My name is Colin MacDonald, and I am raising the production budget for my next short film--a film that will serve as my calling card as a writer/director!

My name is Colin MacDonald and I am owner of Foster Avenue Productions, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am independent filmmaker who over the past four years have self financed over 5 short films, including the Silver Wave Film Festival selections "Join Us" and "The Withered Dead".

We are now embarking on our next short film titled Presence, which is an experimental short drama that tackles the world of sound and its effect on the human mind and body. The film tells the story of Kyle, a young artist who is slowly driven insane after he begins to hear sounds that are not detectable by human hearing. What ensues is an exploration into the power sound has over our psychological and physical well-being.

We are aiming to raise our production budget of $3000.00 to cover the costs of equipment rentals, cast and crew fees, as well as location fees, special effect costs and craft services. If you're interested in seeing a detailed breakdown of the budget feel free to email colinm19@gmail.com and request one.


Even if you can't donate anything you can help spread the word and hit up our facebook, twitter, and company blog and spread the love. I would be forever grateful!

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