1969. Two teen girls encounter a family living on a movie ranch. Not any family. The Manson family.
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"Ms. Janos’ impressive screenplay is a marvel of subtlety as the terror builds, introducing us to a Charlie Manson few of us have ever met—up close, charming and  ultimately terrifying in his attractiveness to a duet of innocent rural schoolgirls.  Brilliant.”
                                           - Victor Miller, writer and creator of FRIDAY THE 13TH


PRETTYFACE is an original proof of concept short film written and directed by Jessica Janos in preparation for making the feature length version. 


Chatsworth, CA.

Summer of 1969.

Jenna, a rebellious sixteen-year old girl runs away on a horse named Prettyface.

Not wanting to be left behind, her best friend Marlena follows her.

When Prettyface is spooked and throws Jenna, the two girls stumble across a family living on an abandoned movie ranch.

Street-smart Jenna is not fooled by their talk of peace, love and living free, but the naive and very square Marlena is gradually seduced.

The situation gets dangerous.

This isn't just any family. 

It's the Manson family.

Who Are We?


Jessica graduated from the distinguished American Film Institute MFA Directing Program, where she began writing the feature length screenplay for PRETTYFACE.

She continues to write scripts and direct films, commercials and music videos. Some of her favorites include the MARK TWAIN EPK for Val Kilmer, FROM THE LOTUS for Prince and most recently PSYCHIC SPICE for Jesika von Rabbit.

Originally from Los Angeles, Jessica's father was a successful performance artist and photographer who mentored and influenced her work.

She entered CalArts School of Fine Arts at the age of 16. There she developed a love for Australian cinema.   

With ninety-nine dollars in her pocket and a desire to learn how to make those beautiful, emotionally haunting, low-budget films, she moved to Sydney.  Five years later she returned to Los Angeles to bring that vision home.

As a young teen, riding horses bareback through the hills of Southern California,  the trails littered with the evidence of an unspoken and unseen world; it was the refuse of old porn mags, torn women’s underwear, obscure graffiti and disemboweled cats that punctuated these travels, planting the first seeds of PRETTYFACE - the fascination and allure of the strange and dangerous world that exists on the edge of everyday society.


Fred Roos has worked with some of Hollywood’s most gifted filmmakers and actors over the last four decades. Roos’ long-term collaboration with Francis Ford Coppola includes producing the Academy Award-winning Best Picture The Godfather, Part II and the Academy Award-nominated Best Pictures Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, Part III, and The Conversation (winner of the Palm D’Or at Cannes). 

Other films include: The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, The Cotton Club, Gardens of Stone, New York Stories, Tucker: The Man and His Dream,  Barfly The Black Stallion and Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides.  He also was Executive Producer on Lost in Translation, Marie-Antoinette, Somewhere and The Bling Ring

His latest film is St. Vincent with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy.

Before producing, Roos had a legendary career as a casting director on: The Godfather, American GraffitiFive Easy Pieces as well as serving as casting consultant on Star Wars


Shayna started her production career as a casting assistant for music videos including Papa Roach, POD, Aerosmith and The Transplants.  

She quickly learned she wanted more creative input and moved into the world of unscripted television production where she has produced an eclectic mix of shows including So You Think You Can Dance, Phenomenon, Minute To Win It, RuPauls’s Drag Race and Brew Dogs.  

Shayna is also a screenwriter with a love for storytelling in the teen, fantasy and adventure genres and is currently turning her script, The Mirror Of Mirabelle into a novel.


After Cassandra graduated with a degree in Media in 2006, she developed  films in the USA, Ecuador and Spain.

Cassandra started her production company, SMILECASS PRODUCTIONS, where she does photography, video, documentaries, music videos and youtube programs, including arts such as stop motion, creature designs and special fx make up.

She joined with the Ibiza Film Festival and taught at Inclusion Films,  a workshop for children with disabilities, run by Joey Travolta.

In 2014 she traveled across the States recording THE SALO PROJECT, a series of pop up Filipino dinners. She keeps looking for new projects that involve passion and art.

Why Do We Need Your Help?

We are setting a high bar making PRETTYFACE.  

We must capture a specific tone to be authentic to San Fernando Valley, 1969. Our locations and props have to match the feel of the open spaces and that of the infamous Spahn Ranch.

Further, we need to give our actor the tools to embody the persona of Charles Manson.  This includes wig work, wardrobe and a replica of the hair vest the Manson Family sewed for Charlie and...

Jenna's unique gold finished 1930’s National Duolian Resonator guitar.

On top of the aesthetics, we also need to find our horse, Prettyface, Jenna's beautiful Mustang filly and a kick ass stuntwoman who can ride her.

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