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Pricing Healthcare is busting the healthcare pricing market wide open, exposing the closely guarded pricing secrets of insurers and healthcare providers. We let consumers go to a single, easy-to-use website where they can compare procedure-level prices across all the healthcare facilities in their area.

If you’ve ever experienced the shock of an expensive medical bill, or known someone who has, then you understand the problem we’re trying to solve. Consumers have no recourse for outrageously high prices.  They want to know what they’re being billed for, what all of those procedure codes mean, if their bill is correct, and most importantly, if there's a place nearby that charges less.

There are lots of prices out there – list prices, insured rates, cash discounts.  We let people see all of it.  Nothing like this exists today.


A simple example of what comparative results can look like at Pricing Healthcare


The Solution (patent pending)

A number of companies have tried for years to convince hospitals and insurers to publish pricing data, but it's in the best interest of hospitals and insurers to keep this information secret.  Without this data, our competitors have been left to provide overly generalized estimates and very small fragments of the pricing picture, and have been unable to expose protected pricing data.

The data that could transform the healthcare industry is out there.  It’s sitting in our file cabinets and in the pile of bills on our kitchen counter. Our model is to help patients come together at the grass roots level, and anonymously share the pricing data from their healthcare bills.  That data is then combined and shown for your specific community, anywhere in the country.

Using our site is easy.  A user simply selects the facility listed on their bill, enters their primary insurance, then enters the service date, procedure code, and price charged from the bill details.  The site then displays descriptive information on the code, the lowest price for all payment types (including the average insured rate, the providers's retail and cash discount prices, and the medicare rate for the region), and names of the lowest-priced facilities in the area, with their prices.

Pricing Healthcare is pulling back the curtain on healthcare pricing by letting consumers anonymously share information from their bills online.  It's as simple as it is revolutionary.


Consumers can save hundreds and thousands of dollars, comparing prices and finding the best healthcare at the lowest price.  Not only can patients choose to go to a lower-priced provider for big savings, but our information can also be used in trying to get a provider to lower the amount on your bill after the fact.  Pricing Healthcare also helps consumers find abnormalities and errors in their bills, such as double billing.  We save all the data you submit and provide you with a dashboard that allows you to see and manage your healthcare history.

Imagine what we could all do, collectively, with all the data from our healthcare bills anonymously online and freely available to other consumers.  Healthcare providers, like all American businesses, will have to compete on quality and price.

The rise in healthcare prices is one of America's biggest crises.  Nothing is more effective at lowering prices than good old-fashioned competition.  We can work together and make a huge difference, by exposing healthcare prices on a single site that is open to everyone.

Pricing Healthcare home page for new users


Who We Are

We have a small, talented team of senior developers and a handful of top marketing and legal resources.  Most of us have had leadership roles on very large, enterprise-level projects at some of the biggest companies in America, and the founding members have worked together for years.

Randy, the founder and CEO, is also our chief architect and senior developer.  In addition to working for Intel, Microsoft, and HP, he has spent years building scalable web healthcare systems, and is passionate about making healthcare more affordable.

What We Need

We are just a couple months away from launching our public Beta (planned for June 2013).  Over the last year the Pricing Healthcare team has poured a lot of our savings and free time into this product.  In order to have a successful launch and reach a critical mass of people, we need additional funding for the following things.

  • A robust hosting environment: There are tens of thousands of codes with prices at hundreds of thousands of facilities in this country.  Our data set at launch time will be very large, and we need servers that can handle it.  Because our environment also has more complex security needs for things like HIPAA compliance, we can't get by with the cheap, smaller-scale hosting plans.
  • Supplemental data: We have opportunities to supplement portions of the pricing data, but that data has a price.
  • Outreach campaigns: The speed at which this site transforms the pricing landscape depends on getting information from a lot of people in a relatively short timeframe.  Additional funding will be carefully used to accelerate our outreach campaigns in targeted locations.

Your donations at any level will go toward these things.  We're asking for your help.

If you feel like you just can't contribute funds, we would love help getting the word out by mentioning our campaign in email and social media (see links to our pages below).  We also encourage you to use IndieGoGo share tools.

Donate Today

On behalf of our small team at Pricing Healthcare we thank you for your generous support as we bust healthcare pricing wide open.  We’ve tried to provide enticing rewards for your donations, but we know that the real reward comes in June 2013 when we launch our Beta and Americans can start comparing prices for the healthcare services that matter to them, at

Pricing Healthcare - busting healthcare pricing wide open


Randy is the founder and CEO of Pricing Healthcare

Randy Cox - founder and CEO


Listen to Bill Clinton talk at HIMSS 2013 on March 9th about the need for transparency in healthcare pricing

"Another thing, I think, needs to be done everywhere that isn't ..., is we need much more transparency in pricing" (interrupted by applause)


  More about the team
Randy Cox   Founder, CEO, CTO - Randy is a software architect, experienced analyst, and senior developer.  He has worked for Intel, Microsoft, HP, Allscripts, building scalable web healthcare systems over the last 3 year.  Randy is an expert in highly reliable, scalable systems, is rigorous in approaching enterprise-level solutions, and has a strong artistic / creative side.

Randy has a soft spot for families who struggle financially but want to be able to stand on their own two feet.  In a previous life Randy was a film composer and real estate investor.
Don Bennion   Chief Marketing Advisor, Board of Directors - Don is the chief marketing advisor for Pricing Healthcare.  He is currently Director of Business Strategy & Development at Adobe (Digital Marketing Business Unit), and has consulted large companies on their digital marketing strategy for 7 years - companies like Ford, Ikea, American Express.  Don also has experience in online sales, social media strategy and execution, and search engine marketing (SEM).
Bonnie Schreck   Advisor, Medical Coding Expert - Bonnie was a director and product manager at Ingenix and Contexo, with emphasis in coding and billing.  She consults on medical coding for various organizations and has an entrepreneurial spirit.
  Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe - Orrick is Pricing Healthcare's legal counsel.  Orrick is a global law firm that represents many of the largest public firms as well as over 1200 startups. They took us on as a client in September, 2012, and our primary liaison is San Francisco-based attorney Joseph Perkins, who was involved in advising Instagram in their buyout by Facebook.


  Frequently asked questions
Can I use the site without submitting data from my bills?
Our success depends on individual contributions from within each community. All users are required to enter at least one line item (a medical code and a price) from one of their recent medical bills.
Why do you require medical codes?
Medical billing is done at the code level.  Comparing line items with the same text description from two different bills may not be an apples-to-apples comparison.  For example, there is a different code (at a higher price) used for seeing a physician at their office if you are a new patient vs. an established patient.  There are also different codes used depending on how long you talk to your physician.  You should be skeptical of anyone offering to give you a quote on medical services that doesn't mention these codes.
Do you get data from other sources?
Yes. We are regularly importing data from public and proprietary sources and expect that flow to increase over time. Medical offices and hospitals may submit their chargemasters directly to us to publish, and we expect more and more will want to do so, especially those at the lower end of the price spectrum.
Can my doctor's office use your site when recommending treatments?
Yes, and please ask the facilities you visit to use Pricing Healthcare. We are also creating products specifically for medical organizations with the intent of providing better care for consumers at a lower cost.
Won't lower-priced care generally result in lower-quality care?
There have been studies year after year attempting to find a correlation between price and quality of care, but there has never been any evidence found that paying more will result in higher quality care.
How does the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) affect this space?
The ACA focuses primarily on providing insurance to Americans who did not have it, and does not slow the rise in healthcare costs.  Prices are increasing for many under this plan.  Government subsidies will be used to control rising costs for the rest, which masks what the real prices are, burdens taxpayers, and becomes a huge incentive for fraud.
Don't most people have good health plans through their employer?
The number of Americans with employer-based health insurance has been declining for years, and is now well below 50% of the country.  In addition, employers are rapidly moving to plans that minimize future costs for the employer and place much of the burden on employees, either through high-deductible plans or by businesses getting out of employer health benefits altogether.
Once everyone's insured, don't we all just care about our in-network rates?
The CBO estimates after the ACA is fully in place, there will still be some 30 million Americans uninsured.  And as insurance-negotiated rates increase, there are actually a growing number of people finding that going outside the insurance system and paying cash rates saves them a lot of money.
I'm on Medicare - is this site for me?
Medical practices lose a lot of money on Medicare and Medicaid patients. Large numbers of providers are getting out of this business. If trends continue, it will become increasingly difficult, even in the next 5 years, to find practices that will take on new Medicare or Medicaid patients, leaving those consumers, many with lower-than-average incomes, to pay high list prices directly (or find very expensive insurance). Pricing Healthcare will help these consumers find quality care they can afford.
  Additional FAQs
How does this site help me save money?
Many patients are becoming aware of the huge price differences there can be between facilities in the same area for the same service.  The media is also beginning to cover the fact that paying the cash price can sometimes be a lot less than going through your insurance.  Getting this information over the phone is almost impossible, and there are no other web sites you can visit to get this information.  We show you apples-to-apples comparisons of all the prices at facilities that are close to you.  With that data at your fingertips you can find care at a lower cost.  And even for services you have already received, we give you information on codes and descriptions and competitive pricing to make you a more formidable negotiator if you wish to call and get your payments reduced.
Is your first loyalty to consumers? What are your revenue sources?

Our site is open to everyone, and independent of any provider, insurance carrier, or government entity.  At this time we are not planning to collect ad revenue.  Our revenue model includes a small annual subscription fee after Beta (currently targeting about $15 per year for consumers) to cover license fees and other costs so we don't have to have ads on our site.  This keeps our loyalties focused on patients.  Later revenue streams may include hospitals, insurance brokers, and government agencies seeking to buy the data from the collective efforts of the American people (hospitals and insurers paying patients - that would certainly be a welcome change).

Some might be concerned about Pricing Healthcare positioning itself to rely on data streams from third parties.  We are of course always looking for data sources to complement our user submissions, but our goal will always be to serve consumers.  We have no interest in taking money or data from third parties that seek to move us in any way from that primary focus.

Finally, unlike insurance carrier price estimate tools, doesn't need to keep a group of hospitals or providers happy by hiding what they charge or hiding what competitors charge.  Nor are we under contract to keep some prices secret, as large medical institutions often are.

Do I need an account for each member of my family?
A family or household paying medical bills under one name will typically need only one subscription account.  We let you specify the patient for each medical bill item, so you can still track bills for specific family members.  Pricing Healthcare also lets you track payments for an aging parent that you are paying the bills for.  Our goal is to help your family simplify and lower their medical costs, not add to them.
Is my subscription tied to my employer or my insurance?
No, and you won't have to learn a new pricing tool if you go to another state, or if you change jobs or insurance carrier.
Can your team make this happen with just $70,000?
The $70k is to get us through a successful Beta launch and maybe 2-3 months (very lean months) of runway after that - not much more.  Our campaign’s stretch goal is $500,000, but if we only reach the $70k level, we will be seeking a larger raise from traditional investors after our June release.
Will I be able to give someone access to my account with restricted privileges?
An early user has requested a feature, termed "personal assistant access", where others can access your account and do certain things, without them having full access.  This would be useful in letting another person or organization submit large numbers of medical bills and EOBs on your behalf. The team is taking this feature request under consideration.
  Media links about the healthcare pricing environment

High Disparity in Healthcare Prices

2013, Mar – N.Y. Times (Economix) – U.S. Health Care Prices Are the Elephant in the Room -

2013, Feb – N.Y. Times (Healthy Consumer) – Quotes on a hip replacement in St. Louis might surprise even hardened health care economists -

2012, Jul – Consumer Reports – Health-care prices are all over the map, even within your plan’s network -


Consumers Struggle to Pay

2012, Jun – NY Times – Many Americans Struggle to Pay for Health Care, Survey Finds -


Big Changes in Employer and Other Insurance Plans

2013, Mar – BenefitsPro – 60% of employers moving away from traditional “managed trend” approach to healthcare benefits -

2013, Mar – NY Daily News – Small business owners have no strategy for coping with rising healthcare costs -


Lack of Transparency, Competition

2013, Mar – Pittsburgh Post Gazette – Keeping us clueless on cost of health care -

2012, Jun – The Heartland Institute – Sometimes the cash price is lower than the insurance negotiated discount.  Private-pay eliminates the third party and the insurance companies, and is truly a free-market device for patients as consumers of health care.  The trend of patients paying cash for health care services is a win-win situation for both the patient and the provider. -

2011, Dec – National Review – Why Not Medical Pricing Transparency? -

2011, Jul – Kellogg Insight – An Unhealthy Market for Competition: Health insurance companies in the U.S., not consumers, control the market -


Consumer Awareness, Advocacy

2013, Feb – HealthDay News – Patients who take an active role in their health care have substantially lower healthcare costs, even among patients with the same type of chronic illness -

2012, Aug – U.S. News (My Money) – 10 Ways to Deal with an Expensive Emergency Room Bill: request an itemized statement, check your statement -

2012, Jun – Patient Empowerment – What Is Healthcare Billing Fraud and How Can It Be Stopped? -




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