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Help a close group of filmmakers come together to create their first feature length anthology film; exploring the irrationality of love in human nature.
Grant Lancaster
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"Nothing defines humans better than their willingness to do irrational things in the pursuit of phenomenally unlikely payoffs." Scott Adams.

Some have described love as a spell. Others have described it as a sickness. What they have in common is the idea that love, in its many forms, has the power to overwhelm the senses and control behavior. 

It's mysterious nature is made more so by its universality. There is no one who has not felt the grips of irrationality at some point in their life, an irrationality brought on by the need to love or be loved. And yet no matter how many times we may fall prey to it, the next time it rears its head we are equally caught off guard.

What are the specific ways we manage to find ourselves in its hands? How do we fail to realize it until it's too late? And how is it that everyone, everywhere is equally subject to it?

It is beyond culture, beyond race, beyond sex. It is beyond age, or money, or religion.

It is simply human.

Prism brings this perspective of love to the surface, by capturing stories where love acts as an overwhelming force of irrationality.

Also, in utilizing a multi-story structure, it explores the strange dichotomy of irrationality: both a unique, personal experience and a universal human phenomenon at the same time.


PRISM is an anthology feature comprised of six stories by six directors. The only connection these stories have to one another, is the overall theme which is the irrationality of love and how it drives us to behave in extreme ways. As the film progresses, the audience will be brought on a journey through many segments that individually explore the theme. Each story, running between 5 and 15 minutes, will encompass different genres - comedy, dark-comedy, noire, drama, science-fiction and suspense.

Although the stories will differ in every way, look, feel, tone, time, and space, they will flow from one to the next through seamless transitions.

Why Prism? Just like a prism can be used to separate a beam of white light into a spectrum of colors, our film takes one idea and expands it into several perspectives. 

Everyone involved in this project has had much experience working in independent film, commercials and music videos. But making a feature film is something that can be a challenge early in ones career, which is why this is an amazing opportunity to bring their talents together and showcase their work.

TWO of the segments, Logic, directed by Nick Snow and Shortest Distance are already shot , edited, and almost complete!  So we are well on our way to making this feature film happen. 


We have come together because we create high quality on a low budget. Our fundraising goal is set to the minimum amount at which this project is possible, but this still involves guerrilla filmmaking techniques. Should we exceed our goal, we will use the excess funds to avoid stealing, begging, and borrowing, insuring better means of filmmaking. Even more so, that extra backing will be put to use to submit our movie to more festivals, to promote the living hell out of it, and to gain distribution. If we happen to fall short of our goal, we will revert back to our much too familiar ways of guerrilla filmmaking to finish our project.

Bottom line, we're making this film and every additional pledge allows us to minimize compromises and maximize quality.

Making films has become much easier since the old Hollywood era, but there’s still a lot that goes into production. Your donations will be put towards elements of pre-production, production, post-production and even distribution and marketing. That means that no donation is too small, and will be put towards a variety of elements  including getting locations, wardrobe, paying cast and crew. And of course, making sure our finished product looks amazing!

Every pledge matters! Each contribution has a ripple effect on our project. And keep in mind that most of the perks may not be available until our endeavor is complete.


If you aren't in a position to support the film financially at this time, that's okay!  Another way to help is by spreading the word about this project using the share tools here on Indiegogo. Share our website. Join and share our Facebook Page. Tweet and blog about us! Direct others who might be able to get involved back to this Indiegogo page. Anything and everything helps!



Lee Peterkin, Writer, Director

Lee Peterkin is a Brooklyn based filmmaker. During his time studying film and theater at the University of South Carolina, he gained recognition for his screen writing, film and video projects from the faculty.
Living in NYC, Lee has contributed the Shorts Show as a writer, director, and actor. He also has many credits for his involvement on short films, feature films, commercials (including ads for McDonalds, Baby Björn, and, and music videos. Currently, he freelances under the company Trêo Pictures as a writer, director, and cinematographer. Check out his website and reel

Nick Snow, Writer, Director

Nick Snow originally hails from Buffalo, NY and has been living and working in NYC as a filmmaker for 7 years now. In 2010 he and Don Hatton founded Dashford Media, a multi-faceted production company, creating a number of short films and music videos. He also works closely with The Shorts Show, writing and directing a number of web based comedy sketches with them.  Check out his website and reel


Grant Lancaster, Writer, Director

Grant Lancaster started out by fulfilling the age-old cliche of making films at the early age of 10 with his parents camcorder, and hasn't stopped since. Focusing mainly on a career in acting, he has received training at the London Academy of Film & TV, studied at the San Francisco Comedy College and Shelton Studios in California, completed a Bachelor's Degree in Acting in New York where he graduated with honors and an academic minor in psychology, and was one of 8 chosen to earn a Master's Degree in Acting from UC Irvine in 2013. 

During the first year of his Masters he wrote the feature film 'Wilt', which he then co-directed and starred in the following summer. His work has been shown at the TriBeCa Film Festival, Tacoma Film Festival, London Film Festival, Cannes Short Film Corner, New York International Film Festival, and the SAG Short Film Festival to name a few. He is also a photographer, slam poet, and stand up comic. Check out his website and reel

Miguel Parga, Writer, Director

Miguel Parga has been in the business 18 years. While working for ABC Network News with Peter Jennings he won an Emmy, a Peabody and a DuPont Award. Later he moved to Los Angeles where he produced commercials for Pepsi, Fisher Price, Canon, Miller Lite, The Apprentice and others. He also wrote scripts for Josh Oppenheimer (Sahara and Mandrake the Magician), Julia Pierrepont and Rodney Wilson. Miguel currently teaches at the New York Film Academy and was the academic director for their summer programs at Harvard University and Mumbai, India. He’s directed 16 short films, some that have been in festivals all over the US. His first novel Blood Laws was published by Anaphora Literary Press last year. Check out his website and reel

Corey S. Rutledge, Writer, Director

Corey Scott Rutledge, a Detroit native, moved to NYC with a computer graphics degree and instead chose to begin a career as an actor working out of Brooklyn. Moved onto screenwriting which in turn led to directing and the creation of The Shorts Show, a Brooklyn based sketch comedy show. 
Looks to expand his future film work as an actor, writer and director. Check out his website and imdb

 Luis Alarcón, Writer, Director

Luis Alarcón was born 1984 in Medellin, Colombia. Moving to Connecticut at a very young age, basically growing up in the states. Since his youth, he's been involved in the arts from Drawing, Painting and Music production. He moved to NYC in 2006 to learn the art of filmmaking from the ground up. Since then he's been involved in countless productions offering his skills in Cinematography, writing, editing and directing. Currently living in Brooklyn, he maintains a close relationship with The Short Show, as well as Dashford Media. Luis is currently Creative Director and co-founder at Trêo Pictures and looks to further expand his knowledge of the craft that is filmmaking. Check out his imdb

  Anna Dale-Meunier, Producer

Anna, a French-Canadian native, migrated to New York in 2011. She has studied filmmaking since 2006, earning a college degree in Filmmaking, a BA in Communications from the University of Ottawa and a Filmmaking Certificate from NYU - winning the Technisphere Award for her thesis film The Hunt. Her first job in New York was as the Associate Producer of the feature film Delusions of Guinevere (Dir. Joanna Bowzer). She has produced several projects including music videos with Trêo Pictures and sketches for The Shorts Show. Check out her imdb

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