.

Please join and participate!     


I have committed more than a decade to the interests of brain science. This current project is the most ambitious.  

The mission is to use embodied cognition and neuroscience to create life-changing future design. I need a "team" approach to explore this ambition:  editors, journalists, artists, social scientists.

Please help me to accomplish this.

The theme and challenge for EmbodiCog is to educate and inform. I am open to all suggestions. Feedback welcome! 

(Contact: John@embodicog.com)

                                 Wish List  

The goal is to collect artifacts used in neuroscience research to explore and recommend (if suitable) for their possible hidden talents. Common-purpose items tested outside the lab can trigger incredible results for the mindful life. More research and products need to be explored, as well as the implementation of staff, consumer reporters, and regular columnists. I am eager to mold this dream into a polished, functioning model.


Promotional items and other great stuff from EmbodiCog include a spectrum of researched items from confirmed neuroscience studies. All Secret Packets are assembled to impart useful information, spark the imagination, and to support a dependable cause. Secret Packets consist of safe item(s) designed to influence and enlighten. Their potential benefits are explained in the cited research included in each package. To create a spirit of anticipation, all the products remain hidden until opened! Common objects found in plain sight often disguise the deepest  secrets. 

Note: None of the secret products resemble the products described earlier in this text. Each one is guaranteed as a Thank You for your pioneering support. Each one has been selected to inspire the mind. The research behind them is real. Test them and see. Be the first to experience their secret properties! 

The Gratitude Page offers recognition and exposure. Self-promotion is part of EmbodiCog's mission to succeed. Please take part in this mission to share the impact of mutual success. 

Front page tributes are featured on the home page (limited to 9)  and are placed in clear sight of regular contents. Up to 100 words. These placements are offered in gratitude of support, and should attract attention. 

All Perks (including Secret Packet Perks), shall be fulfilled regardless of funding goal success. U.S. orders: free shipping. Canadian orders: please add $15. (Everywhere else: $25.)

All Perks are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or contribution is refunded. 


The goal is to transition EmbodiCog from an educational Web site to a forum that is both educational and team-oriented. The ultimate plan is to insure practical results for the consumer (and design enthusiast) in a responsible fashion. If the funding goal misses the mark, the mission to educate still continues. Please support me in reaching or exceeding the minimum goal. 

                    Other Ways You Can Help

Please get the word out to friends and neighbors. Sound the alarm to visit EmbodiCog, where the mind can frolic and learn something new.

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    Neuroscience Insights

    Nine incredible insights (referenced in the neuroscience literature) to enhance communication, personal relationships, business management, trauma coping skills, and more. Neuroscience Insights is an emailed article which also describes simple mind tricks to boost self-esteem, success, and happiness. Short-cuts (written in plain English) to a better life.

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    Gratitude Page Listing

    The Gratitude Page includes a self-description and a link to your Web site, if you have one.* The Gratitude Page can be accessed from all pages of EmbodiCog, and offers gratitude for support. (Your link is posted for 12 months.) Take a look at the Gratitude Page to see its public appearance! NEUROSCIENCE INSIGHTS: researched tips to enhance communication, personal relationships, and more. Super mind tricks to boost self-esteem and happiness. * no adult or casino sites, etc.

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    Secret Packet

    One secret EMBODIED USE product selected from neuroscience research. Full description (with cited references) to inform and enlighten the recipient of its hidden possibilities. Package remains SECRET until opened. BONUS GIFT: Secret pain reducers (research-supported) Neuroscience Insights. Discount code (10% OFF) on three products or consultations. Free email subscription to EmbodiCog's future Cognitions bulletin, if desired. A personal note of THANKS.

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    Secret Packet Plus

    Three secret products selected for their EMBODIED COGNITION potential (not mentioned thus far). The items are designed to enlighten recipients through their hidden attributes. Descriptions of their research are included. Intended for business or personal life. Package remains SECRET until opened. BONUS: Secret Pain Reducers. Neuroscience Insights. Discount (10% OFF) on three products or consultations. Subscription to EmbodiCog's future bulletin, if desired. (Outside US: add $15)

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    Personal Consultation

    Personal email consultation designed to make your business, home, or personal life more successful, using the principles of embodied cognition and neuroscience. Suggestions would be tailored to your specific needs. Guaranteed: at least three hours of scientific research into finding solutions, offering sincere enlightenment as the appropriate goal. Plus: Neuroscience Insights Discount code (10% OFF) on three products or consultations.

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    Embodied Cognition Futurist

    Front-page tribute on EmbodiCog with a link to your Web site,* if desired. High traffic spot, if this campaign succeeds. (Link Duration: 1 year.) Examine the front page of EmbodiCog.com to see the possibilities. PROMINENT LINK near the TOP of the Gratitude Page. (Duration: 1 year) Neuroscience Insights. Discount code (10% OFF) on ALL FUTURE PRODUCTS AND CONSULTATIONS. Email subscription to EmbodiCog's future Cognitions bulletin, if desired. * no adult or casino sites, etc.

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