PREACT DON'T REACT is a 360 degree news media outlet designed to communicate vital information to the public DIRECTLY and without censorship or non-fact.

My name is Jerome Almon I have extensive academic, field study experience, a most importantly REAL WORLD experience in the areas that most affect America (PLEASE see www.preactdontreact.com for FULL details on why this is project is so important. You will be stunned by the information and the unlimited potential the project in affecting positive change in America/the globe). Due to my extensive activism and media interviews, my life is an open and heavily documented book as you will see.

I am an entertainment company owner, university lecturer/expert on domestic violence, urban violence, terrorism international politics, the global/national/local media, the Middle East, paratrooper, Desert War Vet, author, worked on the Delphi Project at the University of Toronto (project was based out of Belgium), and have been the subject of over 1,000 interviews, news stories, and documentaries in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa, and India.

The reason an honest, free, and truthful media is so important to me is that if it isn't, the negative ramifications are endless in terms of the damage they cause to families, children, and our culture.  Through my studies, life experiences, and knowledge from my mentors, I was able to get that needed straight forward information that all people should have access to.  That information was invaluable-literally it was the difference between life and death. Most of the problems afflicting America can easily be corrected if the citizens are given  direct and truthful information. If not, it will cost us everything we have built in this country over the past 200+ years and much of what we have gained in the West over the past 800 years. All the people that made the sacrifices to get America to where it is, should be respected by this generation. We should continue this much needed tradition. The bottom line is the project saves children's lives, keeps families in their homes, and gets our society back on track and following the progressive nature of our culture for future generations.

The bottom line is if America had the same honest and direct media outlets as Canada, Australia, Germany, and the rest of Europe -there would be no school shootings, no bailouts, no political gridlock, and no international terrorism. The media needs an innovator-and Apple/Google of reporting the news with the same scope and dedication in which the information is put out as efficiently as possible, and ALL information is put out to the public to decide its relevancy (THIS IS OPPOSITE OF HOW THE AMERICAN NEWS WORKS NOW).

ALL funding (partial or otherwise) goes directly to the media outlet, the $325,000 allows for a professional outlet with the best MINDS in the areas most affecting the country and the world with precise and relevant reporting on these issues. The funding would provide the necessary logistical and equipment needs for a world class media outlet. And as the link that provides more detailed information proves, I am able to provide the additional necessary funding through Phase III of the project. Anyone that can get the word out on the project or help in any other way is GREATLY appreciated.

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