Prince Charlie's Angels...Stories from The Anglo-Files, RealityDocumentary Pilot

Follow Five American women as they escape to England in pursuit of their Anglophile obsessions! Real Housewives meets Bridget Jones Diary!
Marlise Boland
Los Angeles, California
United States
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It is a truth universally acknowledged…..

“Anglophile": One who has an insatiable appetite or obsession for England, its history, its people, its pop culture…basically all things English.  For some it’s hard to live in the reality of their Non-English world…choosing instead to lose themselves in an existence befitting a Merchant/Ivory film…”


Prince Charlie’s Angels…Stories from the Anglo-Files

 With the world’s spotlight shined on the recent fairy tale Royal Wedding of Prince Charles', and the late Princess Diana's, eldest son Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton....Anglomania is at an all time high!  The Royal newlyweds enjoyed mass public  adoration on a recent trip to America, Young women clamor for the latest Kate Middleton inspired fashions, Men admire style icon and sexy sports star, David Beckham, “Afternoon Tea” is the new “power lunch” and Anglophile-traditionalists trace the footsteps of Jane Austen's England with annual pilgrimages to Bath. Indeed, even last year's most acclaimed and awarded film hailed from England, "The King’s Speech"  starring England's current national treasure, Colin Firth. While Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II prepares to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee...London readies itself for the onslaught of tourists bound for the 2012 Summer Olympics, a majority of doubt...will be American Anglophiles!  


"Prince Charlie's Angels...Stories from the Anglo-Files" follows five American women…All self-proclaimed “Anglophiles”…in their quest to abandon their monotonous, overbooked lives in America and escape to England and emerge themselves in their secret Anglophile Obsession! largely inspired by Jane Austen novels, Merchant/Ivory Films, Colin Firth and English pop-culture! 

It's “Real Housewives” meets “Bridget Jone’s Diary” or Sex and the City...In London!


Our Anglophiles will live together in a traditional London flat. They’ll be sent out on a variety of "experiences" meant to either fulfill their English fantasies…Like performing in the West End,attending Royal Acot or other "posh events", or exposing them to eye-opening realities!  Will their “Merchant/Ivory” experience resemble the life of a society debutante….Or shall it be more akin to the life of the downstairs help?

For these dream-filled Anglophites…it may very well be “to the Manor born”. Or perhaps….a lesson learned that the grass is NOT always greener on the other side….Or is it??  Stay tuned....


            Prince Charlie’s Angels…Stories from the Anglo-files!

                  Reality TV…with Class!  And, an accent….

The Anglophiles Need Your Help!!

Please help us send the Anglophiles Cast and Crew to London to shoot this unique, exciting and timely piece! Join us on the journey and receive an "insiders sneak peek" as our Anglophile adventure unfolds! Anglophile experiences, high profile cameos and "surprise guests" have already been pre-arranged in London. (We will announce all exciting special guests once our project is funded and production dates have been confirmed) All  UK participants are enthusiastic and ready to go! But time is of the essence as many of our "name" participants will be moving on to other projects and availability will change. Our goal is to shoot the Anglophiles in London in October...which is just around the corner! 100% of all contributions will go towards production costs: travel to London for cast and crew, London Flat for our Anglophiles and lodging for Production staff (Director, DP, Producers), meals, local production crew, post-production and marketing. If our goal is not reached within the allotted time period...we will CONTINUE fundraising, not only on Indie Go Go, but through private and corporate sponsors as well...until the project is fully funded!  Your contribution to the Anglophile project WILL be used for this production!  All contributers will receive regular updates on how the Anglophile project is progressing! 

It is IMPORTANT to know that although our production costs are quite higher than the "goal amount" we have specified in this campaign, we have decided to aim for a lower amount to save having to pay higher commission fees. If we don't reach our 'stated goal' then we must pay a higher commission off of our profits...which means less going towards production. However, if we DO reach our stated goal (perfect world!) we are STILL able to continue accepting contributions, above and beyond that goal...until the campaign ends!! It’s a win-win situation!!

Prince Charlie's Angels...Stories from the Anglo-Files" is a unique and fresh approach to the 'reality' genre with it's classy dynamic, International flair and a subject matter that is as hot as today's headlines! There is nothing else like it on the market today and we hope to usher in a new generation of Anglophiles as we spread our Anglophile-enthusiasm with all our supporters and future viewers! Further "Anglophile" branding and marketing is currently being developed. Our supporters will continually receive updates and information on how to keep your participation alive within the Anglophile Organization!

    Support "Prince Charlie's Angels...Stories from the Anglo-Files"

Anglophile Perks and Privileges

There are many levels of contribution opportunities and support you may offer to our project. In return "Prince Charlie’s Angels" is quite excited to offer our supporters unique, one of a kind "Perks and Privileges" in thanks for your contribution! A “Meet and Greet” with our beautiful Anglophile cast, an insiders sneek-peak at “First Look: The Making of Prince Charlie’s Angels…Stories from the Anglo-Files”, exclusive invitation to a viewing reception, Autographed DVDs, photos, posters, limited edition T-shirts and hats are just some of the perks our supporters can receive. Perhaps you’ve always desired to get involved in the industry as a Producer? Producer-ships are being offered at higher levels of contribution. Please read our descriptions of the various Producer positions available and if interested visit our website for more information or contact us at  

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world” ~ William Shakespeare

Always remember….NO donation is too small…each and EVERY contribution is greatly appreciated and will help move our project move forward!

           Sound the Trumpets! Shout it from every rooftop!

    The Anglophiles Are Coming! The Anglophiles Are Coming!

“What means this shouting?” William Shakespeare, once said...HELP SPREAD THE WORD!! Shout out and share this link with all your friends, family and social networks: Twitter and Facebook!  And do it OFTEN! We all lead busy lives and often forget our "to do lists" without a little reminder once in awhile. You may also contribute on our website (launching soon!) at: or contact us at


Thank you for your time and consideration!

Executive Producers,

Marlise Boland, Toni Farina and Beth Aranda

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    "Friends of the Anglophiles"

    As William Shakespeare once wrote, “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world”~ Please know...EVERY contribution is most deeply appreciated no matter how small! Thank you for supporting our project you will receive Weekly Updates on the progress of "Prince Charlie's Angels...Stories from the Anglo-Files"

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    "Mr Darcy's Angels"

    “In vain I have struggled this will not do, allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love….The Anglophiles!” And we love YOU for choosing to be Mr Darcy’s Angels! You will receive an exclusive "Prince Charlie's Angels" poster and our official monthly Anglophiles Fan Club Newsletter!

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    "Knights of the Anglophiles"

    Chivalry is NOT dead! We thank you, kind Lords and Ladies fair! As thanks we humbly offer you an Autographed Cast Photo of our beautiful Anglophiles, along with an official "Prince Charlie's Angels Poster", monthly Fan Club Newsletter and Weekly Updates on our production!

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    "Shakespeare's Anglophiles"

    "Gold that's put to use more gold begets!" ~William Shakespeare. We can no other answer make, but, thanks! For our gratitude you shall receive a Limited Edition DVD Set which will include the Anglophiles Pilot and a “Behind the Scenes: Making of Prince Charlie’s Angels”; Autographed Cast Photo; “Prince Charlie’s Angels” poster; Monthly Fan Club Newsletter and Weekly Updates!

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    "Fab Four Anglophiles"

    Money "Can't Buy Me Love" but it CAN buy our gratitude! "Fab Four Anglophile" supporters will receive a personal PHONE CALL from one of our lovely Anglophiles, to personally thank you for your support and to discuss Anglomania! You will also receive a VIP MEMBERSHIP into "The Anglophiles Fan Club" which will include a Limited Edition Anglophile T-shirt, DVD Set of the Anglophiles pilot and "Behind the Scenes: Making of Prince Charlie's Angels", Autographed Cast Photo/Poster, Newsletter & Updates

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    "Austentacious Anglophiles"

    "It is a truth universally acknowleged..." that the Austentacious Anglophile is much appreciated! You will enjoy Afternoon Tea with Executive Producer, Marlise Boland, at the popular Paddington's Tea Room in Beverly Hills! A Personal phone call from one of "Prince Charlie's Angels", a VIP Membership into the "Anglophiles Fan Club" (as above), and Special Thanks on our DVD will complete this perk! UK DONORS: Enjoy Tea w/Executive Producer at Harrods or Fortnam and Mason! (Subj to Avails)

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    Prince Charlies Angel Investor

    Our Angel Investors will receive "Contributing Producer" credit on the DVD! Then join us for tea as you are invited to an Exclusive "Meet and Greet Afternoon Tea Party" with our Star Anglophiles at the Home of our Executive Producer; VIP Membership in our Fan Club as well as an Invitation to the Exclusive Viewing Party, is what we have in store for our Angel Investors! UK DONORS: Will get to VISIT THE SET for the Meet and Greet Afternoon Tea w/the Cast! (Date TBD) Travel to parties not included.

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    The Royal Anglophiles

    Royal Anglophiles are our crown jewels and will receive an "Associate Producer" credit in the DVD plus an exclusive Personalized Greeting (audio or video TBD) from a WEST END STAR! (personality subject to availability) Invitation to our "Meet & Greet Afternoon Tea Party" with "Prince Charlie's Angels", VIP Membership in our Fan Club, and Invite to Viewing Party~ (as above) UK DONORS: Will get to VISIT THE SET for a Meet and Greet Afternoon Tea with the Anglophiles Cast! Travel Not Included

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    "Prince William's Anglophiles"

    Prince William's Anglophiles will be bestowed with full On-Screen "Producer" credit! Then celebrate at a Lunch with the the Stars of our show at the famous English establishment, "Kings Head Pub" in lovely Santa Monica, California. Perks also include all of the above: The Meet and Greet Afternoon Tea Party, VIP Fan Club Membership, and invitation to the exclusive Viewing Party! Perks fit for a Prince or Princess! UK DONORS: Pub Lunch w/Cast in London (location TBD),VISIT SET! Travel Not Included

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  • $10,000USD
    Queen's Consort, Prince Philip

    Our regal "Queen Consort" will enjoy "Co-Executive Producer" credit on the final DVD, You may sit in on final casting callbacks for our Anglophiles, See dailies shot in London, be included in the post-production progress. Our "Co-Exec Producer" will enjoy a visit to Academy Award winner, Colin Firth's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, then enjoy Lunch with our brilliant cast at the Pig N Whistle Pub in Hollywood; VIP Fan Club Membership, Invitation to the above mentioned Exclusive parties!

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  • $20,000USD
    Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth

    Our Monarch will receive full "Executive Producer" credit, input on casting and post production! A Majestic perk awaits with a Luncheon held in YOUR honor at the exclusive, Members Only "CLUB 33" above New Orleans Square at Disneyland, with our beautiful cast and talented director in attendance! Our Monarch will receive all the royal perks mentioned above along with our deepest Anglophile gratitude! (*Optional Luncheon Spot: The famed "Polo Lounge" in the Beverly Hills Hotel! or UK: Wolseley)

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