Preventing Headlines by Changing Lives

Headlines like “Teen shot in park” are all too common in our communities. You can create a new headline: “Neighborhood solves bullying incident peacefully!"
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Preventing Headlines by Changing Lives is sponsored by The Community Capital Fund, a nonprofit supporting community development initiatives in historically under-invested, under resourced communities in Kansas City, Missouri.


Who We Are:

At the Community Mediation Center (CMC) we know that Conflict Transformation Training Changes Lives.  We’ve been helping people find peaceful ways of solving conflict for 13 years, serving more than 30,000 people in the Kansas City area, with mediation, dialogue facilitation and training. CMC is a non-profit 501(c) 3, and no one is turned away because of a lack of ability to pay for service.  A small staff and many volunteers go to sites that are convenient for participants, and provide processes for respectful interaction, resulting in a plan to move forward in peaceful ways. 

Preventing Headlines by Changing Lives

Safe and Connected Communities

This project, Safe and Connected Communities, will provide a conflict resolution training experience for Kansas City residents in areas that are high risk for conflict and violence.  The training will teach the principles of Restorative Justice; all parties affected by conflict are included in plans to make things as right as possible moving forward.  A circle format will invite learning and a deep connection between participants, forming a core group of individuals who will support each other during and after the experience.  Participants will create a project to take back to their communities that will hold up the concepts of Conflict Resolution they have learned.

The Problem:

Homicide is the leading cause of death for persons aged 16-40 in Kansas City, Missouri.  Homicides account for more than 75% of KCMO’s violent crime in an area labeled the ‘Urban Core’ which accounts for only 9% of the city’s land mass (30 out of 320 square miles). Studies show that violence stems from unresolved interpersonal conflict, often beginning as a misunderstanding and escalating to out-of-control reactions to simple situations.  Although most residents attempt to live their lives in a law-abiding manner, persons overwhelmed by life, and dealing with social and economic woes, have created a different norm. 

Our Solution:

Your contribution allows us to put trained peacemakers as "boots-on-the ground" in our neighborhoods. Violence is a learned behavior and can be affected by combining evidence-based and innovative interventions.  Every community houses bright and energetic people who have a great capacity to foster and create positive change.  Safe and Connected Communities brings training and hands-on experience in conflict resolution to residents in the community who are best poised to spread the skills to others around them, creating a different norm from the inside out. Peace going viral!

Executive Director Annette Lantz-Simmons, MA: “I have witnessed hundreds of examples of reconciliation between parties that never dreamed they could come together, talk through their issues and co-create a plan to move forward in peaceful ways.  There is a new wave of collaboration and respect that is washing through our area.  We are helping to stir the waters!”

What We Need:

We need $19,950 to provide conflict resolution training experience for 3 groups of up to 25 participants, 5 sessions each group, meeting weekly for 5 weeks.

Recruiting for sessions $2,200

Incentives for participants $2,750

Childcare for sessions $900

3 trainers $4,500

Support for participants restorative justice projects $3,750

Snacks and materials (incl. training and textbooks) $3,150

Research $500

Admin/Staff costs $2,200

Total: $19,950

What You Get:

$10 and all other donations receive the headline you prevent, the new headline you made possible, and the story behind them.

$25 donation receives an original art print with a peace theme by Kansas City artist Rob Hatem.

$100 donation receives a one hour individual facilitation.

$500 donation receives a circle facilitation or training for your group.

$1,000 donation will sponsor a youth. Receive a personal letter from a youth who is benefiting from restorative justice or conflict resolution training.


Other Ways You Can Help:

Funds raised will support every aspect of the project; recruitment, training materials, childcare, facilitators, and participant projects. However, if you can’t or choose not to donate, you can still support the Community Mediation Center by volunteering to prepare/attend the sessions, talk to participants, write about the project, or donate in-kind supplies.


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    New Headline

    Donors will receive a new headline and story

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    Peace Print

    Donor will receive an original art print with a peace theme by Kansas City artist Rob Hatem

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    Facilitation - Individual

    Donor will receive a 1 hour conflict resolution consultation or training for up to 2 individuals

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    Facilitation - Group

    Donor will receive a 2 hour conflict resolution circle facilitation or training for your group (must be within 50 miles of the Kansas City metro area)

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  • $1,000USD
    Sponsor a Youth Participant

    Donor will receive a letter from a youth participant of conflict resolution facilitation describing their experience.

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