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Private Infiltrator is an Independent Arcade-like Noir Stealth game.
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Hello there, i am the lead developer of Private Infiltrator, a stealth game currently being sold on Desura, and i require your assistance to not only be able to finalise its development by allowing us to afford certain neccessary art assets and advanced software, but also make the game available for more people, supporting multiplatform indie releases. (Game summary directly taken from its Steam Greenlight page) (Note that the video is somewhat old as it was taken in the 0.78a version. At the moment, the game is in version 0.9a and it is quite more polished and optimised.)

Private Infiltrator is an arcade-like Stealth game that bears the Noir art style.

 In 1867, ASB was founded by a mysterious criminal figure. It was a private corporation and its sole purpose was global domination. Its intentions were masked to the public by the legitimate packaging business it had as a front. Another mysterious figure, rich, powerful and clever enough to deduce that ASB was behind the recent crime wave founded WEC, a corporation whose sole task was to prevent the ASB from achieving their goal. Since then, an invisible war was fought between these two private corporations. Over the years, WEC had been slowly disrupting the ASB's operations and preventing their plans from being materialised. After destroying most of the ASB's assets, WEC sent their best Agent to the heavily guarded ASB Base in order to destroy both it and what was left of the ASB once and for all.  Private Infiltrator tells the story of what happened in that mission.

The game's core mechanics are fairly simple and easy to pick up, yet difficult to master while also retaining a satisfying amount of depth. They revolve around the double-sided nature of light in stealth games enriched by the Noir art style's principles, hacking and bypassing electronic devices, as well as elegant evasion of detection.

 At the player's disposal are numerous gadgets such as sound-emitting decoys and poisoned coffee, as well as special abilities such as Blinking and Invisibility. Building on the core gameplay are extra mechanics such as a point reward system accompanied an in-game black market with a dynamic economy system from where the player can either purchase useful equipment, or exploit the fluctuating prices in order to gain profit by selling loot they can steal from the base.

The game also features a wide variety of unlockables such as new characters with their own special abilities, entirely new pieces of soundtrack and bonus maps. The game's difficulty level could be described as both diverse and brutal, offering awareness and resource management challenges amongst the classic stealth gameplay. There is also a relatively strong story element to the game, although in order to fully experience and understand the game's plot the player must rely on written text scattered, and some times hidden, throughout the base. Completing side-objectives also has an effect in the later stages of the game.

Included is also a Cat & Mouse themed multiplayer game, where players take turns in being the hunter or the hunted, while using their equipment to accomplish their objectives. Finally, the game never ceases to retain a humorous and slightly over-the-top attitude that is evident in little details such as the cheesy elevator music and the ridiculous pieces of equipment such as the music player that will make any guard who picks it up listen to music, effectively making them unable to hear the player.

 Even though the core gameplay was heavily inspired by titles like Metal Gear Solid, a lot of the game's mechanics were inspired by other titles such as Thief and Deus Ex, that combine into a unique experience that will highly entertain enthusiasts of the genre.

Free content updates have also been at the core of our focus (Besides easter eggs and deus ex references); ideas that derive from even the most minor of external influences have the possibility of becoming full-fledged mechanics available as updates. (For instance, someone mentioned that PI's difficulty resembled Thief's difficulty in terms of brutality, and simply that evolved into adding stealable loot throughout the levels and the full-fledged economy system)

       Note that the screenshots and videos portray a game that is still a WIP.


  • Simple Arcade-like Core mechanics that are easy to pick up but difficult to master.
  • A Unique Neo-Noir art direction.
  • Arcade-like level of difficulty that puts pressure on the player at all times and surprises them by punishing carelessness with traps or tricky setups such as turret mazes and careful resource management layouts.
  • A great number of security measures to bypass and sneak past, as well as equipment and special abilities that will enrich the stealth experience.
  • Multiple soundtracks to choose from including the option to import your own music.
  • Free, yet substantial content updates.
  • Points reward system enriched by an uncrating minigame for an extra gamble factor, and a full-fledged economy system.
  • A unique competitive Hide and Seek multiplayer mode.
  • A huge number of unlockables including entirely new soundtracks, bonus maps and hats.
  • NEW!: A mode with procedurally generated maps dubbed "The Binding of Infiltrator".
  • NEW!: A Map Editor! 


More information on the game can be found at its Steam Greenlight page and its Desura page.

The money that will be gathered will be used to improve and polish the game's art assets, allow us to use more advanced technologies for its making such as DX10/11 assets ,and allow it to be ported to Linux.

The game is currently in an alpha stage, although it is very close to being fully completed. However, it requires your assistance for such a thing to happen.

Feel free to contact me directly for any information or request for assistance at

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