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Fashionable, effective, non-medical solution to hot flashes and night sweats.
Debra J Solomon MD
Taos, New Mexico
United States
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Thank you to all those who participated in this campaign either by contributing or by sharing our link! 

Congratulations to Brooke Tatum whose referrals brought in the most dollars to our campaign.  She wins our Grand Prize, a full set of PrettyCool bedding worth over $1000!!!

Contributors will be receiving emails shortly to acknowledge contributions and to clarify information for getting perks sent out. We're still on track to deliver tanks and tunics by Christmas!!

Our web store is now live at with all of our products and gift cards available!!



I'm Dr. Debra Solomon. Based on my own personal experience and need, I've created an effective, fashionable, non-medical solution to hot flashes and night sweats. It's so simple, effective, and life-changing that I want to share it with the world of women--and the men who share their challenges!! 



 Having experienced hot flashes and night sweats myself, I can tell you--they are:

  • Uncomfortable

  • Unpredictable

  • Distracting

  • Distressing

  • Disruptive

  • and potentially Debilitating.

I needed to get past my temperature regulation issues to be at my best for my patients, my family, and my community and I know that there are millions of other women--and men and couples--with temperature issues who could experience life-changing benefits from our temperature regulating garments and bedding products too.  

Beyond making and selling products that work, we're looking at being game changers in the health/wellness world and in fashion.  We're done with the top down approach of the fashion industry and the medical world. We want to create a non-standard shopping experience in which our customers will be our consultants, our models, and our sales force--and share in the rewards of our success.  In addition to crowd-funding, we're looking to crowd-create as well.  We want to forge a new relationship with our customers--one where we are responsive to their input and we serve their needs.

I'm 55 years old and I just recently went through the menopausal change.  I used to suffer from hot flashes and night sweats. They are still there in the background of my day somewhere, but I found an effective way to tame them without medication. 

As a physician in psychiatric practice for 30 years, I've always seen medicines as a powerful last resort to be used when the benefits clearly outweigh the risks.   But I've watched the pharmaceutical industry "medicalize" all kinds of normal life issues.  Now they're investing heavily to develop new drugs for menopausal women. I think we need to be cautious about this. Menopause is no more a disease than childhood, adolescence, or pregnancy and many of the often-recommended hormones and medications may cause more problems than they treat. 

But the standard non-medical advice on dealing with hot flashes - carry little fans and spray bottles, wear layers we can strip off in public, avoid spicy food and hot drinks, wear clothing that wicks away sweat, etc. - wasn't good enough for me.  I wanted something safe AND effective.  Something that would reliably stop or diminish my hot flashes BEFORE the sweating and distraction and loss of sleep. 

Fortunately for me--and you--my hot flashes coincided with a solar heating project my husband was working on with "phase change technology" and I wondered whether it could be used in clothing...

Sure enough, it has been applied to fabrics in NASA space suits, in firefighter gear, and in some sports gear.  But no one before now has created garments specifically for the 15 million or more of us women who need temperature regulation 24/7, day and night. 




When I started working on this project, it was important to ME to have garments as stylish as they were effective, that I could wear ALL the time since hot flashes happen any time.  It was astounding to me that, not only was no one catering to our physical needs in the fashion industry, so many of the fashions for older women seem to be reworked versions of the designs created for younger women.  There are so many of us, I thought.  Doesn't anyone care what we want and need to wear?  So I figured we needed an insider to create a new paradigm in fashion and comfort for more mature women.  And that's how PrettyCoolWoman Cooling Tanks and Cooling Tunics began...


How it works (and why it's better than anything else out there)

Our products use microencapsulated Phase Change Materials (PCM) that are embedded in the fiber of the fabric. Under 5000x magnification, they look like this:

The patented processes for integrating PCM into fiber for textiles was originally developed for NASA for use in space suits. We license the technology from Outlast LLC, the patent-holder. "Phase Change" in this technology simply means the change from solid to liquid (melting) and liquid back to solid (freezing).


Here's an example of a common phase change material - water!

The graph shows what happens to the temperature of water as it absorbs heat. The flat portion of the line shows the constant temperature of 32° as it melts from ice to liquid. Water absorbs a lot of energy while it melts, but the temperature stays constant until the ice is completely melted. Of course, 32° is too cold, so we use PCM based on other materials (mostly waxes) that melt and solidify at ideal temperatures for natural skin comfort. It works without ever wearing out, for the entire life of the fabric!

Our PrettyCoolWoman phase change materials are pro-active.  They'll minimize your temperature swings so you don't have to sweat, but, just in case, we've added wicking action and antibacterial properties to the fabric too so you don't have to worry about a thing!


We Need Your Support, You Need Our Products

We have assembled some of the best minds and hands we could find to create a series of prototypes. 

We now have our pattern and sizing perfected for real women's bodies and the right fabric blend for maximum effectiveness, look and comfort.  

                         CoolingTunic                                              CoolingTank



Because this special fabric has to be custom made and dyed in large minimum quantities, we had to order almost a mile in black to get started!  It will be knit and dyed to our specifications right here in the United States and our production line in Albuquerque is just waiting for the material to arrive.

Here's your chance to order your CoolingTanks and CoolingTunics in black.  If we can sell a few hundred, we have a business.  When we get to a couple thousand, we'll be on our way to changing the world together!

We've already spent thousands of our own dollars getting to where we are now.  We've bought fabric, paid designers and pattern makers, and spent thousands of hours in research and development. 

Our initial goal of $25,000 will cover some of those expenses. Another $10,000 will  allow us to begin a line in soft white.

$60,000 will get us to run a third color (or style) that you get to vote on.

Check out our perks.  In addition to our PrettyCoolWoman CoolingTanks and CoolingTunics, we're offering a full line of PrettyCoolHome temperature regulating bedding that your sleeping partner will appreciate as much as you do!

And, if you can't use our products yourself, you can buy them as gifts!

Or, donate them to one of our listed non-profits or a non-profit of your choice that can accept gifts in kind.  We'll ship them there and make sure you get the receipt for your donation. 



Let's create a movement together!  We can't do this without you!  Even if you are not a customer right now, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD THROUGH YOUR NETWORK!!!  Every woman will eventually reach menopause and likely need this relief. We want to be there, ready to serve. And that means we need to establish a sustainable business NOW. Help us do that, so we can be there for your mothers, your sisters, your daughters, your wives, your friends and maybe even you!

You can use Indiegogo share tools or go to our website at

Don't forget our referral contests and know that your early involvement on any level in this Indiegogo campaign puts you in our inner circle where you get direct access to founders Debra and Stephen no matter how big we grow!



1.  How do I know what size to buy?  Our tanks and tunics are professionally designed and sized to fit most real women’s bodies in all shapes and sizes from XS  to XXL. Our sizing chart shows the range of measurements that each size should fit. If you’re like me, you’ll want to also get tunics a size or two up to wear to bed!

2.  Do your tanks and tunics shrink?  They shrink just a little, maybe 3%, but then they stretch back out a little too when you wear them.

3.  What colors do you have?  Right now just black—which seems to look great on every woman who puts it on!  The special fabric is expensive with high minimums in each color, so we had to purchase nearly a mile and could only afford one color!  If our Indiegogo campaign goes well, we hope to make them in a soft white.  If it goes REALLY well, we’ll ask our customers to vote on the next style and/or color.

4.  I need it now!  How quickly can I expect to get it? The fabric should reach our production plant in Albuquerque by November 25.  Once we get some orders, we’ll get on production right away and get your tanks and tunics to you by December 11.  This should also be in time for holiday gifts! Our bedding products are available immediately!

5.  Do the colors run?  We have not had that experience, but you might want to wash the black with dark colors.  Wash in warm water and hang to dry.

6.  Will the phase change microcapsules wash out? No. We chose this particular application of PCM because it never washes out or loses its effectiveness. 

7.  Will I be able to feel the microcapsules? No, the fabric is soft and comfy—you can’t see them either.  You would never know they were there if they didn’t work so well!!

8.  What if I don’t want to take it off?  I’ve had that problem!!  I wear my prototypes day and night!  Fortunately, I don’t sweat much when I wear them most days, but when I sweat during a workout, the added wicking and antibacterial properties prevent them from getting stinky!  You’ll still want to wash them regularly so I
recommend getting at least 2 in each style.

9.  What will you do with the money you raise? We’ve gone out of pocket to produce our first line in black.  That's guaranteed delivery, which is why we opted for the flexible campaign.  We also want to make them in a soft white and, then, other colors and styles.  We can’t fund this expansion ourselves.   We'll do it with your help and your input on new colors and styles.  

10. I’ve tried wicking products before and they work a little.  How is yours different? Wicking products pull your sweat away from your body so you don’t get chilled.  Our PrettyCool technology actually pulls your HEAT away BEFORE you sweat and then gives it back to you when you chill down, within seconds--again and again.  So your temperature stays in a much narrower range and doesn’t swing wildly with hot flashes and night sweats.

11. Can I expect my hot flashes and night sweats to disappear?  I can’t promise that they’ll disappear entirely, but they might!  Some of our testers have had them disappear entirely. What I’ve found is that I’m sometimes aware of a hot flash coming on, but it never really gets going enough to distract me!  I like that my body continues to do what’s natural without making me suffer!

12. What’s the deal with your bedding?  Is it as good as the tanks and tunics?  EVERYBODY loves our bedding!  It uses the same phase change technology we’ve put in our garments and optimizes sleep temperatures for everyone whether they have night sweats or not! We have a full line of bedding, including mattress pads, sheets, pillow covers, blankets, etc.  Check out our website at for details. 

13. Why should I order now if I can just wait and order on your website? The more orders we get now and the more money we raise, the more options we’ll be able to offer sooner.  Also, we’d like our early adopters to be part of our inner circle. 
If you join us now, we’ll give you closer access to us; we’ll be able to hear and respond to your needs and suggestions even as we grow!

14. What if I don’t like it? We don’t think that will happen, but we want you to be completely satisfied.  Just return your unused product to us within 30 days for a refund less the percentage that goes to Indiegogo.

15. Can I use your products even if I’m not having hot flashes or night sweats?  Definitely!  We’re targeting women with menopausal hot flashes and night sweats because the need is so obvious! But think about it--all clothing we put on is meant to help to keep us cool or warm.  Our tanks and tunics are the perfect base for both—under anything! If your work day involves going between hot and cold, say in a restaurant between stove and fridge, or between indoors and out, you’ll appreciate our tanks and tunics.  And--we’ve found that couples often sleep better with our bedding products because they optimize sleep temperature for both partners. 

We're also finding a surprising number of women who are not in menopause expressing a need for temperature regulation for all sorts of reasons including thyroid problems, food allergies, toxic exposures, cancer treatments, or even just a variable climate or changing activities. Whatever the reason, our products will help regulate temperature to the normal human comfort zone.






President/CEO - Debra J. Solomon, MD
General Manager - Stephen J. Abt III
Business Advisor - Grace Brill
Fashion and Color Consultant - Ginger Burr
Color Consultant - Haleigh Palmer
Crowd-Funding Advisor - Marcia Kaplan
Graphic Artist - Alan Greco
Pattern-Maker (and mentor) - Kathleen Fasanella
Prototyping seamstress - Anne DuCoudray
Manufacturing and fulfillment - Jeff Alcalde
(with special thanks to all the eqpt. operators at Mar-Pac Inc.)
Videographer - Peter Walker/

Waders owner - Carrie Leven
Biker - Jorden Medina


And many, many thanks to our product testers and "models" - all real, beautiful women -

Jennifer Ammann
Ginger Burr
Rachel Cohen
Anne DuCoudray
Suki Dalury
Susan Dilger
Jodi Irons
Dora McQuaid
Fran Medina
Leticia Pacheco
Jennifer Peterson
Jeri Solomon
Kim Treiber

Special thanks to Lama Foundation, Gutiz Restaurant, Shree Yoga, Taos Equestrian Center, Latir Volunteer Fire Department and Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

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