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PRISMicide is an open security platform based on smart card (www,origamiboard.com) and by far the most secure Bitcoin Hardware Wallet (www.bitcoinpinpad.com)
Frederic MARTIN
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September 1,  2014 : Final announcement

PRISMicide for Bitcoin project has been renamed Bitcoin Pinpad : www.bitcoinpinpad.com

PRISMicide hardware board part is now called Origami Board : www.origamiboard.com

PRISMicide pro-privacy foundation opens its new website : www.prismicide.com

Thank You all for the donations and preorders done here through Indiegogo or with bitcoins. Please Check the new websites above for the last updates!


The new security PRISMcide solution consists of "open source" smart cards and of a small "open hardware" portable player that can be used with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets via bluetooth and also, via USB with Windows, Mac OS and Linux computers. It is

  • Open source smart card based security development platform
  • + Multiplatform portable reader 
  • = Best secure hardware wallet for crypto-currencies

PRISMicide democratizes security solutions based on the banking industry and telecommunications smart cards.

A Bitcoin wallet with an unparalleled security

Many Bitcoin users already had their accounts' private keys stolen, either because they have entrusted their keys to online services with a defaulting security (see the MtGox scandal), or because they've been direct victims of local attacks (malware, trojans...) on their personal computers or smart phones.

The smart card protects the keys…

PRISMicide for Bitcoin allows each user to secure its private key within a smart card. These private keys are then used directly via the smart card to sign the transactions as requested by its owner but will never be exposed to the potentially compromised computers, smartphones or tablets that are used to perform these transactions.

… and the small portable player secure the use of the card

Although the keys are protected against theft, they must also be protected from hidden misuse. Indeed, some attackers distort approved transactions: the owner of an account believes he is validating a small transaction towards one of his friends' account, as indicated on his computer screen (or smart phone), but he is actually validating a transaction that empties his account, sending the bitcoins to the pirate's account.

The small secured portable player makes that type of attack impossible by posting on its own screen the real details of the transaction requested prior its validation. It's also on this player that the PIN code of the smart card is entered.

Users have a personal terminal for payments that they can use and trust even on unsecured computers or smartphones and also, with potentially compromised third parties (i.e. Shop POS).

Hierarchical Deterministic (BIP 32) Wallet

The card holds a Hierarchical Deterministic (BIP 32) Wallet seed - which means that if a user have backed up this seed, he is able to regenerate all his private keys generated by the card. The PRISMicide reader let users do this backup when the seed is generated during first time setup. (Optionnaly, users can enter their own seed).

Multisig support

PRISMicide can create and use escrow accounts through "2 of 2", "2 of 3" and "3 of 3" P2SH multisignature adresses. 

P2SH addresses can be generated on the PRISMicide terminal by inserting several cards and choose the required cooperation "2 of 2", "2 of 3" and "3 of 3". Then you can unlock funds sent to this address by inserting the right number of cards depending on the chosen escrow model to sign the transaction.

Why Hardware Wallets are so important ?

Let's quote two great speakers...

"We need to make it easier for mainstream users to use Bitcoin securely. [...] Hardware Wallets, which are basically devices that can securely hold you bitcoin and allow you to transact bitcoins, are going to become very important in 2014 because for most people, their general purpose PC or Macintosh computers or their Android or iOS phone is not exactly secure"

Andreas Antonopoulos
May, 21th 2014

"Today there is no bank that says you can use any virus infested computers and safely access your bank account and today you can do that with Bitcoin: You can log on to a virus infested computer and using a hardware wallet, not have any concerns about using a virus infected computer to do your transactions and that's really different."

David Silva Smith
2014 Coin Congress

Those preliminary specifications may change during the final component selection.
- ARM Cortex M4 family CPU (2Mo Flash)
- Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) module
- Micro USB port for charging battery and PC/MAC communication
- Full USB port as expansion slot
- 3.2" TFT 240*320 or 400
- DecKa OS for Cortex M4 (open source branch)

Smart Card: 
- ARM secure core based chipset
- DecKa OS for ARM secure core (open source branch)

DecKa OS is a security features focused operating system. 
It was mostly developed for secure elements like smart cards.
This OS is already used inside deployed solutions. Recent releases were used by USB smart cards from hardwarewallet.com that are available here as perks and easy-to-play-with smart card based solution (with open API).
DecKa OS was adapted to be used on "larger" core like Cortex M4 based CPU.

Decka OS aleady exists as a closed source solution. A first open source branch will be opened for this project, thanks to the great help of BTChip.com.


Here is a brief introduction of the "public" part of our team. If you want to read more information on someone, please use his Linkedin profile link.

PRISMicide is a registered non profit Organization.

Frédéric MARTIN / PRISMicide Co-founder (Linkedin Profile)
System Architect. Frederic is working for more than eight years inside the smart card industry and was getting tired to wait for a fully open source smart card platform to build secure solutions he can trust on every levels...

Nicolas BACCA / PRISMicide Co-founder (Linkedin Profile)
Smart Card Security Expert. Nicolas is specialized in Secure embedded development and working since 2000 for major smart card industry players. He already backuped Bitcoin related projects like btchip.com and hardwarewallet.com.

Olivier Tomaz (Linkedin Profile
Information technology engineer, security designer and digital security architect. Olivier is working inside the smart card industry for more than seven years. He likes to play on swings too. :)

Laurent Fazio (Linkedin Profile)
Embedded Developer. Open source technologies enthousiast, Laurent worked as multimedia set top boxes Linux Engineer, smartgrid embeded sensors developer and team leader for a Linux distribution editor.

Yannick Almeras (Linkedin Profile)

Electronic Engineer. Yannick has a wide experience in electronic hardware design and prototyping, from sonars to wireless communication systems and related certifications.

Few other guys joined the team but simply did not want to share their private information here.


The PRISMicide project community's security professionals share the same conclusions and observations:

  the need for effective security tools to prevent hackers or isolated scrupulous government programs (i.e. NSA/PRISM scandal) attacks

  the absence of fully open source solutions that use secure reliable elements such as smart cards

  the low security software environments used by smart phones and tablets

  the increase in piracy-related attacks linked with crypto-currencies like Bitcoin

The main goal of PRISMicide project is to provide the perfect platform for the development of security services such as data encryption, electronic signature, online authentication, SMS encryption or ultra-secure messaging.

We'll add questions and answers during the campaign...Anyway, the first application available immediately with the platform will be a secured materialized wallet ("hardware wallet") for Bitcoin users.

We don't start from nothing. Your money will be used to finalize and accelerate project development.  

Please remember PRISMicide is a registered non-profit organization. 

We already invested great amounts of our time and money into this project because we want this platform to be available for our own needs... We hope this crowdfunding campaign will cover parts of our investment
. Our official initial goal is to raise 40 000$. This should only cover very basic costs. We'll probably have to reach 60 000$ to cover most of essential costs. 70 000$ would allow to cover the 3d printer cost.  That's why stretch goals starts at 80 000$ (see below).

We already...
- have our own smart card operating system (years of work, this is an open source branch of the professional work of BTChip.com)
- hardware wallet application
- built our dream team
- made the feasibility study and cost estimation

We need to...
- physically evaluate few different components to make our final parts selection
- complete the electronic design
- develop the basic Android and iPhone Bitcoin application
- make one or two PCB testings/rounds for prototypes
- start first batch production

Bonus video of our Raspberry Pi based prototype that was used to show what future user experience should be: 


PRISMicide smart cards and readers should be available by the end of this year. We should be able to stick to this date if this campaign meets a great success. 

What we'll do:

- Weekly updates on blog/twitter. We mean it.
- No unexplained delay, if temporary shit happens, we'll tell you so
- We know our first prototype run will not be perfect, This is why we take this into account. Money and agenda are planned for three rounds of prototype. Delivered products will not be alpha releases.
- As stated below, we won't use solid molds, so no useless wait for casing.

A quick note from the backers perspective : 

Some of our team members already participated to crowdfunding campaign as backers and sometimes, project owners treated backers with disrespect: no updates, no answers, no real consideration. No way, we won't act like that.

A real challenge.
Front: LCD touch screen
Back: Smart card slot

We don't want to have to wait months to have plastic injection molds. 
We thought using 3D printers and publish 3D casing files would be better. So we'll use 3D printers to build casing and you'll be able to do so too...

Later, we'll probably make other "non-3D printers based" compatible casings available... but for now we all agree we need to go fast and open :)

See below to preorder perks with Bitcoins

Bitcoin prices at the lower right of each perk box.

SHIPMENT COSTS ARE NOT INCLUDED : WE DO NOT WANT TO CHARGE EVERYONE THE SAME HIGH COSTS FOR EVERYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD. Some people want costly express services, some people don't.... some others want warranty or tracking services... so everyone will be contacted later to choose shipment according their location and expectations.

USB readers are here to simplify tests and direct smart card access from PC and MAC computers. This is very useful when debugging and developing applications. (These readers won't be part of the final PRISMicide solution).


What are USB Smart Cards ?

USB smart cards from hardwarewallet.com (developed by BTChip) are closed source USB small devices that are not part of PRISMicide platform but share most parts of the APDU API (we have common team elements).

USB smart cards are a great way to experience smart card based hardware wallets. They can be used as stand alone USB keys.

They are available here as perks because :

  • We all have enough T-shirts :)
  • it is fun to promote a low cost hardware wallet too
  • BTChip helps this project to raise more money through these perks

if you want more information about these USB smart cards, go to the official hardwarewallet.com website.

USB Smart cards are not compatible with PRISMicide reader.
ONLY ISO/standard smart cards (like PRISMicide ones) can be used inside PRISMicide readers. By the way, if you have smart card development skill, please remember you can develop your own smart card solution (you are not forced to use our smart cards).

What is the USB reader ? 

It is a simple standard smart card reader with USB connectivity. Not built by our team, it is a simple product and an easy tool to test, develop and diagnose PRISMicide smart cards without having to use the full PRISMicide reader.

Binaries (with source code) for Windows/Mac/Linux will be bundled with this small reader to help you to play with the PRISMicide smart card APDU API.

When we talk about this project to developers, hacktivists and "ordinary" people, lots of projects are often mentioned. So we already have many future projects and groups of people gathering around these ideas.

Let's be optimistic and imagine we can reach those goals below... here is the project that will be accelerated / focused on:

80 000 $
Focus on... SMS Encryption application

90 000 $
Newbie compliant PRISMicide smart Card introduction & documentation
DecKa OS development crash course and basic video tutorials

100 000$
Focus on... File Encryption features and GnuPG / GPG support

If these stretch goals are not reached, these features/services and other ones will only be delayed. We're confident developers communities will join their forces to provide applications for our platform.

For now, it will be enough. If money is really flowing, we'll discuss this further. The real important first step is to reach $40 000.

We'll add questions and answers during the campaign... 

>Did we already met somewhere ? Are you guys for real ?

We are mostly known from the french Bitcoin community. You may already meet us at Paris Bitcoin Meetups or events at "la maison du Bitcoin" ("French Bitcoin Embassy"). 
We were present at the official #BITCOIN2014 exhibition organised by the Bitcoin Foundation in Amsterdam (may 2014).

...and many working USB smart card based wallets were given there... :)

>What about Trezor project ?

Trezor was a great first step to provide a first "open" hardware wallet. We can't deny that point. It is still a great project.  Here are the main differences:
- PRISMicide is compatible with mobile platforms
- PRISMicide is based on a real secure element (smart card)
- PRISMicide has a bigger screen and input options for other applications than Bitcoin
- PRISMicide OS (both on the terminal and the card) is designed with applications lifecycle and isolation in mind to avoid reflashing the full firmware for each newly developed application
- PRISMicide is not just about Bitcoins, not even just about crypto-currencies, it is a real development platform for people to build their own secure solutions.

>I am already using a software wallet I like, can I use it with your hardware wallet ?

PRISMicide will provide very basic software bitcoin client for Android, then iPhone/iPad, then Linux/Mac OSX, then Windows.

We don't want to compete with existing great software wallets. We want to work with these software providers to be an optional secure storage and validation tool for their own solution.

PRISMicide wants to become an open standard and has already contact several wallet software providers (Multibit, KryptoKit, Electrum, Dark Wallet...) to ensure future compatibility.

>Great introduction... hmmm... elle n'existerait pas en français ?

Sisi, là : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5866H4E29rA 

(French video link above... you were warned :) )

>My compagny would like to work with PRISMicide team on a special project...

Please contact us at partners@prismicide.com

>I have another question...

Please contact us at questions@prismicide.com

>I work for a blog, newspaper, tv... may I contact you...

Please contact us at media@prismicide.com

>Why a unicorn inside DecKa OS logo?

Because Why Not.

>Can you... are you sure we can... ?

Of course. 
When losing confidence, please look below.

>How can I help ?


For other questions, please mail questions@prismicide.com

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    1 x PRISMicide reader (Full Bluetooth/USB portable reader with touchscreen) 4 x PRISMicide smart card (open source smart card) 1 x USB smart cards (standalone HW-1 hard wallet) 1 x USB reader (not PRISMicide reader) Priority Support. Dedicated support tickets.

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    2 x PRISMicide reader (Full Bluetooth/USB portable reader with touchscreen) 8 x PRISMicide smart card (open source smart card) 2 x USB reader (not PRISMicide reader) Priority Support. Dedicated support tickets.

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