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Rage on Saturday. Up for Church on Sunday.
Marlo Miller
678 Facebook Friends
Long Beach, California
United States
3 Team Members


Prime is the first scientifically tested and proven supplement that eliminates hangovers. If at least one in four alcoholic drinks you consume throughout your day contains Prime, you will wake up with a significantly reduced to no hangover, and you'll be ready to start the next day. We have developed a one of a kind formula, but now we need help with finalization of flavoring and manufacturing. With your donations to our Indiegogo campaign, together we will revolutionize the way people drink and party! Every donor gets to try it for themselves, even at 5$!

Prime mixed with lemonade and vodka. *Ultra awesome custom bottles not included.

So What is a Hangover?

It’s not just that pounding headache you may get after drinking, but the general discomfort that you feel the day after drinking. The symptoms of a hangover can range from feeling sluggish, loss of appetite, and feeling drowsy. The reason you get hung over is because when you drink your body produces acetaldehyde in your blood stream which depletes Vitamin B1 and can damage your liver. Your liver naturally produces chemicals to keep the level of acetaldehyde toxicity in check, but it reaches a point when it can no longer produce enough fight it. 

How Prime Helps

Prime has the amino acids and biochemicals your liver needs to naturally break down acetaldehyde and prevent it from harming your body. It also has the electrolytes needed to help keep you hydrated and a vitamin B complex to prevent next day headaches. Prime only breaks down the toxic byproducts of alcohol metabolism and not the alcohol itself.

Our goals:

With funding, we'll be able to put Prime in the reach of every potential party goer by delivering Prime in easy to use single serving containers. These small and discreet packages are easy to bring virtually anywhere. 

They can fit in...                                                                                                                     ~Your purse                                                                                                                        ~Your pant pocket                                                                                                                ~Your Fannypack ( but seriously don't )

Your contributions will go towards getting Prime formulated and flavored at a top forementioned laboratory, to setting up a large scale manufacturing system and as stretch goals - advertising and changing the world for the better.

Our Testing Process: 

Prime is the only supplement of its kind that has gone through various tests to prove that it actually reduces the rate of hangover by a quantifiable amount. We would not want to sell people anything that we were not sure worked, so we made sure we tested Prime repeatedly before releasing it into the world.

The tests we used were:

A reagent test to see the levels of acetaldehyde in the test subject before and after heavy drinking. For this test we had people of similar height and weight drink the same amount with Prime introduced into their system. Through this we were able to see a decrease in toxicity but did not have a quantifiable amount.

The second method of chemical testing yielded more precise chemical data, and tested using Headspace Gas Chromatography equipment. We took samples of the subjects' urine and put it through the machine to find the actual level of decrease in toxicity. Through this we found an approximately a 73% reduction in estimated blood concentration levels of hangover-causing acetaldehyde.

The third test was an introspective individual survey. We gave people Prime and got them very very drunk, half of the people had a placebo, the rest were given the actual supplement. The following morning they were asked to complete surveys rating their levels of discomfort from 1-10 (1 being I've never felt better and ten being I feel like I was just hit by a massive truck). The average discomfort reported from the experimental group was 2.6 and the average discomfort from the placebo group was 7.8

We would also like to take this moment to say we are really really sorry for the people we gave hangovers on purpose. It was all in the name of science.


-Prime only prevents hangovers.
- It does not protect people against any of the other damaging effects of drinking alcohol including but not limited to liver damage and alcohol poisoning. 
- It will not keep you from making regrettable decisions or going home with questionable people.
-It will not keep you from throwing up on your roommate's cat.
-It will not allow you to drive after drinking a few beers. 
Please do not drink while pregnant and please enjoy responsibly. Thank you!

About Our Team

The Prime Company was founded in Long Beach by two college students  (Marlo and Walter) with a dream of a future with no hangovers. Andrew (a student at UC Berkeley) joined the team earlier this year.

Walter (a Chemistry major at Cal State Long Beach) developed and tested the formula for our modern miracle. His love of science has gone as far back as he can remember and he has loved every minute of applying his mad science skills to changing the way you party.

Marlo is the resident Marketing and PR girl for Prime. She graduated a semester early from Cal State Fullerton while maintaining a full time job and an internship almost every semester

Andrew is a motivated entrepreneur who has worked with several start ups in the past including his own food delivery company.

(From left to right: Marlo, Walter and Andrew)

Risks and Challenges

This business is a small startup being run by two university students, a recent graduate, and a handful of freelancers. We have had very limited financial resources thus far, but have been able to use scientific resources from the founder's university to effectively prove that our product is functional. So far, the supplement formulation and testing has been run informally on the minimal resources available over a long period of time. Despite these limitations, we have overcome many of the challenges of testing and functional formulation, and we continue to do so.

Upon funding, the last stage of development will begin- the formulation of the flavoring and developing a large-scale manufacturing and distribution process. This process will be done in part by a professional firm with over eight years of industry experience and an expansive portfolio of successful beverages launched. Unless our laboratory in Van Nuys is destroyed by aliens or Russia starts World War III, it is unlikely that the product should fail to be developed.

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This campaign ended on June 15, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Try Prime

    You get one packet of Prime- enough for 4 drinks. You also get the satisfaction of knowing you are a part of forever changing the way people party- you have our deepest gratitude and admiration.

    9 claimed
  • $10USD
    Start the Party

    You will receive 2 single serve packets of Prime- enough to keep you fresh after 8-10 drinks. You're a badass, and thank you for donating.

    13 claimed
  • $20USD
    Night Of Fun

    You will receive 3 packs of Prime and an e-book on making different cocktails using prime.

    12 claimed
  • $35USD
    Party Pair!

    You will get 4 Prime packs- enough for you and a friend to have 16-20 drinks and wake up hangover free. Or you can keep it for yourself and rage for two nights straight. You also get the cocktail book.

    4 claimed
  • $50USD
    Night on the Town!

    7 packs of prime- enough for 32 drinks! That's enough Prime for even the craziest of fourth of July or Coachella weekends.+ the cocktail ebook.

    9 claimed
  • $75USD
    Keep the Party Going

    10 packs of Prime. 40 drinks, and the cocktail e-book. You can drink all day everyday at Burning Man, or spend a week in Vegas, with no hangover.

    0 claimed
  • $100USD
    Party Royalty

    You are a party god. That's enough Prime for that month long trip you wanted to take to Germany and Belgium. DAS BOOT! You'll also get a super rad custom PRIME T-shirt specially designed for our sponsors, and enough Prime for 80 drinks, and the cocktail ebook.

    4 claimed
  • $300USD
    Prime Monster

    You're invited to attend an exclusive Prime party in LA+ you will each receive a swag bag, a T-shirt, and 32 packs of prime. That's 128 drinks. Wow.

    1 out of 5 claimed
  • $500USD
    Prime Access Pass

    You and 3 guests are invited to attend an exclusive Prime party in LA+ you will each receive a swag bag, as well as enough Prime for the night, and 32 servings each to take home. That's 128 drinks for each of you.

    0 out of 2 claimed
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