Pride of Dogs

A show about two gamers, trying to stand out in the world's craziest online game - "Death or Glory"



"Listen up, recruit! You are here for one reason, and one reason only - to kill rebels! In a matter of few minutes, you'll leave the shielding walls of this hall and enter the battle grounds. Once you do that, try to listen to the sweet symphony of the bullets flying-by and flesh being hit. That symphony will be the theme of your death or your rise to glory! Beware though - they can smell the sweat on your index finger from miles away and boy, you have no idea how crazy that smell makes them! They are sharp, relentless and will not hesitate to draw blood! The last batch we sent ended up as decoration for their spikes! Just make sure you got your gore enabled. If you want to survive you got to work with your teamates! Those of you who come back alive will become a member of the pride and get all the perks- new weapons, better gear and most important of all countless hot chicks! So what will it be? Death, or glory? Oh, by the way, don't camp! I will not tolerate campers in my clan! don't make me go all T.K on your asses!"

–Pride leader's motivational speech before every online match

Meanwhile, in the real world, two "Death of Glory" players (aka DoGs), the world's best and only massively multiplayer online role playing first person shooter (or MMORPFPS), are scouting for the best clan out there. Well, maybe "best" is an overstatement. They have already rejected them, killed them and for some reason- crouched numerous times over their heads. Finally, one clan is willing to recruit them- if they are willing to put up with the stupid name. Soon, the two "Dogs" will enter the pride and maybe even get the chance to crouch in their enemies face for once!



Questions Anyone..? 

"Pride of Dogs" is an action/comedy web-series based on a fictional game world- the world of "Death or Glory"- where teams fight each other to the death, respawn and fight to the death again. The series follows two gamers - an overconfident DPS and a grunting tank - who just joined a failing clan called "Pride of Dogs". Also featuring: an over-the-top dictator as the clan leader, a beautiful female gamer with a secret, a half-naked goth sniper and an unwilling medic with incurable depression. The show will be interactive in a way- All heroes will start out as "noobs" but may level up as the show reaches certain view-count milestones. The first season will include 9 episodes (5-10 minuets in length) and will be free to watch on YouTube. Based on your support, we may add up to 2 bonus episodes.


Campaign Progress - Updated to 10/01/2012



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My vision


Me and my vision

Hi, my name is Adam Fridman- a student of Screen-Arts, a gamer, an ex special-ops officer and most importantly- an ethusiastic filmmaker. To me, "Pride of Dogs" is more than a synopsis, characters and cool explosions- it's about incorporating you in the entire process- all the way from the script and storyboard, through character customization and up to the actual player names appearing on the screen. How many times did you watch an action sequence and thought "that was lame" or "meh, I could come up with something better"? That's exactly what we're out to change. My vision is to create the best webseries on the web and I know I'll make it because I have the greatest weapon- you!



My team

To take that vision a little closer to reality, I assembled a dream team of artists and professionals- actors, writers, post-production artists, make-up artists, composers and more! As an ex special-ops soldier I know my way around combat simulations, and my team is no different! Almost all of them have military experience - officers, fighters, combat instructors etc. I got the whole team stoked for this adventure but there's only one thing we need to get rolling- your support!

My team


What's a soldier without firepower?

As I said, I have the best team out there but what I don’t have is means. The very minimum we can begin production with is 10,000$. It will pay for props like combat gear and weapons, camera accessories and field-recording gear for action-oriented filmmaking and maybe even some gas money and combat snacks. If we go past the 10,000$ in pledges, we'll be able to shoot a 10th bonus special episode featuring swimsuit models* on ATVs with lots of explosions. *There will not be actual swimsuit models


we promise not to spend all of it in one GUNS-HOP


Your part in the show

So, what's in it for you? First of all, you'll get to enjoy a rare, high quality web-series made not only by a great team but by the contributors themselves. Like I explained in my vision, it's very important to me to gain as much as I can from you- not only your pledges but your ideas, thoughts and feedback- and I've done my best to reflect that perk-wise. Of course, you can support us without becoming a part of the production but what I'm most excited about is working with gamers from around the world in the quest of making the best web-series ever made for gamers!


Aid us in our fight!


More ways to aid in the fight

How else can you contribute? Share, share, share! We'll be releasing loads of share-friendly content like hi-res prints, videos and more. If sharing is still too much of a pain I can only ask this- keep us in mind, think about us once in a while and be sure to watch and subscribe when "Pride of dogs" comes out!


time to join the pride!


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