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Helping Pastor Chris with His Hospital Bills, Helping In His Recovery. Prayer Saved Pastor Chris life, its a Miracle, You help,
joanie feustel
Los Osos, California
United States
1 Team Member

Helping Pastor Chris' with his hospital bills, helping in his recovery. 

  • Maybe pass one cup of coffee today helping with what you save. Thank you for helping Pastor Chris!

Helping Pastor Chris; He has done so much for so many...now it's our turn to help him in his recovery. 

He is recovering, getting stronger, it is truly a miracle. All he wants to do is o back and worhip the Lord. Thank  you for your prayers!

  • He came down with a triple strep infection around his heart, his left lung they drained out 3 litters of fluids, and outer chest cavity. He was in the hospital for 20 days. He had 2 separate draining tubes.
  • Dr's. were scheduling open chest surgery (like open heart surgery) to clean out the inner chest cavity infection. Chris' church and family put out "A Call to Prayer for a Miracle. The miracle happened, the next day Chris' infection drained over 50%. The Dr's. were in AWE just like we prayed. The next cat scan showed no change. Then we asked for "another miracle" for the rest of the infection to drain the remaining 50%. It was a Miracle! 3 days after the second call to pray, they sent him home. A planned open chest surgery to the Drs. sending all happened in one short miraculous week. 

    He is doing amazing! It is truly a miracle. Please continue to pray and Thank You. Prayer is so powerful!

    He prayed with his wife Shelene and said "Lord, all I want to do is come home and Worship YOU".

Chris has been the Worship Arts Pastor for the last 7 years at the amazing El Morro Church of the Nazarene with Senior Pastor Ron, in beautiful Los Osos, CA. next to Morro Bay. He is also a Christian recording artist and has 4 CDs. 

Prayer Saved Pastor Chris life, its a Miracle. Help this amazing family and get Chris' 4 Nashville Cds. Take a listen on Chris Keith itunes or www.ChrisKeith.com                                            He was selected as Music XRays hottest new artist for 2013. Amazing Cd's you will love!!

I am Joanie Feustel Chris Keith's mom in law, I wanted to help Chris and Shelene with this love gift. Donate $25 and I can give you Chris Keith's 4 Nashville CD's see Chris Keith itunes or www.ChrisKeith.com Cd's on Itunes are $10 each...Donate Only $25 and get all 4 of these amazing Cd's. You will play them al the time!

Take a listen to these amazing inspirational Cd's.The medical expense so far are at $6500. This is not including the daily IV antibiotics, at home nurses, and physical therapist. Plus the specialists, cat scans etc. 

The LOVE STORY & miracles: 

Chris and Shelene have been married for 25 years and I have never seen a couple more madly in love with each other...They are an example to us all.

Shelene lived in the hospital with Chris the last 20 days and before that she took care of him for 3 weeks. She is now taking care of him in his recovery. She has been out of work for the last 7 weeks. They have a $5,000 deductible, I know this fundraiser would greatly relieve them as Chris recovers. They will also have separate specialist, multiple cat scan, and daily home antibiotic IVs and home health care bills. Shelene was taught by the nurses to administer Chris' daily IVs.

This fundraiser will help them to concentrate on Chris' continued recovery and healing, so he can get back to his church and worship the Lord like he so desperately desires to do. 

Chris and Shelene have had so many miracles in their love story; from tragedies to triumphs! They really should make a movie about them...really!

Some of their Miracles:

  • Jesse their son had 4 brain surgeries, then Chris and his family changed the law nationally:
  • When Jesse was born the Dr's. said he would not live through the night. Chris grabbed Shelene's hands and prayed that they would see the miracles through the tragedies, no matter what the tragedies were. Shelene started looking for the miracles and the miracles started to happen...
  • Their son Jesse had 4 brain surgeries because Shelene was not given a $25 group B strep (GBS) test at 35 weeks of pregnancy. Jesse was born with GBS, Sepsis, and meningitis that caused hydrocephalus and 4 brain surgeries. Last year in May Jesse was in ICU for 3 days again with hydrocephalus
  • Chris and his family went on a 5-year national crusade with the Jesse Cause to get every pregnant woman tested for GBS in the US. because they didn't want any other family to go through what they did. GBS side effects are cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness and brain damage. 1 out of 4 pregnant woman have GBS. Chris had huge concerts and sold his Cd's to support the Jesse Cause-Saving the Babies from GBS.

Finally, they were able to change the law and on August 16th 2002, every pregnant woman in the United States was now tested for GBS, because Shelene was not.

Jesse is a healthy and happy 15-year-old today. in fact he is helping to fill in for his dad this weekend, playing in the praise band at church and singing back up! Another triumph in the Name of Jesus. One family can make a difference! The whole Jesse Cause story is at www.ChrisKeith.com click on: Jesse' Story.

Another Miracle: Shelene was healed from kidney lupus:

  • Then as soon as they accomplished their 5-year crusade by changing the law with the Jesse Cause. Shelene was diagnosed and in bed for an additional 6 years with Kidney Lupus and on a transplant drug. Chris and their amazingly beautiful daughter Tayler took care of her. Today Shelene is healed.

Another amazing triumph in the Name of Jesus...Prayers are powerful!    

And Now Chris' Miracle Healing from the Power of Prayer:

  • Thank you so much for your support of this amazing family. I've never seen two people that have allowed to be complete vessels for the glory of the Lord. What a gift the Lord has given us in Chris and Shelene.

What an amazing testimony of faith and miracles. Chris and Shelene's story is a story of love, courage, and making the impossible happen even when everyone told them they could not do it. They always believe in God's miracles and remember that nothing is impossible with God!

What We Need & What You Get

I am Joanie Feustel Chris Keith's mom in law, I wanted to help Chris and Shelene with this love gift. Donate $25 and I can give you Chris Keith's 4 Nashville CD's see Chris Keith itunes or www.ChrisKeith.com which are worth twice as much. They have been played on the radioto take a listen to these amazing inspirational Cd's. 

Prayer is so powerful and Chris and Shelene are seeing the miracles of love and prayers as we speak from their own church family and from all of you around the world. Thank you!This is where the love story continues to happen:

Chris and Shelene right now have a $6500 out of pocket expense and is only the beginning. Plus the hospital has separate and additional billing for the cat scans, doctors, specialist and Home health care bills. Lastly, Shelene has been out of work for the going on the 7th week. That has to have in impact in their finances. I know they are definitely a 2 income family. Thank God the church is still paying Chris.

I was thinking if we could each share the burden with them and maybe give between $15-$25 or whatever you feel. Then we all together can lift them up and share this support.

Chris has done many concerts fundraisers for homeless shelters, Group B Strep Cause, Women Shelters, Blood drives etc. and NOW we will fund raise for him for a little while.

I have sets of Chris' Nashville produced 4 Cd's from previous fundraisers. I will send you these 4 Cd'sfor any contribution you make of any size  If it is $1 or $25 every dollar is a gift of love! The long awaited 4th CD "Churchman" just released will be sent to you in a download. (All of these Cd's are on i tunes and Amazon)


Go to www.chriskeith.com to take a listen.


Other Ways You Can Help

Send this to your facebook friends and share this incredible love story!

Use the Indiegogo share tools!



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    4th CD!

    Giving the new 4th CD "churchman" download. ($10 value). Shelene Chris' wife is so grateful and overwhelmed by the out pour of love from everyone who have heard his story. She thought that a great way to say "Thank you" was to give them his new 4th CD and a special "Thank you" on Chriskeith.com front page.

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    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $25USD
    All 4 Chris Keith CD's

    Shelene wants to "Thank all of you" for this amazing out pour of love for Chris. She will send you Chris' 4 Nashville produced Cd's, Valued at $40. The newly released 4th CD will be in a download so please leave your email, She will also say Thank you to everyone on www.ChrisKeith.com front page.

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    Estimated delivery: April 2013
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